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Kia Lease Deals UK

Sometimes referred to as the “sister company” to Hyundai, the Kia brand has firmly established itself as being one of the foremost manufacturers for UK leasing customers. For a manufacturer that led with a 7-year warranty, confidence in their product was somewhat palpable. Going electric with Kia has been an easy process for quite some time, with this manufacturer being quick to move towards hybrid and pure electric solutions. The initial product was introduced in the form of one of the most popular SUV EVs to date, the e-Niro, coupled with a family car, the Kia Soul.

How expensive is a Kia to lease

In some ways, Kia has been treated by UK customers as a more premium badge than Hyundai, even though this is a debatable presupposition. But that hasn’t translated into expensive cars. With an e-Niro sitting within the £30,000 - £35,000 price bracket, some cost-effective leasing deals are available to you at around £250 -£300 per month. With some additional Kia Soul EV deals, affordability has never really been a critique of this car maker.

Why choose to lease a new Kia

And price is just one of many key benefits of having an electric Kia. Customers, personal or business, can also take comfort in these being some of the most competent, and range-accurate, automobiles. A 64 kWh e-Niro can perform at around 200 miles on a full charge in winter, with around 265 miles in summer. Even higher mileage drivers can utilise this SUV. Where Kia have some minor fragility is with their charging time for the vehicle; with just a 7.2 kW AC capability it will take just over 10 hours for 0-100% charge, with the 77 kW DC rapid capability providing 10-80% in 45 minutes or so.

Is a Kia lease right for me

However, customers looking at changing from combustion engine to an electric motor before the 2030 UK Government deadline, you may want to add Kia’s next generation of cars onto your wish list. The latest EV6 pure EV, a potentially market leading SUV, offers some of the most practical electric driving you could want. The 225hp vehicle will offer a combined battery range of circa 260 miles. And, with an 11 kW AC capability, this can charge in just over 8 hours. And if you are looking to charge at a service station or destination charge point, the unbelievable 250 kW DC capability means that Kia drivers can rapid charge in just under 20 minutes from 10-80%. This takes not much longer than filling up the tank on your petrol/diesel vehicle.

How do I lease a Kia

When you are ready to lease your next new car, or company car, simply head to our UK-leading electric car website. Browse through the range of Kia EVs we offer and select a term (2, 3 or 4 years), annual mileage (5,000 miles+) and initial rental / deposit which you or the business needs. Just to make sure the Kia is right for you, our bespoke Lythium EV tools provide you with all the details you need to make sure that the decision is the correct one.

From range to charging speeds to charging locations and beyond, our applications make sure that the key information is made available to you before you buy with us. For companies investigating company car schemes or salary sacrifice schemes, we have some incredibly useful tools which help produce instant tax calculations, introductions to residential and commercial charge point installers plus whole of life cost computations, which illustrate just how much you can save making the transition to an electric Kia. And it’s not just about saving you or the company money, going to electric means enjoying a better form of motoring for you and the environment. Isn’t it time for you to go green.

If you want to lease an electric Kia from an award-winning broker for green projects and who can offer you some of the cheapest deals online, just get in touch with us 24/7 via our website. Or use our business hours to directly speak with the electric car experts on 01942 608 606. We look forward to electrifying your journey.

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Is Kia a good car to lease?
Kia were eager to join the electric car revolution and their early innovations, the Soul electric hatchback and the e-Niro SUV, soon became staple choices for personal and business customers in the UK. Because of the early adoption, Kia have managed to make EVs which leasing customers can trust. The new EV6 has gone further for the brand and it is now recognised as one of the leading prestige SUV alternatives against Tesla, Audi or Jaguar. You won’t be disappointed.

Is a Kia lease right for me?
The quality and reliability of the Kia does ensure that the product will offer a positive experience; personal or business contract hire, we have you covered. As leasing does offer the ability to change your car every 2-4 years, and avoids the disruption of selling your vehicle, this is a convenient finance product for EVs. Technology is evolving so quickly with Kia that you may want to flexibility to change or select a different option.

Where do I find Kia lease deals in the UK?
The e-car lease website offers every new model of Kia which is available in the UK. Our industry-leading website allows you to quickly filter our personal and business leasing deals, including EV-specific tools from Lythium relating to range, charging capabilities and full analysis of charging times. It’s not just the price you pay per month for your EV which is important.

What is the Cheapest Electric Kia?
What’s great about Kia is that they offer a wide range of EVs which meet nearly every budget. The cheapest electric Kia to lease will either be our e-Niro 2 39 kWh or Soul 64 kWh electric deal. For our EV6 customers, the standard 77 kWh option will be the best value vehicle.

What is the range of an electric Kia?
Understanding the range of your Kia EV means taking into account the battery’s performance in winter and summer conditions and also by acknowledging that driving styles and behaviours will influence the range too. For example, a 39 kWh e-Niro can deliver 100 miles of range in cold weather / motorway driving compared to 220 miles of warm weather city driving. For high-mileage EV leasing customers, you need to consider the 64 kWh e-Niro or the newer 77 kWh EV6. And with the EV6 capable of nearly 250 kW charging capacity, this allows for an efficient charging experience.

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