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BYD electric car deals UK

The growth of electrification has brought with it an insurgence of new manufacturers and models, some of which the UK leasing market has never heard of, or who are literally just new entrants to the automotive market.

Before lithium-ion became the chosen energy form for our modern cars, and vans, a manufacturer faced significant obstacles in the UK in becoming known as a formative product. But EVs are more holistic, particularly when a previously little-known Tesla brand paved the way forwards for others to follow suit.

Who are BYD? And when did they start making electric cars?

The BYD Auto company, or Build Your Dreams, is a Chinese producer of cars, buses, bikes and forklifts and who are now looking to make their pure electric product a key part of the UK lease market.

History of BYD

But BYD isn’t a new company, or a start-up; it was founded in 2003 and quickly became a worldwide brand, although little was transacted in Europe. By 2021, the company was the 4th biggest plug-in / electric vehicle producer and from June 2022, 641,000 EVs were sold by this brand. It also helps that BYD forms part of a group which includes the 3rd largest producer of electric car batteries in the world. So, they really are a global company committed to electrification in all facets.

Why choose to lease a BYD electric? 

With any new manufacturer, e-car lease customers can raise some initial concern and worry about delving into a new proposition. But the reality is that BYD automotive are anything other than new, with this group responsible for selling more hybrid and electric vehicles than any other company in the world.

And with recent reports suggesting some 800,000 cars are to be sold throughout Europe, the UK’s personal and business leasing market can be assured that this will be a key focus. Indeed, one of the world wealthiest, and most accomplished businessmen, Warren Buffet backed the BYD group as far back as 2008 with a $232 million investment (which is now worth billions!). The only unfortunate news is that BYD will not be manufacturing their batteries or cars in the UK.

How expensive is a BYD electric to lease? 

The initial BYD launch car will be the ATTO 3 and this is now available to spec and reserve via the configurator  .

Starting from £36,500, this cost-effective SUV is aiming to compete against the Jeep Avenger EV, the Citroen e-C4 and the MG ZS. Deals, discount and deal dependent, expect this to be around £300 - £500 per month. 

Is an electric BYD for me? 

Taking the BYD UK website for example, the upcoming ATTO 3 will be equipped with a platform and chassis – called the e-Platform 3.0 – which is specifically designed and built for pure electric transport. A Blade Battery configuration is uniquely designed for cooling efficiency, preheating performance and space utilisation for increased range, not to mention an 8-in-1 electric powertrain which enhances efficiency and intelligence. During 2022, the BYD group sold 1,860,000 passenger vehicles worldwide, so this is a brand instilling confidence for performance and reliability among the electric car community.

But don’t just use review websites and the BYD website to base your leasing decision on; using an EV is an obligation (but with some amazing corresponding benefits). For example, you need to understand the range in summer / winter (or on motorways compared to city driving), charging speeds, charge point locations or Whole of Life costs. Simply use our “living with your …” tools to get an immediate answer on all of this. Ensuring that our consumers, or businesses, get the right finance product and EV solution is crucial to our expert team.

How do I lease a new electric BYD? 

Whether you are a personal, business or salary sacrifice customer, use our website to build your perfect new EV. Configure your perfect option by selecting the term, annual mileage, initial rental (including no deposit options) and maintenance provisions. On the funder-maintenance, our all-inclusive packages allow you to add the cost of all servicing, tyres and breakdown recovery for the duration of the term (for an additional cost). For more info, just call us on 01942 910 001 or make an enquiry on the website for an instant quotation. Let us get your electric journey started now.



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