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Tesla Model Y electric lease deals

TESLA car leasing deals

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Tesla Model Y Car leasing

Your deal includes
Expert electric vehicle guidance
Free driven delivery to your door
Full manufacturer warranty
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Leasing a Tesla Model Y in the UK

The best electric car to lease in 2022 is becoming a more difficult question to answer. While Tesla’s Model 3 has quickly established itself as one the leading EV’s in the world (the 2nd best-selling car of 2021 in the UK), this model may encounter some competition from within – let us introduce you to the Model Y. A cheaper alternative to the Model X, this all-wheel drive SUV EV will offer the dual-motor performance of the Model 3 coupled with the higher driving position and added storage space. While it launches as a 5-seat layout, expect a 7-seat people carrying option to launch later in 2022 / 2023. 
UK personal and business customers currently have the option to lease either the Long Range (£55,000+) or Performance (£65,000+) specifications – expect to pay between £500 - £700 per month. By going to the Performance, you enjoy the increased 150mph top speed, 21” alloys, performance brakes, lowered suspension and increased 0-62 mph times. Both vehicles can be upgraded to the Enhanced Autopilot or Full Self-Driving Capability at an additional cost.

Tesla Model Y range and charging time

And not unlike the rest of the Tesla product, the MY does not disappoint on battery capability and range. The Long Range, with its 70 kWh usable lithium-ion battery, allows for 215-mile winter driving and 295-mile summer driving on a full charge. But the car does not disappoint with driver-experience; 434hp and 0-62 times of 5 seconds make this one of the quickest affordable SUVs to lease. The Model Y can charge at a rate of 11 kW AC (which takes just over 7 hours) and 210 kW DC (30 minutes 10-80% times). Battery functionality in a Tesla is second to none.

Why lease a Tesla Model Y

When you lease a Model Y, you or the company have the ability to enjoy the vehicle for a fixed period of time and without the inconvenience of ownership; the car will simply be collected at the end of the contract. Battery technology and car developments are happening so quickly in the EV industry, that many customers don’t want to commit to long-term Hire Purchase or Personal Contract Purchase products. If you want to contract hire a new Tesla, which almost all businesses and salary schemes do, then you need to be aware that you will never own the Model Y at contract cessation.

Moving forward with the e-car lease team couldn’t be any easier. Either self-serve by building your own quote on our website and move straight to the credit process or speak to one of the UK’s leading Model Y experts. Just check out our Trustpilot to see what our customers really think about their experience with e-car lease.

Frequently asked questions
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How much is a Tesla Model Y to lease?
The Tesla Model Y is still a recent addition to the UK’s automotive fleet, so many finance companies have been adjusting their residual values on a more ad-hoc basis. Without a doubt, the Model Y has proved to be one of 2022’s most popular cars (including combustion options) and this has been without any real special offers. The price you pay will depend on which model you choose, the contact term, annual mileage and your initial rental / deposit. Expect this to be priced in a round £500 - £700 as an average across most leasing websites. And remember this isn’t just about price; with many manufacturers struggling to produce cars due to COVID and microchip issues, the Model Y’s quicker availability has almost certainly increased the products popularity.

Is the Tesla Model Y a good car to lease?
While the Tesla Model 3 has been the flagship EV of 2020 and 2021 (and probably one of the best cars available to buy or lease at present). The Model Y has been tipped by many automotive journalists as the new foremost EV to lease. The improved battery tech, smoother ride, additional space and elevated driving position, is making this SUV one to watch in 2022. And with Tesla as one of the founding electric car companies, our customers are almost guaranteed a positive leasing experience. Indeed, this is one of the most reliable manufacturers to use, along with a leading customer-service aftercare.

Is a Tesla Model Y lease right for me or the business?
The social and political pressure to transition into an EV doesn’t escape us. While we are all aware of the UK Government’s 2030 / 2035 ambitions to remove combustion vehicles from sale in the UK, we do still ask our personal, business and salary sacrifice customers to use all of our available tools for ensuring this EV meets their need and requirements. While the Model Y will be one of, if not THE, best-selling car of 2022, we know that it may not be suitable for every customer. Also consider charging costs, insurance costs and charge point installation at home / workplace when conducting a suitability asessment on your new Tesla.

Where do I find the best Tesla Model Y lease deals in the UK?
Some of the best electric car lease deals will almost certainly  feature on price comparison websites like AutoLeaseCompare, CarWow, LeaseFetcher and LeaseLoco, so keep an eye for the e-car lease options on these aggregator partners. However, as a credit broker, we work with some of the UK’s leading leasing companies which means that all of customers receive exceptional value time and time again. From “no deposit” to big initial rentals, our finance packages are suitable for any contract hire customer. And with such an array of funders, we can help find one that may fit your circumstance. All of our expert knowledge is included free of charge. Our e-car lease business was one of the first to launch in the UK.

What is the Cheapest Electric Tesla Model Y leasing option?
There are only two models for a UK to customer to select – the Long Range and the Performance. For those customers on a more restrictive monthly budget, the £55,000+ Long Range will be the main option to lease. However, we would not suggest the Model Y as an ideal “cheap car” option. However, do note that when leasing an EV, you should use a Whole of Life Costs analysis, meaning that the monthly rental on the finance should not be your only consideration. EVs are cheaper to fuel (check out our cost calculator), cheaper to service/maintain and for business / salary sacrifice customers, they offer a much better company car tax position at 2% Benefit in Kind. In using these metrics, you ensure that you get the best deal for you or the company.

What is the range of an electric Tesla Model Y?
One of the most common queries about a Model Y is “how far does it travel on a full charge?” While range of a pure electric vehicle is important, we try to alleviate the concentration on “range anxiety” for potential customers by educating them on other key facets – charging speeds, charge point locations and driver behaviours. So while the combined range of a Model Y Long Range is 255 miles and 265 miles in the case of the Performance, this will be influenced by other key metrics such as weather, vehicle acceleration / speed and charging habits. Electric cars do not have just ONE fixed range; the answer is always – “It depends”.

Can you tow with a Tesla Model Y?
Yes - but Tesla only allow this for purchase after delivery. This is known as the Tow Hitch and is a high-strength Class II steel tow bar.

What is the towing capacity of the Tesla Model Y?
This EV has a towing capacity of 750kg (unbraked) and 1600kg (braked).

What is the MPG of the Tesla Model Y?
This will ultimately depend on the model chosen. The Long Range has a vehicle fuel equivalent of 146mpg and the Performance has a vehicle fuel equivalent of 140mpg.

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