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Cupra electric lease deals UK

There isn't enough choice of electric cars for me or my company car drivers ... a statement now rarely issued by even the toughest of proponents to battery vehicles. Cupra are perhaps one of the biggest examples of what is possible when a manufacturer does invest in electrification and recognises the opportunity within the UK's automotive industry.

Cupra, a sub-brand of Seat, produces high-performance and aesthetically distinctive vehicles. What is so unique about Cupra is that it was once nothing more than a motorsport-type package which a driver would consider adding to their Seat Leon or Ateca if they wanted a quicker and more performance-led experience.

However, the Cupra badge became so popular that there was a decision to create its own unique class of vehicles separate to Seat (and Skoda / VW). While the VW group are producing similar vehicles amongst their individual brands, there is nothing quite like the Cupra brand and this is very much aiming to be one of the most cost-effective performance EVs in the UK. Who said a hot hatch EV wouldn’t be made available?

Why choose to lease a Cupra electric

The benefit of choosing a Cupra EV to lease is that personal and business lease customers do have the comfort that the battery tech, driving style and build quality matches that of one of the leading German car manufacturers - Volkswagen. And VW are not new to the zero-emission project either, having produced some of the best electric cars for some years. VW are now at their next stage of EV development, which translates to better battery range, quicker charging times but with the fun and excitement you expect from a modern EV.

There is no doubt that any of the VW Group EVs will represent anything other than value for money when it comes to your next new electric car. However, for those customers wanting a little more in terms of body style, design and finish, the Cupra should form part of the list. Looking at the Cupra Leon, Ateca and Formentor, you can see the direction of electrification for this manufacturer.

Is a Cupra electric right for me?

As at today, there has only been one confirmed electric product for the Cupra brand - the Born (which was renamed after being launched as the "El Born"). In effect, the e-car lease customer has the ability to enjoy a repurposed VW ID.3 but with a performance aspect and aggressive body styling. While the VW may be the perfect affordable EV for company car drivers, the Cupra will almost certainly be a key seller in the PCH market, in particular for some of the younger drivers making the transition to battery electric vehicles. While the Born will not be "cheap", this will still be one of the mid-range affordable hatchbacks.

However, just because the Cupra may meet your budget and aesthetic requirements, it’s still important to carry out the necessary research and due diligence which you would expect with any electric car. Our “Living with …” tools set out some of key facets relating to battery size, efficiency, range and charging speeds, all of which help you, or the business, understand if this zero-emission option is the one to select.

How expensive is a Cupra electric to lease?

The Cupra brand is not a luxury / prestige one but, at the same time, this not going to be the cheapest EV to lease in the UK. As is evident from the Born, these vehicles will be incredibly popular with a variety of our e-car lease customers. And these EVs are not overpriced with the Born hatch costing anywhere between £30,000 - £43,000, depending on the model and battery you select. This could equate to £300 - £500 per month leasing deals. Expect an SUV, similar to the Formentor, to cost a little more. However, we do encourage our PCH and BCH clients to consider more than just the monthly finance exposure. EVs allow you to look at Whole of Life costs more prudently, for example fuel, maintenance and / or insurance savings. This is without the 2% BiK the Cupra will have which equates to a cheap company car tax bill.

How do I lease a new Cupra?

Organising your new vehicle couldn’t be easier with the UK’s leading electric experts – e-car lease. Unlike any other broker, finance company or dealership, our team ONLY sells pure electric solutions. We don’t offer combustion, hybrid and/or plug-in options to lease. Our years of experience ensures that all our personal, business and salary sacrifice customer receive expert and trusted guidance from start to finish. And the great news is that the “living with tools …” which provide the requisite information are available to you free of charge; this is why our Trustpilot ratings are consistently 5 out of 5!

When you are ready to lease your new Cupra, just select the vehicle and specification which you require. You can then make use of our quote builder to construct an instant quotation based on your term (24 – 48 months), annual mileage (5,000 – 20,000 miles) and initial rental. Should you need additional assistance, just let us know via our maintenance and charge point information tabs. All of our prices are based on a driver-maintained contract, meaning that you are responsible for servicing and maintaining your electric Cupra. However, a funder-maintained arrangement is available if you do want to have this included for an additional cost and have complete piece of mind.



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Is a Cupra a good car to lease?
The Cupra brand has become synonymous with performance and style, making this one of the best sporty electric brands to lease. While the Cupra Formentor and Cupra Leon have been available in a Plug-In Hybrid format for some time, moving into battery electric vehicles is a new venture for this side-line of Seat. But the good news for our e-car lease customers is that the striking aesthetics are underpinned by robust battery technology, which is available through the parent company – Volkswagen. The key component of ANY electric car is the battery performance and regardless of how a vehicle looks, or its price per month, if this is not suitable then the customer will not have a positive experience. Whether this will lead to customers being less brand / badge conscious and more capability focused is certainly an interesting consideration. The new Born hatchback, which lands in 2022, is going to set the bar for Cupra’s electric proposition and, should this be well received, will pave the way for a successful future for one of the UK’s new favourite brands

Is a Cupra lease right for me?
There is no doubt the Cupra will impress you, or your company car drivers, with its style and substance – the Born is really set to be the number one EV hot hatch. But making sure an EV is suitable for any personal or business lease involves more than this. Understanding how the EV lifestyle works for you will depend on a number of key factors – charging rates, charge times, range, charge point locations etc. This is where the “Living with …” tools on our e-car website become so valuable as they set out the most important metrics which tell our customers how good their new EV really is. As contract hire is a fixed term contract of 2, 3 or 4 years, we do want to ensure that our customers receive the right product for their needs and requirements.

Where do I find Cupra lease deals in the UK?
For many electric car lease customers, getting the cheapest price on the Cupra will often start with a visit to a price comparison website like Moneyshake, AutoLeaseCompare, LeaseLoco and CarWow. And don’t forget that your local Seat / Cupra dealership will also be available to offer a test-drive and comparable purchase price. Lease v Buy on a new Cupra EV is not a question our e-car lease can answer, as this very much depends on your requirements. However, our customers can be assured that if they decide to use the expert e-car team that not only will they get the best prices, but they also benefit from some of the leading advice. As one of the longest-running electric car businesses, we are on hand to deliver a quality experience time after time.

What is the Cheapest Electric Cupra to lease?
As at today (March 2022) the only Cupra to order in the UK is the Born (although we expect a fully-electric Formentor to be available in 2023). In terms of the “cheapest” options to select, the Born 150kW V1 58kWh 5dr Auto at around £35,000 will be your target. Expect lease rentals on the entry level Born to be around £325 - £400 per month depending on your term, initial rental and annual mileage. And yes, we do offer no initial rental (or no deposit) deals on the Cupra electric

What is the range of an electric Cupra?
As at today (March 2022) the only vehicle the e-car lease team can appraise is the Born which has recently launched in the UK. The Born will commence ordering on just the 58 kWh lithium-ion battery (and 150 kW output) which should deliver between 155 and 210 miles of electric driving in colder climates on a full charge, with warmer temperatures offering 200 – 320 miles. Because weather, driving style and driver behaviour does influence the range of your electric Cupra, do use our full guide and analysis for checking the actual range of your new Cupra EV.

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