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BMW lease deals

BMW are one of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers, offering you prestige and luxury electric cars which are rich in quality but with a subtleness and understatedness that competitors like Audi and Mercedes do not offer. While BMW were early entrants in the zero emission market with their small hatchback i3, a cost-effective city/urban option, plus their supercar i8, there has been some delay before their exciting product came to fruition – in particular the iX3 (a mid-sized EV SUV) and the i4 Gran Coupe, which is a direct alternative to a Model 3 Tesla and Polestar 2. Quite clearly, BMW are aiming to be the number one choice for the UK’s personal and business electric leasing consumers.

How expensive is a BMW to lease?

Leasing a BMW can be cost-efficient and not every BMW model is too expensive for our UK customers. While the iX, a bigger luxury SUV alternative to Merc EQC or Audi e-tron, will need a budget more towards £750 per month, you will still be able to secure a great deal on the more widely produced and cheaper i3. Additionally, the newer and more affordable i4 is being primed as the key product for company car drivers and offers a genuine Model 3 alternative.

And with any EV, you need to take into account the savings you will make compared to the petrol and diesel offers you see online. For company car and salary sacrifice customers you enjoy literally huge tax savings due to the nominal Benefit in Kind (BiK) on a zero-emission vehicle. But every customer can embrace the lower fuel / energy, maintenance and servicing costs. Getting the best deal isn’t just about the lower finance figure. Use our leading tools to check out just how much you can save with the electrification revolution.

Is a BMW lease right for me?

Making the transition to electric as easy as possible for our BMW customers is crucial and top priority for the e-car lease team. Unlike a dealership, or comparable leasing broker, you don’t need to get your lease quote and use other websites to find out the key information you really need to know about the EV lifestyle. Our industry-leading solutions can provide you, or the fleet manager, with all the facts relating to real-range in winter and summer, a full charge time analysis on the BMW, the maximum charging capabilities plus a truly innovative charge point locator from the UK’s leading app – Zap Map. If you, or the company, needs more information about company car tax, salary sacrifice calculations or a whole of life cost analysis, our e-car lease team are ready to assist. Find everything you need to know about your new electric BMW in one place.

What you need to know about the BMW range

With a BMW lease you have complete peace of mind that your battery will meet your commuting requirements and you'll find that you do not necessarily need to charge your new BMW every day. A standard i4 40 Gran Coupe offers winter ranges of around 250 miles and an incredible 340-mile summer performance. Even the SUV ix3 has a comparable 200-mile winter and 270-mile summer range vehicle. For customers travelling less than 20,000 miles per annum, these are perfect solutions.

The BMW “electromobility” will not leave you stranded charging for hours on the roadside. The i4, one of the perfect electric company cars, can charge from 10-80 % in just 30 minutes using a 200 kW DC charge point. A standard 7.4 kW home charge point allows 0-100% in circa 11 hours. In comparison, an ix3 would take just 30 minutes on a 150 kW DC rapid charger, with an overnight home charger taking just over 11 hours. With 11 kW AC charging capabilities and 150 kW+ DC rapid charging capabilities, the BMW “I” EVs cater truly for expediency.

BMW Range Electric Car Stats

Our car leasing specialists have developed handy tools for you to compare data on different models in the BMW range. Use this tool to compare the range, rapid charge capability and other key features side by side.

How do I lease a BMW?

Making it easy for customers to lease their new car is paramount to the e-car lease team. Unlike finance from your local dealership, you can get instant quotations on every vehicle (and with every option); you don’t need to waste time negotiating with a business manager for the best deal. Simply use the website and applications to build a quote around what you or the company needs, with a variety of terms, mileage and initial rentals. You can even select one of our no initial rental / no deposit leasing options. And to completely fix the costs of your new BMW, add a funder-maintenance package for all your regular servicing, maintenance and tyres to be included for an additional cost.

Enjoying an electric BMW also needs you to have the correct domestic and commercial charging infrastructure. This is why choosing our “help with a charge point” option when you request a quote is so beneficial. Our team can introduce you to some of the leading charge point providers for a home or business premise installation, meaning that your BMW will never run out of charge. Simply add your new charge point to your lease costs and avoid any big upfront expenditure.

When you use the e-car lease team to supply your next personal or business vehicle you can be rest assured you are working with some of the UK’s leading electric car experts. It isn’t our near-perfect Trustpilot reviews, our wide selection of finance companies, or our competitive offers which makes us the best; it’s our experienced and hard-working team which makes your experience so unique. Simply call our team on 01942 910 001 or raise a quick enquiry on the website to start your electric BMW journey with us.

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How much is a BMW to lease?
BMW are a competitor to Audi, Mercedes and Tesla, so do not expect these EV’s to be the cheapest in the UK’s automotive market. With SUVs like the iX costing upwards of £70,000, we do not envisage that these vehicles to be available for anything less than £700 per month. With the i4 and iX3 coming in at around £50,000, you may be able to get a £400 - £450 perm month deal.

Is BMW a good car to lease?
BMW were quick to enter the EV market with their i3 and i8 product, so this is a manufacturer well-versed in electrification. What makes a good EV is very much down to battery quality (range and charging speed) coupled with the electric vehicle’s aesthetics. None of this is lacking with the BMW.

Is a BMW lease right for me?
The BMW is an ideal company car, or salary sacrifice scheme car, with the i4 and ix3 offering great value for luxury cars. BMW have created true competition to the UK’s most popular electric car brand – Tesla. Use our Lythium EV tools to make sure the range, charging capacities and company car tax / whole of life costs meet your budget and lifestyle.

Where do I find BMW lease deals in the UK?
The e-car lease team have the UK’s leading electric-only car leasing website. This means you, or the company, benefit from our experience, knowledge and some of the most competitive offers. You may find some of our offers on our price comparison partners websites like Auto Lease Compare or LeaseLoco.

What is the Cheapest Electric BMW?
BMW have a cheap hatchback to lease – the i3. As this vehicle has been available to buy / lease for several years, BMW have made this more affordable to personal and business customers. You may be able to achieve £250 per month deals with this option.

What is the range of an electric BMW?
How far a BMW will travel on a full charge will depend on the vehicle you choose and the battery size. The kWh shown next to each battery will indicated how big the lithium-ion batteries are in the vehicle and will provide some indication of how far the vehicle could travel. However, our Lythium EV calculators show you a full range analysis for all seasons and type of travel together with a full charging analysis. It’s crucial you understand how quickly your BWM charges.

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