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Vauxhall Lease Deals UK

With some of the best-priced cars, it’s unsurprising that Vauxhall have a selection of the most popular electric vehicles in the UK, going head to head with their long-term rivals Ford. Unlike their competitors, the sudden transition to electric car production was fuelled by Vauxhall’s ownership change to Stellantis, which closely aligned their vehicles to Citroën and Peugeot (who Stellantis also own). Vauxhall’s true 100% electric range emerged in the UK when one of the cheapest EVs to lease was released – the Corsa-e hatchback.

Why choose to lease a new Vauxhall

Vauxhall are a key manufacturer for making the UK fully electric, as they have been one of the most successful car and van brands to date. With Vauxhall leasing, you have a completely affordable package which enables most personal and business contract hire customers to ditch their combustion alternatives. And while some customers may be concerned about EVs, the ability to add a funder-maintenance package within the contract, means that all servicing, tyres and running costs are included for the duration. With the Vauxhall EV being registered and effectively owned by the finance company, the risk of depreciation or vehicle malfunctions is effectively minimised.

How expensive is a Vauxhall to lease

Leasing an electric Vauxhall is by no means a compromise to you as the customer. Like the petrol alternatives, there are some great specification vehicles available. And what’s also great news to you as the customer, is that all electric vehicles are automatic transmission (so no more gear changes!). Driving electric is not just about convenience; it’s cheaper too. The Corsa-e ranges between a price of £25,000 – £30,000 and is seen by many as the perfect city car. This is far more important now that UK towns and cities are putting in place Clean Air Zones to minimise air pollution. Many company car schemes will look to the Corsa-e for some of their lower-mileage drivers who need electric cars. But on a budget.

Is a Vauxhall lease right for me

The Corsa-e will offer you around nearly 150 miles of zero emission driving in winter and an impressive 200 miles in summer. The standard vehicle charges at 7.4 kW AC, allowing for it to be fully-charged in 7 hours (a cheap 11 kW AC upgrade is available). The near 100 kW DC rapid charging capability enables 30-minute 10-80% charging times. And what’s also interesting for Vauxhall fans is that they launched the impressive electric version of the Mokka – the Mokka-e. A smaller family SUV, the Mokka-e will follow much of the Corsa-e in terms of charging times, capabilities and range. However, with a higher driving position and more space, this could be the most suitable SUV leasing deal for customers with £200 - £250 per month budgets.

How do I lease a new Vauxhall

Organising your new electric Vauxhall lease with us couldn’t be easier. If you’re new to electrification, simply speak with one of our expert team about your vehicle and allow them to help you towards making a great decision. Unlike a Vauxhall dealership, we sell other makes and models, so can offer truly impartial advice on whether or not the Vauxhall is right for you or the business. If you need an instant quotation, our website can help you to get the best deal almost instantly. Let us know how long you need to the car for, your annual mileage and your initial rental / deposit requirements and the website does the rest. Ordering a new eco Vauxhall can be done from the comfort of your own home.

And if you need information to provide you with confidence that an electric car is right for you, just review our Lythium EV tools, which set out the key components of you using an electric car in the real world. From personal contract hire to fleet management and salary sacrifice schemes, our website has you covered.

If you’re ready to discover just why our Vauxhall electric car leasing deals are so recommended, just raise an enquiry on our e-car lease website or call our team directly on 01942 608 606. Don’t forget to read our Trustpilot reviews either, so you can see how much our other EV customers like working with us. Your electric journey starts now.

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Is Vauxhall a good car to lease?
The electric Vauxhall product offers some of the most familiar yet cost-effective cars to lease, with the Corsa-e and Mokka-e now readily available for our UK customers. Now falling under the enigmatic Stellantis umbrella, the investment and economies of scale available now means that Vauxhall have the ability to take their mass-market appeal into the electric car segment. And while the vehicles are affordable, don’t be misled into thinking these are a compromise car. Both the hatchback Corsa and Mokka SUV offer quality and performance. Expect these to be best-selling zero emission cars in 2021 and 2022.

Is a Vauxhall lease right for me?
Contract hire, by its very nature, makes complete sense for EVs. The alternative to combustion is still relatively new to many customers and the prospect of ownership products, like hire purchase or cash purchase, are still debatable. What if technology changes? What if the EV depreciates? The main reason for leasing your green cars is that they are the responsibility of the finance company. And you can even include funder-maintenance, so all of your servicing and maintenance costs are accounted for. With our finance industry moving to including electric car insurance, charge points and energy tariffs, true fixed-cost motoring is becoming a reality. This is why leasing works.

Where do I find Vauxhall lease deals in the UK?
The best Vauxhall electric car deals can be found with the team at e-car lease. Unlike our competition who will offer petrol, diesel and hybrid options to select, our only focus is zero-emission cars. This means for our individual, business and salary sacrifice customers that they receive the leading help and guidance each and every time. Just see our Trustpilot reviews to see what our customers think about the expert team.

What is the Cheapest Electric Vauxhall?
Vauxhall are aiming to be one of the key affordable EV brands in the UK. Unlike some of the key German brands, and Tesla, Vauxhall have recognised that for the UK to reach the Government’s 2030 / 2035 ambition green targets we need to have mass-market vehicles. Customer will find the Se Nav Premium in both the Corsa-e and Mokka-e to be the most affordable product, with rentals of around £200 - £250 per month available. However, upgrading to the SRi Nav or Elite Nav in either option shouldn’t push the budget too much. We can foresee many company car users with town and city driving enjoying the Vauxhall EV.

What is the range of an electric Vauxhall?
The fundamental question posed by many lease customers, especially those leasing an electric car for the first time. How far a car can travel will firstly be dependent on the charge in the battery. Do note that many of the statistics on range capability do presume a 100% capacity, which is not always a fair reflection day to day. There are also other influencing factors like temperature, driving speeds and the approach of the driver which can significantly impact the efficiency of the vehicle. For a Corsa-e, the usable battery at 45 kWh delivers around 140 miles in winter and 195 miles of range in summer on a combined journey. The slightly bigger SUV Mokka-e offer a reduced 130-miles for winter and 180-miles for summer.

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