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Tesla Lease Deals UK

It’s hard to mention an electric car without thinking of the most innovative and iconic automotive manufacturer to date – Tesla. Since 2012, Elon Musk and his engineering team have been making your electric dreams a true reality, by producing some of the most functional and practical eco-friendly cars possible. Unlike early derivatives from other car makers, the Tesla Model S offered you the best electric range, thrilling top speeds, refined luxury and the UK’s leading public charging infrastructure. No wonder Tesla is one of the most valuable automotive brands in the world. It begs the question – why lease anything other than a Tesla?

Why choose to lease a Tesla

Leasing a Tesla is a cost-effective way for you to enjoy one of the best electric models available in the UK. However, it is also worth mentioning their luxury options too in the form of the Model S and X. The upcoming Model S Plaid, a large saloon, and X Plaid, a 6/7-seater SUV, will have the expensive £120,000+ price tags. But with 330 mile+ electric ranges, 0-62 mph times of just over 2 seconds and some 1000+hp, many of our car performance enthusiasts and company directors may consider this the ultimate in leasing offers. The recently released Model Y will be a cheaper alternative for those EV-drivers with children, or who just need a spacious 7-seat option. 

How expensive is a new Tesla to lease

For many of our UK company car drivers, and personal lease customers, 2019 brought about a more realistic, and game-changing, electric car option – the Tesla Model 3. Manufacturers like Audi, BMW and Mercedes quickly paid attention to the £350 per month rentals of a Standard Plus and £450 rentals of the Long Range which hit the leasing market almost immediately.

Is a Tesla lease right for me

With zero emissions, the Tesla presents a great company car or salary sacrifice option for you, saving you (and the company) literally hundreds of pounds per month compared to a petrol or diesel equivalent. It is also worth highlighting that the Tesla Model 3 is one of the most efficient EVs in the UK; it is the “go to” option for our high-mileage drivers. A fully-charged battery on a Long Range M3 will last for around 235 miles in winter and an admirable 325 miles in summer.

For our Model 3 customers charging on the public roads, rapid charging at a 200 kW DC charge point allows the battery to go from 10-80% in just a 30-minute charging session. Leaving your Model 3 overnight on a 7 kW home charge point would need 11 hours to take the battery from 0-100%.                 

With a Tesla you can also enjoy fantastic running-costs savings. The manufacturer confirmed that their vehicles needs very little maintenance or servicing, making this one of the most cost-effective fleet additions. With our customers enjoying a full charge at home from as little as £5, Tesla have truly disrupted the way we consider our vehicles and has forced other manufacturers to improve their pure electric saloon and hatchback repertoire.   

How do I lease a Tesla

Leasing a Tesla is a straightforward process. Unlike other manufacturers you don’t need to waste time going from dealership to dealership. Simply go online to Tesla and build your preferred car and send this to the e-car lease team for an almost instant quotation. Tesla can even assist you with test drives or you can visit one of their stores to find out more in a relaxed environment away from pressure-selling. And with the e-car lease team being one the UK’s leading Tesla leasing brokers, there isn’t a question we cannot answer for you.

The future of Tesla is pretty exciting too. The UK will benefit from the Model Y, a more affordable 7-seater and family option for those without the means to enjoy the Model X. Should the Tesla Roadster be released, the UK will benefit from one of quickest cars to date. With 0-62 mph times of 1.9 seconds, 250mph top speeds and 600-mile ranges, this really would the best electric car of all time. 

As part of getting you the best price, the e-car team need to know the term, annual mileage and whether you want to benefit from a funder-maintenance package. While a Tesla requires almost no regular servicing or part replacements, ensure you build into your whole of life cost analysis a provision for tyre replacements and brakes.

You might also need assistance in getting a charge point installed for your new Tesla or require information on where to charge when you are out and about. Simply use our “where to charge” app on our website and let Zap Map show you where to charge your car instantly. The big advantage to any Tesla car is that there is an abundance of “Tesla-only” charge points available up and down the UK roads. While these points will be opened to other brands in the future, finding a charge point via your phone app is so simple and easy to organise. You don’t need to set up bank details or direct debit information either, as the app will organise the payment for you. It really is the most convenient EV to charge.   

Don’t forget, that when you select a charge point as part of your quote, the e-car lease team will supply you with details on companies that can install domestic and commercial charge points to make sure you remain fully charged throughout the contract. We always recommend you do this well in advance of your new eco vehicle arriving.     

With an EV, you need to work with a UK team that are true experts on Tesla car leasing. At e-car lease, we have the expertise to make sure that your next personal or business contract hire arrangement works perfectly for you. Valued service is guaranteed every time. Just call our team on 01942 910 101 or raise a quick enquiry on the website to start your electric journey with us.

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What is the Cheapest Electric Tesla?
Tesla is not the ideal solution for customers on a budget. With most models priced over £40,000, this is not a car you should be looking to lease with a budget of lower than £400 per month. However, don’t forget to take into account other cost-savings which the Tesla allows. For example company car tax, fuel and other whole of life considerations. Going electric can result in some considerable savings for our company car and salary sacrifice customers. Don’t let the monthly budget put you off without carrying out thorough due diligence with our Lythium EV tools.

Is Tesla a good car to lease?
Tesla is the number one electric car brand across the world. For a personal or business customer who needs the complete electric car experience, one of our default choices is the Tesla EV. While not the first manufacturer to create electric cars, Elon Musk and his impressive team managed to quickly put together some of the best eco-friendly product on the planet, effectively changing customer attitudes towards the EV lifestyle. And with a suite of products now available, there is a car for most budgets.

Is a Tesla lease right for me?
Tesla may not be the cheapest car to lease but they are certainly one of the best. With more modest Model 3 and Y plus the more luxurious and premium Model S and X, you can almost be certain of a positive leasing experience. However, it is not just the car which should be your sole influence for going to Tesla. We always encourage our customers to make sure the usership-style nature of the finance product is suitable for them; you cannot own or buy the vehicle at the end of the contract! And while the Tesla is so comprehensive, you must ensure that your residential or commercial premises has the necessary infrastructure for the charge points. Use our Lythium EV tools to ensure this is the right decision, particularly if you are getting an electric car for the first time.

Where do I find Tesla lease deals in the UK?
The team at e-car lease is one the main resources for Tesla leasing deals. Not only do we ensure that your Tesla is the most cost-effective for you, or the company, our expert team can answer any of your queries. As industry leaders in electric car sales, our thorough experience allows us to answer all of your queries as soon as possible. The e-car lease team are one of Tesla’s key leasing brokers and this is something which continues to develop as our zero-emission proposition grows.

What is the range of an electric Tesla?
For a Tesla customer, they have the assurance that they are using some of the most efficient batteries available on an EV. For example, the upcoming 2022 Model S Long Range will produce nearly 350 miles of combined real world range, the Model X Long Range around 295 miles and the Model 3 Long Range around 280 miles. However, this is taking into account a “mixed-use” of driving, as an EV is impacted by weather and driving conditions. In winter, the colder temperature will affect the battery range with the result being that the car will not travel as far as in warmer climates. You also have to appreciate that your driving behaviours will impact range, so if you do use motorways or prefer to drive in sport mode, the 300+ mile ranges which Tesla advertise may not be achievable.

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