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Subaru lease deals UK

Are Subaru making electric cars?  It did appear that the rugged Japanese manufacturer, which is known for some of the leading SUVs and rally cars, was not going be joining the other manufacturers in the world of fully electric transport.

But with many countries worldwide looking to decarbonise transport and move their citizens towards more efficient and green forms of travel, most manufacturers have been compelled to respond with appropriate solutions.

While Subaru did engage with this rhetoric via their “self-charging” hybrid technology in their Forester and XV, the transition to zero-emissions is only a recent phenomenon with their new all-electric SUV – the Solterra launch (and which is set to be manufactured in Japan and China).

Why choose to lease a Subaru?

The Subaru brand are very much known for their 4x4 Crossover and SUV product, providing some of the leading all terrain vehicles on the market. For any personal, business or salary sacrifice customer living in more rural conditions, the XV, Outback and Forester are likely to appear on their wish-list.

But their reputation for safety, capability and reliability has transcended into their e-Global Platform Solterra. The manufacturer has promised to maintain rugged reliability, dependability and precision control with this new innovation. Moving forward the group have suggested that the Forester and Outback will be going all-electric.

How expensive is a Subaru to lease?

At the time of writing the only option the e-car lease team can offer to lease is the Solterra which will arrive to the UK with two specifications – the Limited (£49,995) and the Touring (£52,995). On the basis of these prices it’s clear to see that Subaru are not yet offering a cheap EV leasing deal.

But that doesn’t mean you do not get value for money with the standard model offering hill descent control, 12.3” touchscreen with Apple CarPlay, heat pump, 360-degree panoramic monitors and Safely Sense technology. Expect to pay anywhere between £500 to £700 per month specification and contract dependent.

Is a Subaru right for me?

At e-car lease, our website is a dedicated resource for purely electric vehicles, which means that you can compare some of the latest and best EV lease deals available in the UK. But it isn’t just about the best prices; what is truly unique about our website is that it provides you, or the fleet manager, with the essential information you need to understanding your new Subaru – how long does it take to charge a Subaru? What is the range of the Subaru? These key questions, and more, are all answered within our advice section.

For both personal and business customers, we set out the cost of charging your new electric Subaru while also identifying the cost per mile so that you can adequately compare this against a petrol or diesel alternative. For business and salary sacrifice customers, our onsite car tax calculator sets out the monthly (and year) tax implications of your new EV! But our e-car website also sets out seasonal ranges, charging speeds, charging session times and charge point locations. Providing a solution which is suitable for your, or the company’s, needs and requirements is of the utmost importance to our team.

How do I lease a new Subaru?

Ready to make your next new electric car a Subaru?  Moving forward with our expert team couldn’t be easier. Simply select your preferred model (which is the Solterra only at present) and compare the available trims / specification in conjunction with your budgets.

As contract hire is based on your requirements, use our instant quote calculator to create your perfect deal. Just select a contract term, initial rental (including no deposit), annual mileage and maintenance provision which meets your needs and requirements. Because this is a fixed term contract, please note that early termination penalties apply if you wish to exit the contract before cessation. In addition, should your EV go beyond the contract mileage, you will need to pay an excess mileage penalty – you will NOT receive a rebate if your vehicle is returned under-mileage.

For company car and salary sacrifice drivers, we do envisage that many will utilise the maintenance contract (known as “funder-maintenance”) which is an optional extra on all the e-car lease offers. By including this, you ensure that the cost of servicing, maintenance, tyres and breakdown is included for the duration for complete cost certainty. And when you select assistance required for your charge point solution, the team at Right Charge will email you with a host of excellent products for you to consider.

When you know that Subaru EV is your route to electric driving, simply get in touch with the UK’s leading electric vehicle experts on 01942 910 001 or make an enquiry on the website for an instant quotation. Let our amazing team help to get your electric journey started now.

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Is a Subaru a good car to lease?
The Subaru brand is known as being one of the most robust and functional car manufacturers in the world. They are also the producers of one of the best rally cars of all time - the Impreza. So, for the brand to move to electrification will be an interesting update for some of their most-dedicated customers who want to enjoy 100% electric driving but with ruggedness and character. And with review websites like Car and Driver rating their first innovation, the Solterra EV, at 7/10, there may be a positive future ahead for the Japanese manufacturer.

Is a Subaru lease right for me?
There is no doubting that the Solterra Crossover, and any other products, will be a practical and dependable automobile. However, in moving to a 100% electric, there are additional considerations to take into account including seasonal ranges, charging cables, charging speeds (AC and DC) and charge point infrastructure which will be key to your experience. An electric Subaru shouldn’t be an issue for you, or the company car drivers, so long as you use the help and guidance we offer to you (free of charge). And our team are equally proficient in personal contract hire plus business leasing and salary sacrifice schemes so you can be rest assured you are getting the industry leading service. See our Trustpilot reviews to understand what our customers really think.

Where do I find Subaru lease deals in the UK?
While the e-car lease website has all the essential information on an electric Subaru, we do understand that you may need to test-drive the vehicle or compare lease v buy for this SUV at a franchised dealership. And if you need to do an electric lease cost comparison then utilise one of the great websites out there like Moneyshake, AutoLeaseCompare, LeaseLoco and CarWow

What is the Cheapest Electric Subaru to lease?
At the time of writing (June 2022) the cheapest model to select is the HATCHBACK 150kW Limited 71.4kWh 5dr Auto AWD. From £47,000, this will not be a “cheap EV” to lease but with Subaru now investing heavily into electrification, cheaper models may soon be launched in the UK.

What is the range of an electric Subaru?
Because a Subaru will operate differently according to external weather conditions, driving speeds and driving styles, our e-car lease website via the “Living with your …” tools, will present an honest view as to how far the Subaru will travel on full range in accordance with these conditions. For example, expect the Solterra to travel around 160 miles on a motorway and 225 miles in city-driving on a full charge with warmer weather amending this to 205 miles on a motorway and 335 miles for urban conditions. If you have any queries about the best range EVs in the UK don’t forget our Electric Vehicle Comparison tools

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