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VAUXHALL car leasing deals

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Vauxhall Mokka Car leasing

Leasing a Vauxhall Mokka-e in the UK

For a nation obsessed by SUVs it made complete sense for Vauxhall, under the watchful eye of Stellantis, to build on the success and interest in their Corsa-e hatchback with the introduction of a more Crossover style of car. And with most successful EVs being SUVs / 4x4s it does compel most manufacturers to have at least one or two options available in this format, as they would do in their combustion engine equivalents.

So, is there a good choice of affordable SUVs to lease? Between the Citroen C4, the DS3 Crossback, Hyundai Kona Electric, Peugeot e-2008 and the Vauxhall Mokka-e, the e-car lease personal and business customers are spoiled for choice. The statement – “there just isn’t enough choice with electric vehicles” – just doesn’t make sense anymore

What can we expect from the Mokka-e? One of the key noticeable differences is the significant change in appearance and aesthetics from the previous model, which was seen as a cheap and basic leasing option. The new Mokka electric has clearly been influenced by the Stellantis connection with sharper tones, higher specification and a far better driver experience. But what Mokka EV specs are there? The list as at 2022 includes:

• SE Premium – 7” touchscreen with sat nav, 16” alloys, climate control, rear view camera with parking sensors, adaptive cruise control, LED headlights and lane departure warning; 
• Sri Premium – this sporty option includes 10” touch screen with sat nav, 18” alloys, 12” instrument panel, front and rear parking sensors, heated front seats and steering wheel and black roof/headliner; 
• Elite Premium – this comfort option is similar to the Sri, with the exception of 17” alloy wheels and keyless entry and start; and  
• Ultimate – the top of the line Mokka adds full leather, driver’s seat massage function, LED matrix headlights, dark tinted windows, advance park and assist and alloy-effect sports pedals.

With some enviable specification, it’s clear that the Mokka EV has the comforts and luxury which UK drivers demand. But does the zero emission Mokka have sufficient battery technology and will it meet the needs of our e-car lease customers? The 50 kWh lithium-ion battery delivers between 110 – 160 miles of range in winter temperatures (on a full charge) and between 140 – 240 miles in warmer weather.

The overall combined real-world range sits at 160 miles (in comparison to the 209 miles quotes by WLTP). With this range, we would suggest that the Mokka-e is an ideal stop/start journey vehicle for low mileage customers (ideally covering 10,000 mile or less per annum). This car is not the most appropriate high-mileage company car to select. But how many customers actually travel more than 10,000 miles per year anyway?

But aren’t electric cars like the Mokka-e slow? The rhetoric that EVs are somehow boring or unworkable is a bizarre one. Moving away from the rapidly increasing costs of petrol / diesel, running an electric car is anything other than dreary. The Mokka electric will deliver 100 kW (or 134hp) of power which means around 9.2 second 0 – 62mph times and top speeds of 93 mph. And charging this SUV shouldn’t take too long with the 11 kW AC maximum paving way for 5 hour 0 – 100% times and 25-minute rapid charge times from 10 – 80% from a 101 kW DC maximum. For most customers charging their Mokka at home, expect a full charge to take around 7 hours.

But where do I charge my Mokka on the public network? A concern for many personal, business and salary sacrifice leasing customers is that operating an EV will be difficult. In particular, where will they charge their new car when in the public domain? Using Zap Map, drivers can easily source a charge point which is local to them or use this as part of their journey planning. What is always crucial is that EV customers need to differentiate AC and DC charging.

While the onboard charger can allow for 11 kW charging speeds, this is more of a home or workplace solution, where a charging session can be 5 – 8 hours long. When charging at a motorway service station, or similar, you need to look for a DC or rapid charge solution. And remember to identify two key facets – 1) the maximum charge rate of your vehicle i.e. 101 kW; and 2) the maximum speed of the charge point – which could be anywhere between 50 – 250 kW. There is no “one speed” for cars / charge points.

If you, or the company, are ready to lease your new Mokka, then head across to the UK’s best electric car website – e-car lease. With every make and model, plus the ability to build your perfect car, providing a trusted customer experience is guaranteed every time. Use our quote tool to get an instant quotation based on your contract length, initial rental and annual mileage requirements. Don’t forget to use our maintenance and charge point solution guidance if you need it

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How much is a Vauxhall Mokka Electric to lease?
The Mokka-e is one of the best value SUVs to lease in the UK. And the proof is in the pudding with this cost-effective solution. During 2022, the Mokka (including all formats) has been one of the best-selling vehicles, with over 3,500 registered between Jan – March. Becoming a top-10 car is clearly on Vauxhall’s agenda. And for our e-car lease customers this translates to some exceptional lease prices with rentals sitting anywhere between £200 - £350 per month depending on your contract requirements. The e-car lease team also offer no deposit (no initial rental) contracts too, to ensure you get the best deal possible.

Is a Vauxhall Mokka Electric a good car to lease?
The previous Mokka received very little praise for its style, substance or performance. But the new version is getting far more praise with reviews rating this as a 3.5-4/5 or 7/10 type of car. And the electric format is much better rated than the combustion alternatives. There is no doubting that the new Mokka offers great designs, specification and a moderate EV lifestyle. And with this being one of the better value electric cars to lease, you or the business are truly getting value for money

Is a Vauxhall Mokka Electric lease right for me or the business?
Regardless of an EVs cost, or style, the way in which electric cars should be reviewed and appraised does need identifying. Moving from a combustion to electric car can be a difficult process if the customer does not consider some of the key facets of the Mokka-e. For example, do you understand charging cables, charge points, variable ranges, charging times and fuel costs? At e-car lease we sell our EVs a little differently with our industry-leading “Living with …” tools answering all the key questions you would ask before committing to the lease. As a fixed term contract, you or the business will be committed to a 2 - 4 year contract with no ability to return the vehicle if it isn’t suitable. While leasing is a far more risk averse product than buying your vehicle (as there are no deprecation concerns), we do ask all of our customers to consider the entire process.

Where do I find the best Electric Vauxhall Mokka lease deals in the UK?
Many of the finest e-car lease Vauxhall Mokka electric car leasing prices are all displayed on our pricing partners websites like AutoLeaseCompare, CarWow, LeaseFetcher and LeaseLoco. But we don’t upload all our best prices onto aggregator websites; some are retained for e-car lease customers only! With the expert e-car lease team you are not only guaranteed value, but you also receive, free of charge, advice and assistance which helps you understand electric vehicle technology.

What is the cheapest Vauxhall Mokka Electric leasing option?
At the time of writing, the cheapest electric Mokka EV to lease is the 100kW SE Premium 50kWh 5dr Auto, with a price tag of around £30,000. However, the lowest OTR does not always equate to the cheapest monthly rentals in our contract hire and leasing industry. As a broker and not a funder, we work with select finance companies who each operate different pricing systems for new vehicles. For our PCH, BCH and Sal Sac customers this means choice and flexibility with the additional promise of competitive pricing. And in some cases, you will discover that “better” models are indeed cheaper to lease.

What is the range of an Electric Vauxhall Mokka?
When moving towards an electric car, particularly for first-time EV drivers, the notion of a range will be referred to by our expert sales team. However, unlike many other dealerships and leasing companies the information we provide at e-car is more robust and thorough. The way in which electric cars operate needs to be clearly identified to customers. For example, weather can influence battery efficiency as can higher speeds and acceleration. If you use just one WLTP range figure, there is a risk that you lease a vehicle which isn’t ideal for you or the company. Using our “Real World Range” calculator, you can check the variance of the Mokka-e offers. In colder climates an SUV Mokka will offer around 105 miles of range on a motorway and 155 miles for city driving. In contrast, in warmer climates the same example would be 135 miles and 230 miles respectively!

Can you tow with a Mokka Electric?
No - you cannot purchase a towing attaching for this hatchback.

What is the towing capacity of the Mokka Electric?
N/A - you cannot tow with this vehicle.

What is the MPG of the Mokka Electric?
This EV has a vehicle fuel equivalent of 144mpg

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