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Honda lease deals UK

Honda are making electric cars and, unlike some of the competition, have decided to start off with a unique, and distinctive, product. As the manufacturer details on their website, their electric car is “not a prototype” even though it could be argued it looks very much like a concept car. This all-electric hatchback is very much a real-life proposition. We are of course referring to the Honda e.

Honda customers are loyal to the brand’s reputation for quality, performance and, above all, a distinct approach to aesthetics which contrasts this Japanese manufacturer against the European alternatives. Once a Honda customer, always a Honda customer. And the Honda team are trying to sustain this philosophy as they move toward zero emission motoring.

How expensive is a Honda to lease

Beginning life in the electric car market with a more affordable vehicle is a wise move by Honda. This means you don’t pay excessive rentals on your lease. With the Honda e starting at around £30,000, customers can expect rentals at around £250 per month. And who said that an electric Honda would not be an affordable option to select? And this leading Asian brand isn’t stopping here. A firm commitment to six mainstream models for UK customers has been promised, all with electrified powertrains. What hasn’t yet been confirmed is which of these will be pure electric / battery powered vehicles and which will be hybrid or plug-in hybrid cars.

Is a new Honda lease right for me

Using an electric Honda day to day does need some consideration. With their initial vehicle aimed at those customers on a budget, and who are covering lower-mileages, it is important to note the Honda-e operates from a usable lithium battery of 28 kWh. This translates to 85 miles of range in winter and around 120 miles in summer. But this Honda is far from a boring EV with the 150hp motor allowing for 0-62 times of just over 8 seconds. Charging on AC can be done at 6.6 kW for a full charge in around 5 hours. Rapid charge takes just over 35 minutes on the car’s 56 kW DC maximum charging ability.

How do I lease a Honda

The e-car lease team of EV experts can help you to organise your deal as quickly as possible. Our website not only allows you to build a bespoke quote based around your mileage and term criteria but you can select your initial rental preferences (including no deposit options), the inclusion of a funder-maintenance programme and also procure further information on organising a charge point for your home or commercial business.

Moving electric with your Honda is a genuine consideration for both personal and business contract hire customers, including salary sacrifice schemes too. From individuals to big businesses, we can handle all requests, regardless of the volume of Honda EVs you need. Unlike a dealership or comparable leasing broker, you can get all of your answers in one ecosystem via our industry-leading Lythium EV tools.

Why chose to lease a Honda

Understanding why you, or the company, should change to electric cars is not just about getting the best rental you can. This is about understanding the key benefits of electrification; incredible company car tax rates, lower servicing bills, better fuel costs and a more enjoyable way to drive. One of the aspects of your transition to an electrified Honda that shouldn’t be overlooked is that this is a great car to drive. Sometimes you forget just how fun driving is until you make the EV lifestyle transition.

If the Honda is right for you, or the company, and working with the UK’s leading electric car experts seems the right choice, all you need to do is just call our team on 01942 608 606 or raise a quick enquiry on the website for an instant quotation. Let us help you along with your electric journey.

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Is Honda a good car to lease?
Honda have a formidable reputation for quality and reliability, which has been transferred across to the pure electric range. The manufacturer has only launched just one product so far – the Honda e hatchback. This is one of the most unique EVs to lease in the UK and would be a great personal or business leasing option for our customers who want to stand out. A HR-V electric has been launched globally but no confirmation has been received for when this will launch in the UK.

Is a Honda lease right for me?
Whether Honda is a suitable EV to lease depends on the suitability of the finance and the product. Contract hire is a usership style product which allows you to use the vehicle for a fixed term and then you simply return it. This not appropriate if you want to buy the Honda. We also encourage our customers to use the Lythium EV tools on our website for making sure the charging capability, range and costs will meet your needs and requirements.

Where do I find Honda lease deals in the UK?
The e-car lease website is one of the main routes for finding the best Honda electric lease deals. And as our Trustpilot ratings show you, our expert team do more than save you money on the new car. With our 5 years+ of electric vehicle supply, we are one of the UK’s leading resources on all things battery electric.

What is the Cheapest Electric Honda?
With Honda having only launched the Honda-e, choose between the 36 kWh standard and Advance model. Both of these vehicles will be affordable battery electric vehicles for our customers to enjoy. With starting rentals of between £250 - £275 per month, this car is ready for mass adoption.

What is the range of an electric Honda?
The Honda-e will offer winter driving of around 85 miles on a full-charge and just over 120 miles in summer. Understanding how far your Honda EV will travel on a full charge is not a “one number” answer. In all cases, this will vary according the outside temperature, speed of the vehicle and the driving style. Also factor into the analysis the fact that your Honda will not always be fully-charged.

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