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Volkswagen UP Car leasing

Leasing a Volkswagen e-Up in the UK

It is more than untrue to say that electric cars are too expensive to buy or lease; the city-car VW e-Up is trust testament to the great value EVs which are currently available to our UK personal and business customers. Noted as one of the best value EVs on the road, the e-Up has really grown in popularity as more businesses look for the perfect city solution as towns and cities adopt Clean Air Zones and Congestion Zones. Zero emission driving is now so easy with the VW group.

The Volkswagen e-Up is available in just one specification and one battery format, making this such a simple vehicle to lease. The usable 32 kWh lithium-ion battery will deliver drivers between 90 – 125 miles of range in winter and 115 – 195 miles in summer. In terms of performance the 60 kW (or 82 hp) motor allows for 0 – 62 mph times of 11.9 seconds and top speeds of 81 mph. And with a smaller battery on the e-Up, it shouldn’t take drivers too long to fully-charge the this supermini – a 7.2 kW AC home charge point should take 5 – 6 hours for 0-100% with rapid charging (at 40 kW DC max) taking just 48 minutes from 10 – 80%.

The good news about electric cars is that there is now more choice for an array of budgets, driving styles and customer types. Whether you are a personal, business or salary sacrifice customer there are clearly great reasons for going EV with your next small car. But you need to ensure that the vehicle is fit for purpose and this is what makes the e-car lease so unique in the UK in that we are integrated data from some of the leading providers to make sure you receive the correct information on range, charging speeds, charging times, charge point locations and beyond. Some of our fleet apps are useful for company car tax calculations, whole of life costs and salary sacrifice calculations. Everything electric car related in one website.

Ordering your next Volkswagen E-Up is so simple on our e-car website. Simply build your perfect car, add your options, and let our team know your required term, mileage and initial rental. If you want to ensure your leasing experience is an easy one, simply add the maintenance option and all your servicing, maintenance and tyres can be included for a fixed monthly cost. Our team can even help you organise a charge point for your new VW supermini at either your home or business address


Your deal includes
Expert electric vehicle guidance
Free driven delivery to your door
Full manufacturer warranty
Supplied by a franchised dealer
Make the right choice with our EV tools
Frequently asked questions
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How much is a VW E-Up to lease?
As one of the cheaper city-car options, the VW E-Up should cost your, or the business, anywhere between £150 - £250 per month on a leasing contract. The exact costs depend on the contract you select, as the term, annual mileage and initial rental will influence the price you see on the e-car lease website. Any additional options you add to your new car will increase your monthly rental.

Is a VW E-Up a good car to lease?
An E-UP has been in production for some time, so customers can have complete confidence that they are receiving a high-quality VW option. Unlike early concepts, the supermini looks and feels just like any other combustion engine car with the exception of the electric motor. For low-mileage electric car customers, particularly those impacted by any Clean Air Zones or Congestion Zones, the E-Up is a great vehicle.

Is a VW E-Up lease right for me or the business?
As a broker, not a lender or car dealership, the e-car lease team will not dictate which car you should or shouldn’t lease. This applies to the VW E-Up too. Our objective is to utilise objective facts based on your needs and requirements so that you, or the company, can make an informed decision on your next personal, business or salary sacrifice lease car.

Where do I find the best VW E-Up lease deals in the UK?
The e-car lease website was one of the first websites in the UK which ONLY shows pure electric vehicles. This means everything you review and compare are zero-emitting options. This means no hybrid or plug-in hybrid vehicles are included to skew your product analysis. Because of our trusted expertise, we have formidable relationships with the leading manufacturers to ensure you get the best electric car deal. And some of the best electric car deals will feature on price comparison partners AutoLeaseCompare, CarWow, LeaseFetcher and LeaseLoco. Check our Trustpilot to see the levels of service we offer

What is the Cheapest Electric VW E-Up leasing option?
There is only one option in the VW E-Up range to lease – the 60kW E-Up 32kWh 5dr Auto. As a £20,000 supermini, this is one of the cheapest EVs to lease in the UK.

What is the range of an electric VW E-Up?
How far the new car will travel depends on a number of factors. This why the e-car lease “Living with...” tool is so crucial to your decision. An E-Up can travel around 150 miles on a full charge in summer but this will be no more than 100 miles in winter. For electric car customers using motorways, do note that your VW will not travel as efficiently as in urban/city-driving conditions. Make sue you account for charging speeds as part of your range analysis too – particularly if you don’t have a dedicated home charge point.

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