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Maxus Electric Lease Deals UK

Electric vehicles are bringing new and exciting opportunities for manufacturers, old and new, to bring their product to the UK’s leasing market.

With close to 8 million EVs sold in China in 2023, it is not surprising that their mature market is bringing new leasing options to our shores. And with literally hundreds of companies offering cars, vans and more, it isn’t surprising to see another manufacturer jump across – SAIC Maxus Automotive CO.

Trading as Maxus, this brand is already somewhat known by British customers having purchased LDV Maxus, a commercial and LCV manufacturer which went out of business until its reignition. And the parent company – SAIC – may also be recognisable as the 2nd biggest pure electric / BEV manufacturer in the world with brands like Wuling, Baojun and MG. The state owned SAIC also owns the Roewe brand, which is a luxury offshoot of Rover (which became MG Rover).

Why choose to lease a Maxus Electric?

While the brand has made incredible in-roads with the van operators of the UK, the passenger vehicle aspect is probably less known. For SMEs, the Maxus 9 van is a go-to for value, robustness and straightforward experiences. The car and passenger vehicle side of things is expected to be no different, with value expected to be offered to the Maxus EV customer.   

  And the Maxus brand is underpinned by one of the world’s biggest EV and battery producers. At the heart of any zero-emission vehicle is the lithium-ion battery and technology, with more and more personal / business lease customers now focused on key aspects like range, charging times, Bidirectional charging and efficiency as opposed to brand and aesthetic image.

Indeed, in 2023 Audi and SAIC Group announced their partnership, as part of product rationalisation and economies of scale. To coin a phrase, this is not the SAIC Group’s first rodeo in the electric car world!

How expensive is a Maxus electric to lease?

At the time of writing (March 2024) there is still limited product available for car customers. While the electric vans – the Maxus eDeliver, eDeliver7 and eDeliver9 - and the electric pickup – the T90EV - are flourishing, the UK will enjoy the MIFA9 to begin with. 
In terms of pricing, the electric Maxus vans are recognised as some of the cheapest options to lease if you are a builder, joiner, tradesman or courier. On the MPV, the starting price of £65,000 will place this into the more expensive car category.

With up to 7 passengers the 7 or 8 seat configuration MPV family / taxi option is expected to bring monthly leasing deals of around £500 – £750 per month (contract and specification dependent). Smaller, and cheaper, Maxus cars are expected to follow.

Is an electric Maxus for me?

With many customers more brand agnostic and liberal about vehicle choice, the e-car team do not doubt that personal, business and salary sacrifice customers will want to move to Maxus for their next EV lease. But there is a little more to this process and journey than just price or aesthetics.

EVs do operate much differently than traditional combustion options. Whether you are a consumer or fleet, there are a plethora of considerations such as Whole of Life costs, company car tax and the EV lifestyle. Where e-car lease are so different to other businesses are our tools and guides which help you overcome the various quandaries and hurdles.

Utilise our “at a glance” and “living with your …” analysis for each Maxus model to see how this works. For example, the website will set out range, charging times, charge point locations, company car tax calculations, full charge cost and cost per mile. To bolster this, our EVC™ (Electric Vehicle Certificate), is available with every quote to ensure product suitability.

How do I lease a new electric Maxus?

Ready to take your personal or business fleet electric with Maxus?

Simply configure your perfect EV for our electric experts via the Maxus website.


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