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Skoda Lease Deals UK

As a subsidiary of the Volkswagen group, Skoda has consistently been referred to as a brand with sublime quality but with strong affordability undertones. You will be pleased that Skoda are very much electric and are looking to continue their great-value philosophy in the same way as their combustion equivalents. Skoda have since created a sub-brand to their product which is referred to as “iV”; anything pure electric or plug-in hybrid will carry this label.

How expensive is a new Skoda to lease

Skoda’s great value entry model to electrification came to fruition with the Skoda Citigo iV, a small city-car which was built on exactly the same platform as the Seat Mii and VW UP! These £15,000 - £20,000 EVs are the cheapest to lease for our UK customers but the sub-£200 monthly finance rentals shouldn’t be the only consideration for our personal or business customers. Because the cars are smaller, they are only capable of smaller lithium-ion batteries, which equate to a 32 kWh usable pack for the Skoda. This translates to a winter range of around 100 miles and a 150-mile summer range. As part of the leasing process, the e-car lease team are not just here to find you the best price, we are also here to ensure that your electric Skoda meets your needs and requirements.

The future of Skoda’s EV proposition is now very much in the hands of their Enyaq iV, one of the leading SUVs available to lease in the UK. Much like the VW ID.4 equivalent, Skoda have put together a range of batteries (58 kWh and 77kWh) together with an array of specifications; from cost-effective base models through to performance RS product, Skoda have you covered.

Why choose to lease a Skoda

A standard 77 kWh Enyaq will cost you or the company around £300 per month and yet promises to deliver a functional EV experience. With a combined range of 260 miles, 11 kW AC charging capabilities (for 8 hour fully-charged times) and 126 kW DC rapid charging capabilities (for 30 minute 10-80% charge times), even our high-mileage leasing customers can make the electric transition. And with 200hp producing 0-62 times of 8.5 seconds, it is not fair to say that electric cars are boring. Skoda have hinted at an all-electric Octavia being released around 2024 / 2025 and a move away from any PHEV technology.

How do I lease a Skoda

Getting your Skoda EV lease quote is a straightforward process. With the e-car lease team you simply need to head to the Skoda offers section on the website and filter by either budget or electric range. Our filters even include the contract length, initial rental / deposit and annual mileage so the price you review is exactly what you pay for the vehicle. Unlike a dealership, our team can offer impartial advice as we have no specific allegiances to any manufacturer; our foremost aim is to ensure that the zero-emission vehicle you select is the perfect option for you.

Is a Skoda lease right for me

When you are reviewing your Skoda, we also encourage you to review some of our unique Lythium EV tools which set out just how the new car will perform. Understanding the range of your Skoda, the maximum charging capabilities in both AC and DC format, plug types and an analysis of charge times is all set out for you. And if you want to know where you can charge your Skoda, just use our integrated Zap Map app by selecting “where to charge” and let Google Maps show you just how many public charge points are available for you to use.

Leasing a Skoda via personal contract hire, business contract hire or via salary sacrifice scheme is something which our e-car lease team can organise. For fleet managers and finance directors needing more information, just ask to see our company car tax and whole of life calculators to see how much a Skoda EV can save your business. Going green will save you, and the driver, more than you think.
If you think an electric Skoda is the right car to lease, just raise an enquiry via our e-car lease website or call our team directly on 01942 608 606.

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Is Skoda a good car to lease?
What started life as a budget manufacturer, now finds itself as being considered one of the best value, and award-winning, products in the UK. For customers looking to go electric can have confidence that this is a great decision with Skoda. And with VW working in conjunction with the Skoda, you have the assurance of quality and battery technology. While the Citigoe IV electric was Skoda’s first attempt at electrification, their new SUV Enyaq is a real head turner.

Is a Skoda lease right for me?
The Enyaq is a practical SUV which is equally popular with our personal and business customers alike. A range of battery and specifications are available, so this zero-emission vehicle is guaranteed to suit most budgets. However, if this is your first experience at leasing an electric car, we do recommend that you research the EV lifestyle. With key facets like range, charging and infrastructure to consider (plus energy tariffs and whole of life costs), it’s important you make a decision based on more elements than price alone.

Where do I find Skoda lease deals in the UK?
Looking for the best deals on an eco-friendly Skoda? Just head to the special offer section on the e-car lease website and find out for yourself just how much money our expert team can save you or the business on your new vehicle. And it’s not just our price which sets us apart; with over 5 years’ experience of selling EVs we know just how to ensure this process is handled smoothly.

What is the Cheapest Electric Skoda?
The cheapest Skoda to lease is the city car option – the Citigoe IV. This Seat Mii / VW UP! alternative is a usable 32 kWh battery vehicle, which will cost around £125 - £150 per month. However, if you need more size, and battery range, then the Enyaq 62 kWh Loft will be your leading choice. This £28,000 option will often be the best value.

What is the range of an electric Skoda?
The new Skoda Enyaq will be available in differing battery sizes (shown as kWh) and power outputs (shown as kW), so it will depend on which of these you decide to lease as to how far you can expect the EV to travel. For example, the base model, a 58 kWh usable lithium-ion battery with 132 kW will offer around 205 miles of combined range. The 77 kWh usable battery of the “80” model offers 150 kW and a combined range of 260 miles. However, the way which batteries work in electric cars is influenced by other factors relating to temperature, driving style and driver behaviour. We also suggest that customers take into account the fact that the car will not always be 100% charged. All of the statistics you review will presume the maximum charge is present.

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