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Porsche Lease Deals UK

While many of our Porsche leasing customers may think that this luxury manufacturer only produces petrol performance cars, or prestige SUVs, some of you may be surprised to discover that they also make one of the world’s best and most sought-after EVs  – the Taycan (the self-titled “electric motor for modern drive technology”).

You may be left wondering why a company producing the ultimate petrolhead car would make this transition to electric?  Contrary to popular belief, driving an electric car is both an exciting yet cost-effective experience. The old adage that EVs are boring is quickly dispelled when you look at the Taycan Turbo S, an e-performance car offering 0 - 62 times of sub 3 seconds, over 150mph top speeds and circa 750hp. Is this faster than the Tesla? Should the Model S Plaid come to fruition in the UK, it does appear that it will, quite scarily, be nearly a second quicker to 62mph. But watch this space, as two of the biggest e-performance manufacturers go head to head.

How expensive is a Porsche to lease

“Electromobility” from Porsche does not come cheap but, as part of making these luxury vehicles more widely available, the manufacturer made a number of specifications available to buy or finance. From around £70,000 for the base Taycan through to a £140,000 Turbo S, it really depends on your monthly budget as to which vehicle is suitable. With a further addition of the Cross Turismo, personal and business customers with family / dog-friendly requirements now have a more practical hatchback alternative. It is no surprise that the Cross Turismo fast became the most popular derivative to select.

Why choose a Porsche to lease

Charging the Taycan is not something you will have waste too much time carrying out. Even the flagship Turbo S supercar is capable of a 200-mile winter range and 275-mile summer range. With 11kW AC charging capabilities (although a 22kW upgrade is available), getting the car fully-charged overnight is far from onerous. And if you are in a rush to charge, the Taycan’s rapid charging capability at 262 kW DC, achieves 10-80% battery capacity in as little as 20 minutes. What’s great about charging the Porsche on the public roads is that all Porsche drivers are entitled to charge at the Porsche dealer network throughout the UK for free. Alternatively, sign-up to our Zap Map to find a Porsche charge point via Google Maps.

And the good news with Porsche is that the move towards an electric fleet is continuing to evolve. This will be a far cheaper option compared to a Taycan on a leasing deal, so more customers can hopefully enjoy the affordability of electric sports performance in a practical mid-sized 4x4.

Is a Porsche lease right for me

Financing a Porsche via contact hire and leasing is a great solution for those company car and salary sacrifice customers looking to take advantage of the low BiK currently available with zero emission cars. Petrol and diesel company cars, because of their CO2 emissions, will incur hundreds (if not thousands) of pounds of tax liability per month for the driver. Those vehicles emitting no CO2 incur almost no tax, making these vehicles an almost free benefit. When you take into account the whole of life costs on the vehicle, driving a luxury vehicle may prove more affordable than you think. With cheaper fuel costs, servicing costs and enhanced tax benefits, the obstacles against going green with your next new Porsche are few.

Many customers also enjoy the fixed-cost basis which the e-car lease deals provide. Avoid large deposits or upfront payments, set a contract on your actual mileage and include a funder-maintenance package to incorporate nearly all your running costs relating to servicing, maintenance, tyres and breakdown recovery. This type of motoring couldn’t be any easier or offer the end user any more cost-certainty. Porsche leasing is truly an easy process.

How do I lease a new Porsche

Why use e-car lease to find your best deal? Our team are not just the UK’s leading electric car experts, we also have availability on an array of cars in stock and are able offer you some of the cheapest deals. Just call our team on 01942 608 606 or raise a quick enquiry on the website to start your Porsche electric journey with us.

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Is Porsche a good car to lease?
The introduction of electric Porsche’s revolutionised the way in which many UK customer viewed this industry. As one of the leading sports performance and aspirational cars on the planet, introducing battery options to their product range was hugely exciting. And the Porsche EV does not disappoint, with many independent car reviewers classifying the Taycan (Saloon and Cross Turismo) as the best electric car in world. Customers, personal and business, will be moving away from petrol and into one the leading EV manufacturer in the world.

Is a Porsche lease right for me?
The tax advantages, for the driver and the company, in using contract hire for a Porsche Taycan has seen a seismic shift towards electrification in the UK. In moving to this luxury manufacturer you are guarantee a phenomenal driving experience, lower running costs and some incredibly low company car tax bills. It is unsurprising that Porsche dealerships regularly sell out their allocation. But do consider the move to electric carefully, as we encourage our customers to consider the entire arrangement – battery range, monthly budget, charging infrastructures and credit, all form part of he suitability assessment with Porsche Taycan leasing,

Where do I find Porsche lease deals in the UK?
With many Porsche Taycan Saloon and Cross Turismo options costing well over £100,000 in is rare our customers are looking for the cheapest deal. Indeed, those customers looking to the lease he best luxury EVs need to work with company which provide exceptional service and who can properly educate them on the EV lifestyle. And this service doesn’t attract a premium, so you know the offer you get represents considerable value to your or the company. It’s no wonder our e-car lease team are the default choice for the zero-emission Porsche.

What is the Cheapest Electric Porsche?
While the Porsche Taycan products are well beyond the definition of cheap, the brand has recognised the need to offer the UK customers with a variety of specifications which will cater for more budgets. With a base model, an S, the Turbo and the Turbo S, Porsche has aimed to create a vehicle which is not entirely unaffordable. The rear wheel drive smaller 71 kWh usable lithium-ion battery Taycan is a clear indication of the brands acknowledgment to the wider market. Both our individual and salary sacrifice are more than pleased with the better value alternatives,

What is the range of an electric Porsche?
With Porsche coming to market with various battery options, rear and all wheel drive plus different power outputs, the range you achieve from each Saloon or Cross Turismo will vary. As demonstrated on our industry leading EV-only website, the Lythium show you just how the vehicle will operate in winter and summer or in cities in comparison to a motorial. Calculating the range of an electric car must take into the entire circumstances. For example, the base 71 kWh Taycan saloon will allow for a combined real range of around 245 miles in comparison to the 270 miles of an 83 kWh bigger battery alternative. The epitome of the Taycan product, the Turbo S, delivery around 245 miles of combined electric-only range. And that’s with 0-62 times of sub-3 seconds! But if you drive the Porsche like a track car, don’t expect this to be the green car of the year,

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