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Jaguar Lease Deals UK

Many of our UK electric car customers think that Tesla were the only manufacturer to be “early adopters” in e-performance. Actually, Jaguar were just as quick to go electric and they continue to offer both personal and business customers some of the best luxury options.

How expensive is a Jaguar to lease

The flagship I-Pace SUV, which was launched in 2018 in the UK, costs around £54,000 - £65,000, specification dependent. And this equates to monthly rentals of between £500 - £700 per month. Jaguar are very much aiming their product to be made available to customers who want a little prestige from their vehicles. And with promises of becoming all-electric by 2025, there is much work to be done.

How do I lease a Jaguar

Unlike a Jaguar dealership, you can quickly get the information and prices which you need from e-car lease. We don’t use pressure-tactics, or trips to the business manager, in order provide an accurate quotation to you. Being an e-car lease customer gives you the power to get an instant quotation via our industry-leading website. Set your annual mileage (from 5,000 – 20,000), term (2,3,4 years) and initial rental/deposit to see just how much the car will cost. Add on any specification you need to make sure the Jag is perfect for you during the contract and this will all be reflected in our pricing. We even allow the inclusion of a funder-maintenance contact so that all of your regular servicing, maintenance, tyres and breakdown recovery is included for a fixed cost. Cost-certainty is crucial to you, so it’s crucial to us too.

Is a new Jaguar lease right for me

And it’s not just about the best electric Jaguar leasing deals, we also want to educate our customers on how their EV operates. As the UK moves towards 100% electric by 2030, we want our business to be at the forefront of these significant changes. For you this means accurate information on the range, charging capacity, charge times and charging locations. We will help you overcome any obstacles to electric motoring.

While we understand that individual customers need efficiency and a quick leasing process, we also recognise some of our business and salary sacrifice customers need more time and attention and a more bespoke service. Our Lythium EV tools help to demonstrate just how much the electrification of your fleet can save you. With whole of life, company car tax and salary sacrifice calculators available on Jaguar vehicles, it quickly becomes apparent just what a sage financial decision you are making. EV’s offer low BiK, enhanced tax savings for the company, lower fuel bills and are far cleaner and greener for our environment. Add solar panels and battery storage on your residential property and you have true energy independence.

Why choose to lease a Jaguar

Running a Jaguar EV isn’t a difficult task for you or your drivers. The 84 kWh usable lithium-ion battery will provide 200 miles of winter driving and 265 miles of summer driving on a full charge. Even some of our high-mileage lease customers can enjoy this car. Following some recent upgrades, the Jaguar can charge at 11 kW AC for full charge in just over 9 hours, with 100 kW DC rapid charging available for 45 minute 10-80% times. The Type 2 and CCS charge port ensure universal access throughout the UK’s public charging network.

The e-car lease team are here to ensure you, or the business, receive the highest standards of service possible. With any make or model of new EV available, our 5 years + experience of supplying zero emission vehicles ensures you are in good hands. Ring our team on 01942 608 606 or make an enquiry on the website for an instant quotation. Let us help you getting your electric journey started today.

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Is Jaguar a good car to lease?
Jaguar are one of the UK’s leading luxury car manufacturers, producing some of the most exciting and aspirational SUVs for our personal and business customers. Unlike some of their competition (BMW and Mercedes), Jaguar were quick to launch their electric SUV, the I-Pace, which was popular almost immediately. And the Jaguar is not just about style and specification; this also offers some incredible performance. Electric driving is anything other than boring.

Is a Jaguar lease right for me?
Jaguar’s I-Pace guarantees a practical yet enjoyable driving experience. And with the cost-savings the electric Jaguar offers our personal and business contract hire customers, there are some great reasons for making the transition to this brand. But electric driving isn’t just about e-performance and prestige, our customers also need to take into account using an EV. Whether this is the range of the vehicle, charge point installation or charging speeds, this is about encouraging our customers to embrace the complete lifestyle.

Where do I find Jaguar lease deals in the UK?
Our industry-leading electric car website, e-car lease, is the first port of call for our customers who looking to lease an electric car for the first time. It’s not just the competitive deals our expert team can offer you, it’s the leading information which makes an EV lifestyle so simple and understandable which sets us apart. Out unique Lythium EV process couldn’t make your new zero emission any easier to lease.

What is the Cheapest Electric Jaguar?
Jaguar are currently making an I-Pace only and this luxury SUV which consists of the S, SE and HSE (plus some special editions). This is not a budget battery electric vehicle. Aimed at the luxury personal leasing market, or the company car market, you should add the Jaguar to your list if you truly want a positive EV experience.

What is the range of an electric Jaguar?
The range of the Jaguar, with its 85 kWh battery, offers 200 miles of winter driving on a full-charge coupled with 265 miles of driving in summer. What the e-car lease team make clear to all of our customers is that electric cars operate differently in summer / winter and the range you get from Jaguar will depend on the driving style and behaviour you employ. As an e-performance vehicle, if you do want to enjoy some of the power of the vehicle and the blistering 0 – 62 mph times, you do need to be made aware that this will impact the battery’s efficiency.

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