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Bentley Electric Lease Deals UK

When you consider the epitome of luxury, finesse and class in the UK’s automotive industry, it’s brands like Land Rover, Rolls Royce and Bentley which spring to mind. It is the latter, Bentley, which is synonymous with VIP and Royalty, with historic models like the Continental, Mulsanne and Azure which have done much to showcase what British engineering is really about. But in 1998, the ownership shifted to Volkswagen Group, who moved towards being the sole provider of the marque in 2003, after a prior JV with the BMW Group.

In more recent times, Bentley have modernised some of their product offering, transitioning away from saloon and limousine influenced cars towards Coupe and SUV alternatives, such as the Continental GT and GTC plus the Bentayga and Azure (which offer the 4x4 facility for UK drivers).

But where does EV fit in with a brand like this? Well not unlike their rivals, Rolls Royce, moving towards electrification is now a legal necessity in the UK by 2035. With the Spectre  already being ordered and delivered in 2024, the Bentley brand had to innovate to stay competitive. As per their website, Bentley will be pursuing a “Five-in-Five” plan in order to electrify the entire range by 2030 / 2035.

Why choose to lease a Bentley EV?

Already a pioneer in luxury mobility, the addition of lithium-ion technology is an exciting development for this brand. And it adds further credence to the “will we really go all-electric by 2035?” debate, which has seen solutions like “cleaner” petrol and hydrogen proffered as the leading solutions.

Having certainty is so important, with various companies associated with electric driving having to invest so heavily to make this work. The types of drivers who will utilise a Bentley – entrepreneurs, executives, business owners, VIPs – are likely to persuade others to follow suit.

The connection to VW is an important one; with other brands like VW, Skoda and Seat already well into their 1st and 2nd generation of EV options. You can at least be assured that the key faculties will be in place for your new luxury car i.e. range and charging capabilities / time. Already the Bentley team are utilising PHEV (Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle) tech on vehicles like the Azure, Bentayga and Flying Spur, so that customers can benefit from an 18 kWh lithium battery alongside their turbocharged petrol engines. So, familiarity with zero-emission is there for this brand.

The promise of finish and quality is always a primary motivator for enjoying a Bentley. Built by hand, this product is a pinnacle of comfort and wellbeing, while expressing performance and design. It is rare you have an unhappy customer.

How expensive is a Bentley electric to lease?

At the time of writing (February 2024) there are no set solutions for the Bentley, As per the  EV section  on their website  - five new vehicles will appear between 2025 and 2030. A carbon neutral facility in Crewe (equipped with over 30,000 solar panels), is called the “Dream Factory” on the basis that neither the cars, nor the production process, will impact the environment adversely.

In terms of pricing, expect the BEV product to follow the strategy of the combustion options with price tags of £169,000 to £200,000, specification and model dependent. With such considerable price tags, this isn’t a cost-effective or affordable proposition for many personal customers but for businesses and fleets, the robust tax savings could be the icing on the cake. Expect monthly leasing deals of around £1500 - £3000 for the Bentley EV.

Is an electric Bentley for me? 

Before parting with a sizable deposit, every PCH and BCH customer does need to take on board the pros and cons of all-electric driving. Particularly for business customers, there are seismic tax savings for both the employer and employee, plus the beneficial BiK position. Even a £200,000 vehicle from Bentley would be almost nominal on your monthly company car tax bill. But there is much more to electric motoring than just the money you save.

We encourage everyone to benefit from our “at a glance” and “living with your …” analysis for each Bentley. You can quickly comprehend charging times, charge point locations, company car tax calculations, full charge cost and cost per mile. Not every EV performs the same, so it is crucial you have all the information. Even our innovative energy performance-style certificate, the EVC™ (Electric Vehicle Certificate), is available with each quote to efficiently summarise your position. We ensure the luxury car is suitable for the duration of the lease.

How do I lease a new electric Bentley? 

Ready to take your personal or business fleet electric? Simply configure your perfect EV for our electric experts via the Bentley  website.



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