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MG Motor UK car leasing

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MG Lease Deals UK

One of the true underdogs and most underrated electric vehicles to lease in the UK comes from the MG brand. A long-established manufacturer which has flirted with both boom and bust, now finds itself firmly within the conversation for many potential and existing electric car drivers. The evolution of this brand, which is now Chinese owned, is phenomenal. And the fact that it has quickly become one of the flagship value electric cars in the UK is even more fascinating. The fact that MG refer to their electric vehicles as “a car for everyone “speaks volumes.

The brand’s reputation for frugal motoring, but without quality compromise, has certainly transferred to the zero-emission range of products on offer. Indeed, older drivers in the UK have been electing to make the transition to these vehicles in such volume that it is difficult for the manufacturer to keep up with demand. This has been crucial for the UK’s move to an all-electric fleet (on new cars) by 2030 because all generations of drivers will need to firmly adopt the EV revolution; young or old we are in this together.

How expensive is an MG to lease

Being one of the cheapest EVs to lease is a credible title when your product is so highly regarded. The MG ZS, a small family SUV, will start around £28,000 and the MG5, a practical family estate, will start even cheaper with the £27,000 price tag. For the contract hire market, rentals will be starting around £200 - £225 per month, making this one of the most affordable vehicles to lease. This dispels the myth that going electric is an expensive exercise, when in fact many of the latest options for you to select are at prices very closely aligned to combustion alternatives. And this is without considering the amazing cost-savings that you, or your business, make when going electric.

Running a zero-emission vehicle, or fleet, should present some great cost savings on servicing, tyres and maintenance. With many utility companies offering preferable costs for charging your electric MG overnight, these offer a much cheaper option than petrol or diesel. And with more solar and battery storage options being made available to residential and commercial customers, the risk of fuel running out is almost entirely eradicated.

Is an MG lease right for me

Day to day driving of an MG EV does require some education, particularly if you are new to BEV motoring. A ZS, with its 42 kWh usable lithium-ion battery, offers combined ranges of 135 miles, with AC charging times at just over 6 hours (at a max of 6.6 kW) and DC rapid charging times at 35 minutes (at a max of 76 kW). With just over 140hp, this could be an ideal urban and city car for families on a budget. And even the 0-62 times are admirable at just over 8 seconds. One of the misnomers about electric cars are that they are boring; indeed, electric driving can offer you some of the most fun (and quickest) driving experiences you could hope for.

How do I lease an MG

The good news about organising an MG lease is that our leasing process and customer journey is incredibly simple. The e-car website has been designed with only the cleanest and greenest motors in mind, so you can peruse an array of MG electric cars instantly from the comfort of your home or office. Unlike a dealership, you can get the best prices almost immediately using our handy quotation tools. Simply add your preferred term, annual mileage and initial rental (Including no deposit options) into the filters and let our website do the work for you.

With the ability to add a funder-maintenance package, so that the cost of all the regular servicing, maintenance and tyres can be included, having complete piece of mind with your MG EV is a given. Also select our charge point assistance if you, or the business, needs either a residential or commercial charging facility putting in place. It’s that easy.

Choosing a new MG from the UK’s leading electric experts is the right choice for your next personal or business contract deal. Either telephone us on 01942 608 606 or make an enquiry on the website for a quick quotation. Our team are always ready to help you with your electric journey.

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Is MG a good car to lease?
The MG brand has become the default cost-effective leasing solution almost overnight. Many of our older-drivers have been quick to go electric with MG based on their frugal pricing strategies and authentic appearance. With an MG ZS SUV and MG5 estate, it is clear that an MG EV is one you decide to lease based on practicality. Not every EV needs to be luxury or e-performance based to be successful.

Is an MG lease right for me?
Should you lease a new MG electric? If value for money is high on your agenda, then this car will almost certainly form part of your wish-list. And it’s not just older-drivers flocking to the MG; it has been equally popular on company car and salary sacrifice schemes. Our customers do enjoy our contract hire solutions, as this allows them to change the vehicle every 2-4 years and avoid the hassle associated with vehicle ownership. But each personal and business customer should make an informed assessment using our on-page guides and Lythium EV tools.

Where do I find MG lease deals in the UK?
Electric MG car leasing deals are heavily discounted on our website. Our team recognise that this is going to be a popular vehicle, so our focus is on presenting best value to both personal and business customers. But with e-car lease, it isn’t just about the best offers, we also want the transition to the EV-lifestyle to be as easy as possible. With many of our team using electric vehicles, who better to ask about your next new zero-emission MG.

What is the Cheapest Electric MG?
The entire MG assortment is based on value as opposed to luxury or performance. For budgets of around £200 per month, both the ZS and MG5 are perfect vehicles to lease. And because you don’t need to pay big deposits with the e-car lease team, some of our zero initial rental / zero deposit deals make an electric vehicle affordable to most customers.

What is the range of an electric MG?
Many electric car customers make the vehicle’s range crucial to their decision. However, unlike our competitors or car dealerships, we go beyond the giving basic information to a customer wanting to understand the range of their new electric vehicle. Because battery size, vehicle weight, temperature and driving style all influencing a range, it’s important to recognise that making the right decision involves more than the cheapest price. For example, a 42.5 kWh ZS can travel up to 115 miles in winter and around 155 miles in summer. However, the impact of city / urban driving will generate different results compared to motorway / highway driving. And for the customers worried about charging, use our Zap Map integration to see where you can rapid charge your MG at charging destinations across the UK.

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