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Omoda Electric Lease Deals UK

The onset of Chinese cars is definitely a present day reality for electric car customers in 2024. The prospect of brands which we have never heard of, or seen, has been a consistent theme in the last few years.

But out of the nervousness and trepidation, we have been pleasantly surprised by a group of brands which offer the UK’s personal and business leasing community value, quality and an overall positive EV experience. And the latest option to arrive with us is the Chery Automobile backed Omoda, who are planning to launch its product across 50 UK retail sites in 2024. And the group have been making some strong statements, with their website suggesting this “is the most futuristic crossover SUV brand”.

Why choose to lease an Omoda electric car?

The manufacturer is backed by Chery Automobile, which is in the top five of automotive manufacturers in China.

Responsible for nearly 2 million vehicle sales in 2023, the group have been producing combustion, plug-in and electric vehicles in a variety of segments and classes. Indeed, the Chery team have been collaborating on EVs for many years, with innovations like Luxceed (a Huawei venture), iCar (an SUV battery option) and even producing Jaguar and Land Rover options in China.

The Omoda collaboration, forms part of an aim to introduce an array of vehicles into Western Europe by 2026. The group have already signed a JV with the Spanish motor company EV Motors to build these in Barcelona. And the Omoda group are committed to innovation, technology and energy, which will hopefully translate into robust vehicles.

How expensive is an Omoda lease?

At the time of writing (May 2024) there are few options for the UK buying and leasing market to consider, with only the petrol and electric Omoda 5 Estate. But as you can see in our Omoda 5 analysis, this is not a brand which will be particularly expensive.

The vehicles are upmarket SUVs, with keen aesthetics and technology, but are priced very much around affordability. With list prices of between £20,000 - £30,000, the likes of MG, Nissan, Kia and Ford will have to take note of their pricing position and product alignment.

Is an Omoda right for me?

Moving to an electric car can be concerning for some personal and business customers who are new to lithium-ion batteries. There are various elements to consider in moving to this fuel type and, if properly understood, will help you to avoid any issues with your new Chinese car. While the price shown on the website should form part of your analysis, in particular for the long-term affordability and viability, the headline rental is not the only consideration for UK customers.

Our e-car lease website is full of some amazing guides and advice which answer much of the other aspects you need to overcome. This includes real-world range (not WLTP), charging times, charging speeds, charging costs, charge point locations, company car tax calculations and running costs.

This is all conveniently, and succinctly, set out in a document we call the EVC™ Effectively this is an EPC for a car, so that the actual running and operation of this facet becomes more comprehensible.

The document also enables you to work with some of the 3rd parties who help make the experience more enjoyable. Whether this is a charge point (at home or work), motor insurance or genuine car reviews, our solutions can assist you in making the right choices. With leasing being a fixed contract for 2, 3 or 4 years we do want this to be handled professionally and carefully.

How do I lease a new Omoda?

Alternatively, head to the  Omoda  website and configure your perfect car. Then simply get in touch with the UK’s leading electric vehicle experts on 01942 910 001 or make an enquiry on the website for an instant quotation. Let our amazing team help to get your electric journey started now!


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