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Ford Lease Deals UK

Consistently one of the UK’s best-selling manufacturers, with the Fiesta almost always the UK’s top selling car, it was inevitable that Ford were going to make an all-electric car to compete with the rest. The amazing facet of the electric car market is that manufacturers constantly push one another to produce better batteries, further ranges, quicker charging times and better value cars. With Ford electric now in the mix, a UK customer is almost certainly primed to get some of the most amazing leasing deals on their new car. In the words of this American manufacturer “say goodbye to gas”.

Customers in the UK have been enjoying the Mustang Mach-E, which is not only one of the coolest car names, but also happens to be one of the best-looking EVs you can lease. A sports-based SUV, or sportback, this mid-range option is one to choose over the Tesla Model 3, Polestar 2 or BMW i4.

How expensive is a Ford to lease

Between £35,000 and £55,000, Ford are aiming their initial EV offering at the company car drivers of the UK, plus those drivers who desire a little more e-performance. Expect to pay around £375 – £500 per month depending on the specification you go for. At present, our customers looking towards the cheapest electric car to lease, may be persuaded to consider Ford’s offering.

Ford are committed to electric cars in a big way. Going head-to-head with Tesla in America will mean some great options for the UK to enjoy; an $11 billion investment program has been put in place to revolutionise their electric vehicles and battery production. This will allow Ford to achieve their ambitious targets of a full zero emission range by 2024 in commercials, and a full electric range for personal vehicles by 2026. Ford have committed to 100% of sales being electric by 2030. Expect smaller Fiesta and Focus EVs to follow along with commercials like the Transit Custom and Ranger to be launched soon. For the US-customers, an amazing F-150 EV is set to revolutionise the way we see automobiles.

How do I lease a Ford

Arranging your Ford EV lease is so simple with the e-car lease team. Whether this is a personal car, or company car, just head over to the Ford deals section and select one of the options which meets your needs and criteria. Use our filters for budget, range, term and mileage to get an almost instant quotation. And have confidence with Ford that you are will be getting a good electric car.

Why choose a new Ford

Choose from their 68 kWh or 88 kWh usable lithium battery options, which offer combined ranges of between 205 – 270 miles on a full charge, with incredible performance of around 4.4 – 7.0 seconds for their 0-62 times. The Ford electric is anything but boring or impractical. And charging the Ford is a quick process. Connect to an 11 kW AC charge point for 9 hour 0-100% charging and rapid charge at 150 kW DC for 10-80% in just over 40 minutes. Like many manufacturers, Ford operate from Type 2 and CCS charge ports, so your UK standard cables are sure to fit.

Is a Ford lease right for me

Leasing your new Ford is possible on both personal and business lease with our team. For bigger businesses and fleets, we have the capability to use enhanced salary sacrifice, company car tax and whole of life calculations which show you, and your drivers, just how much money you will save. Even smaller businesses, and individual customers, can utilise some of our unique Lythium tools to understand just how an EV lifestyle is right for you. Enjoying electric cars is less complicated than you think.

Ready to go electric with Ford? Why not use one of the UK’s top-rated electric car leasing brokers to help you, or business, make the right decision. Call our team on 01942 608 606 or raise a quick enquiry on the website for an instant quotation. Let us help getting your electric journey started.

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Is Ford a good car to lease?
Ford are one of the UK’s favourite manufacturers for combustion engines, so it is no surprise that they are aiming to replicate this in the electric vehicle market. In America, Ford are going head to head with Tesla with some incredible innovation. None more so that the new F-150 Lighting electric truck. While this is not coming across to the UK, Ford are looking to build on their early Ford Focus electric car (which is no longer produced) with the incredible Mach-e. This will be one the UK’s best SUV / Fastback EVs to lease.

Is a Ford lease right for me?
Ford are aiming to be dominant in the company car and salary sacrifice segment with their new Mach-e. With rear wheel drive and all wheel drive options plus a standard and extended range, Ford are managing to meet the requirements of many of our personal and business customers. But don’t expect this to be cheapest car to lease in 2021 or 2022.

Where do I find Ford lease deals in the UK?
Finding the best price, and service, on your next electric Ford should begin with the team at e-car lease. Our industry leading Lythium EV tools provide you, or the company, with all the key information you really need to know about electrification. And our competitive pricing ensures that the deal is the right one for you. With many of our leading offers advertised on CarWow or Auto Lease Compare, there’s more than one way to find our great team.

What is the Cheapest Electric Ford?
The Ford Mach-e is not the cheapest electric car to lease for our UK customers. But this is not the aim of this prestige vehicle. Until a new Fiesta or Focus EV arrives into the UK for leasing, the RWD Standard Range will be the best value option to select. The upcoming GT, with almost supercar performance, may push your budget.

What is the range of an electric Ford?
The range of the electric Ford Mach-e is contingent on the model you select, with the choice between a 68 kWh and 88 kWh battery. Ranging from 205 miles – 270 miles on a combined real range, it is evident that the distance your new vehicle can travel on a full charge will vary. Also factor into your analysis seasonal impact and driving style/behaviour. Our Lythium EV tools set this out for you or the business.

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