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MG MOTOR UK car leasing deals

For a new electric MG Motor UK MG5 at a great price, browse our range below.

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MG5 Hero

MG Motor UK MG5 Car leasing

Your deal includes
Expert electric vehicle guidance
Free driven delivery to your door
Full manufacturer warranty
Supplied by a franchised dealer
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Leasing an MG5 in the UK

“Electric are just too expensive and are for company car users only …” A common statement about the electric car industry but is this actually true? While many early innovations and products were very much centred around the luxury and prestige car segments, manufacturers like MG do disprove this submission and with their budget estate, the MG5, alongside their MGZS this EV manufacturer have been supplying personal and business customers with some cheap deals.

The MG5 is very much in a segment of its own, being one of the only true estate family cars available in a pure electric format. Think of the MG5 as an alternative to combustion options like the Skoda Octavia, Vauxhall Astra and Ford Focus estate – ideal for those customers with children and pets with its 580 litres of boot space.

The MG5 emits practicality and cost-effectiveness, allowing those individual or company-based lease customers on a more restrictive budget to enjoy the true benefits of the electric lifestyle. If the UK is to hit an ambitious 2030 / 2035 electric car, and van, transition then our UK drivers need affordable propositions. Not every customer can enjoy the indulgence of Tesla, Mercedes or Audi.

What is clear to the e-car lease team is that the Chinese-owned MG are producing, from their Longbridge plant in the UK, some excellent electric options to select. Indeed, investment is so prevalent within the group, that the MG5 (which launched around May 2020) was updated from a 53 kWh 115 kW battery to a 61kWh 115 kW setup. But what does kWH and kW actually mean?

For a customer looking into a new MG5, they should be aware that kWh on an electric car is equivalent to CC on a combustion vehicle – the kilowatt-hour is effectively telling you the size of the battery. The kW on a BEV is telling you the output of the vehicle, as hp or ps would on a combustion alternative. The kilowatt is something to use when comparing different cars if the power and/or acceleration is important to you. Electric cars are far from boring and can deliver an exciting experience for those drivers chasing performance.

The 2022 revision has been a positive one for MG5, with the car now delivering around 175 miles of driving in colder climates on a full charge and some 240 miles in warmer temperatures. With many of our e-car lease customers utilising 10,000 mile per annum contracts, this translates to weekly commutes of just over 200 miles. For many customers, charging your MG5 just once per week will be sufficient.

When you do need to charge your MG5 the 6.6 kW AC onboard charger allows for 10 hour 0 – 100% charge times, with the 80 kW DC rapid charge maximum allowing for 40 minute 10 – 80% times. If there is one slightly disappointing aspect of the MG5 is that the charging speeds could be quicker – the group should have upgraded the newer model to take 11 kW AC and a minimum of 125 kW DC. Charging speed is AS important as range. For performance, the MG5 achieves 0 - 62 times of 7.7 seconds and top speeds of 115mph (via the 154 hp motor).

But what specification choices are available on the MG5? At present you have the choice of the following two options:

  •  Excite – includes MG Pilot, adaptive cruise control, adjustable boot floor, rear view camera, rear parking sensors, LED headlights and 16” alloys; and 
  • Exclusive – a near £2500 upgrade, this model adds a 75kg roof rail, smart keyless entry, electrically adjustable and heated door mirrors and leather upholstery. 

Leasing your new MG5 with the e-car lease team is a simple process. Whether you are looking for a stock vehicle or need a factory order vehicle, just use the MG5 deals section for personal, business and salary sacrifice customers.

The great thing about our e-car lease website is that not only do you get the key information for your new EV via our “Living with your …” tools but you are able to build the perfect car (including manufacturer options) and select a term, initial rental, mileage and maintenance position to get an instant price.

With fuel cost calculators on our website, you can see just how much your electric MG5 saves you against a petrol or diesel equivalent. Also check our Trustpilot reviews, to see why most of our customers rate us 5 out of 5!


Frequently asked questions
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How much is an MG5 Electric to lease?
The MG5 is one of the cheapest family EVs to lease in the UK. With just two options, a £29,750 Excite and a £32,000 Exclusive, expect to pay around £250 - £375 per month on our best lease deals (contract and option dependent). For those personal or business leasing customers looking for a great BEV deal on a practical car, this is one of the main products we would suggest.

Is an MG5 Electric a good car to lease?
While MG has experienced some significant ups and downs as a vehicle manufacturer, since being taken over by SAIC, the MG group has true stability and consumer confidence. Indeed, their 100% electric estate does not disappoint and both this and the MG ZS, are some of the most popular cars for our older drivers and for those low-mileage customers looking for the best no-deposit special offers.

Is an MG5 electric lease right for me or the business?
What makes e-car lease truly different from any other dealership or credit broker is that our website provides you, or the fleet manager, with the tools for assessing the MG5’s suitability as your next new car. Just because the MG5 minimises your company car tax or because this EV is cheap, does not mean that it is right for you. There are important considerations – range, charge speeds, charging times and charge point infrastructure – which should all form part of the decision. And the great news is that our “Living with your …” tools set this out for you on every deal we offer.

Where do I find the best MG5 lease deals in the UK?
While the e-car lease team feature on the leading aggregator partner platforms like AutoLeaseCompare, CarWow, LeaseFetcher and LeaseLoco, not all our offers will be shown. For the very best prices and service head across to our dedicated electric car website. And don’t forget to visit your local MG retailer to trial and review the MG5 in real life. If you are comparing lease v buy with the MG5, ask your dealership for their PCP or Hire Purchase quote and then speak to our team for the contract hire equivalent.

What is the Cheapest MG5 Electric leasing option?
At the time of writing (April 2022) the cheapest MG5 to lease is the electric estate 115kW Excite EV 61kWh 5dr Auto.  Expect to pay around £27,000 - £28,000 for this option or lease for around £250  - £300 per month.

What is the range of an electric MG5?
Understanding how far the MG5 can travel on a full charge will be crucial to your decision, particularly for those with high-mileage requirements. When reviewing an EV just ensure that you take into consideration the variances based on temperature, driver style and driving speeds. On this vehicle, in colder climates expect motorway driving to deliver 150 miles and city-driving to deliver 210 miles compared to 190 miles and 320 miles respectively in warmer weather. Be careful about relying on just ONE range with the zero-emission vehicles.

Can you tow with an MG5?
Unfortunately, you cannot tow with an electric MG5, so this is not suitable for those EV customers looking to utilise their caravan or trailer. For vehicles which are not approved to tow, the e-car lease team would recommend that customers look at alternative vehicles.

What is the MPG of the MG5?
The MG5 electric has a combustion fuel equivalent of 149 mpg.

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