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Genesis lease deals UK

The new age of electric vehicle production is bringing about new opportunities and manufacturers for our e-car lease personal and business lease customers. There is a suggestion that EV customers are becoming less badge conscious and more focused on key metrics like charging times, range and battery capabilities. So when newer brands, like Genesis, enter the UK leasing market, our customers are noticeably more receptive to engaging with them. After all, Tesla went from an almost unknown brand to becoming the number one car manufacturer in the world within the space of just a few years. For the South Korean vehicle manufacturer, this presents an opportunity to join an already buoyant EV market here in the UK.

Why choose to lease a Genesis?

The great news for Genesis leasing customers is that this is a luxury vehicle offshoot from Hyundai, who have become known as being one of the leading zero-emission car manufacturers. However, this is very much a luxury and prestige vehicle producer which is aiming to satisfy the company car market and those PCH customers with a bigger budget; the Genesis brand is not going to be pursuing the cheap deal aspect of the UK’s electric car market. And the electric-side to the brand isn’t just a concept or side-line as demonstrated by the release of three key models – the electrified GV60, GV70 and G80, most of which can be ordered for delivery in the same year.

How expensive is a Genesis to lease?

This is very much a luxury car and will be looking to compete with the usual top tier manufacturers like Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Tesla. The GV60, as a small SUV and cross-over, will begin at around £47,000 but with various specifications and battery sizes, this will see some models costing well in advance of £60,000. Expect this to equate to £500 - £750 per month lease deals. While no firm information is yet available on the GV70, a bigger all-electric EV, the fact this will be aiming to compete against the Mercedes EQC, Audi e-Tron and BMW iX, does suggest that we will see starting prices of £50,000 - £60,000, with our lease customers paying upwards of £600 per month.

The G80, a performance luxury saloon, does not have much detail available yet either. However, the brand’s statement that this will “set standards for performance and tech in the saloon EV market” does suggest similar prices to the GV70 above. If Genesis are intent on making the GV70 a genuine comparable to the Tesla Model S or the Mercedes EQE / EQS, our e-car lease customer can expect some robust lease prices.

Is a Genesis right for me?

Understanding how suitable an electric car is for you or the company does involve some due consideration; a little more than you would usually undertake on a combustion vehicle. Many company car and salary sacrifice drivers are likely to consider the Genesis as their next leasing option based on the 2% BiK this zero-emission vehicle offers. When comparing an EV to a combustion vehicle, a company car driver is able to save literally hundreds of pounds per month on their tax bill. But it isn’t just this aspect which makes the Genesis so attractive; there are other key aspects which form part of the Whole of Life cost analysis such as fuel-savings, cheaper servicing and maintenance and insurance costs which many fleet managers will be taking note of. Using the e-car lease “Living with …” tools, much of the information is presented to you in a clear and simple way on our website.

And where our expert website truly assists you in making your new car decision is with the information which is presented to our customers on every conceivable deal. For example, with the SUV GV60 our website will set out the variable ranges you can expect day-to-day; in winter this will be between 170 – 240 miles and in summer this will be around 220 – 350 miles based on driver speeds and behaviours. And on the charging aspects, our intuitive website helps drivers understand the 11 kW AC max achieves 0 – 100% charge times of just under 8 hours with the 239 kW DC max providing 15 minute 10 – 80% charge times. And the Genesis isn’t slow either, with the 77.4 kWh battery providing 168 kW (or 225 hp) of power – this provides 7.3 second 0 – 62 times and 115 mph top speeds.

How do I lease a new Genesis?

If you, or the business, do want to lease a new Genesis, just head over to our designated deals section on the e-car lease website. While our “Living with …” tools ensure you get exactly the EV for your needs and requirements, the ability to build an instant quotation ensures that you can do all of this from the comfort of your living room and order your new EV straight to your door. Unlike a car dealership, you don’t need to spend hours looking at different cars, prices and finance packages; with our expert e-car team you have all this available to you at the outset. Plus, you have the comfort you are working with the leading electric car leasing company in the UK.

Whether you are a personal or business customer, you can select a contract which suits your individual or commercial circumstances. With terms from 24 – 48 months, annual mileages between 5,000 – 20,000 per annum and varying initial rental / deposit options (including no-deposit), our quote calculator gives you or the fleet manager the ability to construct the perfect deal. If you need to review our maintenance packages (to include all servicing, maintenance and tyres) or if you need help with a domestic or workplace charge point, just use the relevant options on the quote builder. 

When you know that Genesis is your route to electric driving, simply get in touch with the UK’s leading electric vehicle experts on 01942 910 001 or make an enquiry on the website for an instant quotation. Let us help to get your electric journey started now.


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Is a Genesis a good car to lease?
Unlike a genuine start-up, like Tesla, the Genesis brand is a luxury component of Hyundai. And the great news for electric car customers is that Hyundai are one of the leading, and longest standing, battery vehicle manufacturers. The key component of any EV is the battery tech and if this is not properly manufactured, we know that our e-car lease customer will be dissatisfied. And it’s not just about range – EV customers are now attuned to charging capabilities, charging speeds/times, battery efficiency and vehicle performance. If a car producer can achieve high standards then the lease deal will be a popular one, regardless of the badge. The fact that Genesis will be prioritising SUV and cross-over options also highlights that they understand the UK market, with these cars being the most-popular to lease.

Is a Genesis lease right for me?
The style and comfort the Genesis cars offer is somewhat palpable. The upcoming GV60 is clearly influenced by the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6 and will no doubt be a viable competitor. Even Mercedes EQA and Audi Q4 customers may need to re-think their choice of electric SUV. But making sure an EV is suitable involves a more conscientious decision based around range, charging infrastructure and general motoring behaviours. This is where the bespoke “Living with …” tools on our e-car lease website are so useful, as all of our customers can access the information they really need know to about their new Genesis before committing to their lease deal.

Where do I find Genesis lease deals in the UK?
As a collaborative business, e-car lease work with some of the leading price comparison and aggregator websites for leasing deals in the UK. Companies like Moneyshake, AutoLeaseCompare, LeaseLoco and CarWow compare some of the best EV prices in the market for you. Also, your local Genesis store may be able to assist with test-drives and pricing. But if you want both the cheapest leasing deals coupled with expert electric car advice, head straight to the e-car lease team

What is the Cheapest Electric Genesis to lease?
As at today (March 2022) the only Genesis to order and lease in the UK is the smaller SUV – the GV60. The upcoming GV70 (luxury SUV) and G80 (Saloon) will be added in 2022 for delivery later in the year or 2023. If you want the cheapest Genesis to lease then select the GV60 Estate 168kW Premium 77.4kWh 5dr Auto, at around £43,000 (or around £350 - £500 per month

What is the range of an electric Genesis?
As at today (March 2022) the only vehicle the e-car lease team can appraise is the GV60 Estate. Looking at the 168kW Premium 77.4kWh, this SUV will offer between 170 – 240 miles range in colder climates and around 220 – 350 miles in warmer weather. Because of the way in which EVs operate the weather, driver style and driving behaviours influence the range of the vehicle. This is where the “Living with …” tools are so useful for drivers, fleet managers

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