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Polestar 2 Car leasing

Leasing a Polestar 2 in the UK

Is there really a car which can compete with the success of the world’s best-seller – the Tesla Model 3? Until early to mid-2020, the UK were very much in the hands of Elon Musk’s Tesla brand, with the new Model 3 seemingly offering company car and individual leasing customers with the ideal, and moderately affordable, fully electric solution.

But it wasn’t Audi, BMW or Mercedes who stepped up with a comparable model; it was the Chinese owned Volvo, via their sub-brand Polestar, who engineered one of the best saloon / fastback options with their “2” model.

And not every e-car lease customer is a fan of the Tesla which is disliked by some for its frugality and US influences / bland aesthetics. In contrast, some customers prefer the sharp European styling and familiar interior configuration. The Polestar 2 offers this in volumes; as the brand proclaims, “the way electric cars should be.”

But is there enough choice within the Polestar fastback line-up to compete with a Model 3 or the new BMW i4? The group have not been remiss with their battery selection, allowing customers to choose from three key options (please note the below is based on the 2023 version which saw improved heat pumps, enhanced battery capabilities and improved software):

  • Standard Range Single Motor – (from £41,900) the usable battery of 67 kWh offers 170 kW of power (or 228hp), 0 – 62 times of 7.4 seconds and top speeds of 99mph. In terms of range, expect a combined range in colder temperatures of 200 miles and 275 miles combined in warmer temperatures (on a full charge). On charging times / speeds, the 11 kW AC max allows a 0 – 100% charge in just over 7 hours and the rapid charging max of 130 kW DC allowing 10 – 80% in just over 30 mins. This is an improvement on the previous 61 kWh option;         
  • Long Range Single Motor – (from £44,900) the usable battery of 75 kWh offers 170 kW of power (or 228hp), 0 – 62 times of 7.4 seconds and top speeds of 99mph. In terms of range, expect a combined range in colder temperatures of 220 miles and 305 miles combined in warmer temperature (on a full charge). On charging times / speeds, the 11 kW AC max allows a 0 – 100% charge in just over 8 hours and the rapid charging max of 151 kW DC allowing 10 – 80% in just over 30 mins; and         
  • Long Range Dual Motor – (from £47,900) for those looking for a Model 3 Performance option, then this is your ticket. The usable battery of 75 kWh offers 300 kW of power (or 402hp), 0 – 62 times of 4.7 seconds and top speeds of 127mph. In terms of range, expect a combined range in colder temperatures of 210 miles and 280 miles combined in warmer temperatures (on a full charge). On charging times / speeds, the 11 kW AC max allows a 0 – 100% charge in just over 8 hours and the rapid charging max of 151 kW DC allowing 10 – 80% in just over 30 mins.

The Polestar isn’t also just about the batter capability, unlike Tesla this manufacturer offers a whole host of options and packs which help create the perfect EV for you or the company. And the good news is that customers ordering the Polestar 2 now will be receiving this updated model (in March 2022 Polestar announced battery upgrades for longer ranges and quicker charging). The result has been more choice for customers, with added alloy and interior choices, not to mention some fantastic packs.

The main packs to consider adding to the fastback include the Pilot lite at just over £2,000 (for LED front fog lights, 360 degree camera, pilot assist, adaptive cruise control, Blind Spot Information, rear collision warning and emergency stop assist), the £4,000 Plus Pack (for panoramic roof, Harmon Kardon sound, fully electric seats including lumbar support and memory function, heat pump, tinted rear windows and inductive charging for a smartphone) and the £5,000 Performance pack (increases battery to 350 kW / 469hp, 20” alloys, gold Brembo brake calipers, drilled ventilated brake discs, Ohlins dual flow shock absorbers dynamic chassis and gold seat belts). 

Not unlike Tesla, you can order your Polestar 2 directly on the website by placing a £1000 deposit. Simply build and order your new BEV on the website and send this to the e-car lease team for a comparative lease price (there are purchase and contract hire options on their website).

While the Polestar will be going head to head with the Model 3 Tesla and i4 BMW in the company car market (good luck choosing between them), the e-car lease team are also noticing a healthy quantity of personal lease customers making the EV transition.

We are all conscious of making better environmental decisions but with growing fuel costs, impending Clean Air Zones / Congestion Zones and the general cost of running / maintaining combustion vehicles increasing, many are turning towards electrification for their private vehicles too. And why not? Even if you are a petrolhead, the dual motor long range, with a Performance Pack, can offer the same acceleration and experience as you would get from a true performance or supercar.

Ready to lease your Polestar 2? Moving forward with your lease couldn’t be any easier. If you haven’t pre-ordered your new fastback from the manufacturer website, just use our Polestar deals section to find your perfect specification, including any additional options which can be added for an extra cost.

Our instant quote calculator allows you to build a contract based on the term, annual mileage and initial rental (deposit) whether you are a personal, business or salary sacrifice customer. For those customers needing a more bespoke and personal service, just call our team our experts on 01942 910 001 or email us at [email protected]

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Frequently asked questions
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How much is a Polestar 2 Electric to lease?
The mid-range fastback is available from nearly £42,000 - £48,000, not including any additional options and packs. This means customers will be paying at least £450 - £650 per month on our leasing deals. This is similarly priced to the main competitors, which is currently BMW and Tesla. But it’s clear to see that this shouldn’t be considered by anyone looking for a cheap EV to lease. We expect this EV to be a true winner in the company car and fleet segment.

Is a Polestar 2 Electric a good car to lease?
Forming part of Volvo somewhat guarantees a car with incredible build quality, safety features and value for money. With Top Gear and CarWow rating this as an 8/10 car, plus Auto Express at 4/5, it is clear that the UK press and public are providing some positive feedback for the Model 3 rival. The Polestar 2 is undoubtedly one of the better looking EVs, with aggressive exterior styling (like an American muscle car) coupled with familiar European interiors. It’s not a car which will disappoint customers

Is a Polestar 2 Electric lease right for me or the business?
The Polestar 2 will almost certainly win your confidence for performance, comfort and looks. But transitioning into the world of electric cars is undeniably uncertain for many first-time electric car leasing customers. That’s why our “Living with your…” tools are so important because they identify, and clarify, all of the key facets you need to know before committing to buy or lease this EV. From seasonal range – charging times – charging cables – charge cost calculator – charge point infrastructure, our leading website has this available for you or the fleet manager to make the right decision.

Where do I find the best Electric Polestar 2 lease deals in the UK?
Unlike many brokers, dealership and finance companies, you get ALL the key information about your new EV directly from our website. As we only sell pure electric options, our team can provide you with everything you need to know. But to ensure you are getting the best price, feel free to check on price comparison websites such as AutoLeaseCompare, CarWow, LeaseFetcher and LeaseLoco. Or head to review platforms like GreenCarGuide and Fully-Charged for any discount codes.

What is the cheapest Polestar 2 Electric leasing option?
At the time of writing, the cheapest option to select is the Fastback 170kW 69kWh Standard Range Single Motor 5dr Auto at around £42,000. Because we are a credit broker, not a lender or dealership, do look at other models too as we can sometimes offer similar prices on better cars!

What is the range of an Electric Polestar 2?
We understand that the distance your new EV can travel on a full charge is a crucial part of your decision process, whether you are a personal, business or salary sacrifice customer. However, also note that charging speeds (and times) are of equal importance plus, when reviewing range capabilities of the Polestar, we encourage customers to consider the impact of temperature, driving speeds and speeds on the vehicle. It is almost impossible to give just ONE absolute range on a BEV. For example, the base Standard Range SM will offer around 170 miles of driving in colder temps on a motorway compared to 230 miles in city-driving (on a full charge). The same car will deliver 220 miles of driving in warmer temperatures on a motorway compared to 345 miles of city-driving. The Long Range SM will provide a greater 190 miles on motorways and 255 miles in city-driving during winter in comparison to 245 miles on motorways and 385 miles in city-driving during summer.

Can you tow with a Polestar 2?
Yes – a semi-electric towbar can be added to the Polestar 2. At £1,100 this can be included at factory and includes the 13-pin connection.

What is the towing capacity of the Polestar 2?
The e-car lease team expect most customers to lease the Long Range Dual Motor model if they are intending to tow. With an unbraked weight capability of 750kg and a braked capability of 1500kg, this is the ideal EV towing solution.

What is the MPG of the Polestar 2?
The Polestar 2 has a vehicle fuel equivalent of 145 mpg for the single motor Standard Range, 143mpg for the Single Motor Long Range and 132 mpg for the Dual Motor option.

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