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Hyundai lease deals UK

It may surprise some UK personal and business lease customers to discover that one of the most popular, and best, EV manufacturers is Hyundai. As early adopters of the electric revolution with their Ioniq Saloon and Kona SUV, available in both 39 kWh and 64 kWh battery sizes, personal customers and fleets alike have been enjoying some of the best value and cheapest zero emission deals available. Electric motoring is far from a new concept to the Hyundai team, so our customers can have complete confidence that their new car will deliver a great experience.

How do I lease a Hyundai

Discover Hyundai electric motoring via our easy leasing process. Simply select your preferred car, specification, term and mileage and let our expert team do the rest for you. Like many customers leasing their first EV, some of our industry-leading tools from Lythium EV help you select the right car for your circumstances. Simply review our real-world range, battery plug type and charge time applications to make sure that your new leasing option really suits your lifestyle.

Why choose to lease a new Hyundai

Where Hyundai really add value to customers is with their leading battery technology. A 64 kWh Kona SUV offers winter ranges on a full charge of just over 200 miles, with around 285 miles available for summer driving. And customers don’t need to panic about charging times. With an 11 kW AC capability allowing full charge in 7 hours, coupled with rapid charging at 77 kW DC for a 45 minute 10-80% charge, what’s not to like about this great value eco car?

The future of Hyundai is incredibly exciting for their customers, as they launch their ground-breaking Ioniq 5, a zero-emission vehicle which will catapult Hyundai into being a true competitor against the Tesla Model 3, Polestar 2 and BMW i4. No longer will Hyundai just be referred to as a budget brand.

How expensive is a Hyundai to lease

This larger prestige hatchback will be available in both a 58 kWh and 73 kWh battery format and with starting prices from just over £35,000, this should offer our e-car lease customers some fantastic leasing deals. Some of the key facets of the 73 kWh version includes – an impressive 11 kW AC and 232 kW DC charging capability (which allows sub-20 minute 10-80% charge), a combined range of nearly 250 miles on a full charge and an exciting feature known as Vehicle to Load, or V2L, which allows your Ioniq 5 to charge other equipment like an electric bike via a port located in the back and on vehicle exterior (up to a maximum power of 3.6 kW).

Is a Hyundai lease right for me

Hyundai are true examples of where electric vehicles are changing customer mindsets on what constitutes an aspirational car. No longer are Audi, BMW and Mercedes the definition of a prestige or luxury car; with superlative battery technology, distinctive designs and a swathe of “car of the year” awards, Hyundai are fast becoming true leaders in the UK’s electric automotive market. More innovation is set to hit the UK with their Ioniq 6 (a sedan/saloon) and then a potentially class-leading Ioniq 7 SUV to follow.

The leasing industry has been a true champion of the Hyundai EVs, with many brokers, like e-car lease now forging direct relationships with the manufacturer to ensure that our customers not only benefit from the cheapest electric cars to lease but they receive a finance product which works so well for electric cars. With improvements in technology, you may want to consider changing your vehicle every 3 to 4 years.

Why use e-car lease to supply your next personal or business car arrangement? First and foremost, our team are some of the UK’s leading electric car experts. And to showcase just how good the experience can be, check out our Trustpilot reviews to see what our customers really think. Whether you are a personal, business or salary sacrifice customer looking at a new Hyundai to lease, just call our team on 01942 910 101 or raise a quick enquiry on the website to start your electric journey with us.

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Is Hyundai a good car to lease?
Hyundai have been producing some of the leading electric cars in the UK for a few years and were one of the first manufacturers to adopt all-electric cars. This experience has culminated in the brand offering some of the best affordable zero emission hatchbacks and SUVs, with further investment into a new market-leader – the Ioniq 5. Value for money is guaranteed with Hyundai.

Is a Hyundai lease right for me?
Hyundai promises our personal and business contract hire customers a cost-effective but reliable electric proposition. With the Ioniq and Kona, you have some of the cheapest options to lease but which still offer you a practical EV-range. The Ioniq 5 is perfect for those customers looking for something more prestige. Use our Lythium EV tools to see if this meets your requirements. Just note that our deals are all based on contract hire arrangements, so you use the vehicle for 2, 3 or 4 years and return at the contract cessation.

Where do I find Hyundai lease deals in the UK?
The e-car lease website not only display some of the best electric Hyundai deals, we also set out all the key information on every model that Hyundai sell in the UK. This includes all the charging, range and battery information. Even our company car tax and salary sacrifice calculators are readily available for you free of charge.

What is the Cheapest Electric Hyundai?
A standard Ioniq 38 kWh or Kona 39 kWh Hyundai EV will offer you the best personal or business leasing deal. However, you do get what you pay for with a battery electric car, so do make sure the smaller battery capacity is suitable for your requirements. You also have the option to pay more for the 64 kWh alternatives.

What is the range of an electric Hyundai?
The range of the Hyundai electric vehicles depends on which car you decide to lease. While a Kona 39 kWh offers combined ranges of 130 miles for winter and 180 miles for summer, a Kona 64 kWh will ensure a more considerable 205 miles for winter and 285 miles for summer. With our online range calculator from Lythium EV setting out the seasonal and driving style impact, this helps you appreciate the various range available with each Hyundai. Use our Zap Map app to find your nearest charge point if range is a concern for you or the business.

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