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MG Motor UK MG4 electric lease deals

MG MOTOR UK car leasing deals

For a new electric MG Motor UK MG4 at a great price, browse our range below.

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MG Motor UK MG4 Car leasing

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Leasing an MG4 in the UK

While many leasing customers would be quick to say Tesla, Porsche, BMW or Mercedes, there are others who are now becoming firm fans of the truly affordable electric vehicle producer – MG Motor.

With their ZS electric SUV and a recently revised estate in the MG5 (July 2022), this innovative company is now becoming one of the UK’s best-selling manufacturers. Indeed, in June 2022, the MG HS, a petrol and plug-in options, was the 9th top registered vehicles (with over 2,700 registrations). Clearly this pure electric car company is not one to stay idle with their latest car now set to arrive in September 2022 – the MG4 EV.

When will the new MG4 be available?

Reports suggest that this will open for order in September 2022 for UK customers. And MG have not been shy in setting out their target competition – the VW Id.3, Cupra Born and Nissan Leaf hatchbacks are set to be in their sights. And while the MG4 will be cost-effective, this will receive some robust technology and infrastructure improvements.

The new Modular Scalable Platform (MSP) is a battery architecture to feature in all future modules and will allow for better battery efficiency and reduced weight. With a new integrated battery structure there has been a reduction of battery height to 110mm to provide for better driver engagement and handling. This will also feature a 50:50 weight distribution via the RWD drive train.

The MSP architecture also allows the Over-The-Air (OTA) updates via the Service Orientated Architecture (SOA). The way in which EVs are serviced and updated is changing; for many Tesla Model 3 and Y customers, they will already be acutely aware of the regular adjustments and upgrades. MG are clearly recognising the importance of this approach which is both efficient and cost-effective. The future of how we service and maintain our EVs is something on the agenda of most drivers, dealerships and manufacturers.

And does the MG4 deliver a good electric experience? How much will the MG4 EV cost?

The e-car lease personal, business and salary sacrifice customers will have two key options to enjoy:

  • Standard Range – (expected to cost around £26,000) the usable 51 kWh battery option will 125 kW (or 168hp) for 0-62 times of 9 seconds and 99 mph top speeds. The charging times based on the 7.4 kW AC max will be just over 8 hours from 0 – 100% with the 100 kW DC rapid charge max allowing for just over 30-minute 10 – 80% times. On range, the 51 kWh option should deliver around 155 miles combined in colder weather with 215 miles in warmer temperatures; and
  • Long Range - (expected to cost around £29,000) the usable 64 kWh battery option will 150 kW (or 201hp) for 0-62 times of 8 seconds and 99 mph top speeds. The charging times based on the 7.4 kW AC max will be just over 10 hours from 0 – 100% with the 125 kW DC rapid charge max allowing for just over 30-minute 10 – 80% times. On range, the bigger battery 64 kWh option should deliver around 190 miles combined in colder weather with 260 miles in warmer temperatures.

And what specifications will be available on the MG4 EV?

If this follows the new MG5 estate and MG ZS, expect there to be two key options:

  • SE – expect MG Pilot, 10.23” colour screen, iSmart App, 7” Driver Information Display, Apple Car Play, parking sensor, adaptive cruise control, keyless entry and vehicle to load charging; and
  • Trophy – will add a 360 degree parking camera, heated front seats, privacy glass, rain sensing wipers, auto dimming rear view mirror and automatic air conditioning.

For any lease customers comparing battery specifications on the MG4

it’s important to note the way in which EV websites describe them. For battery size, as per CC on a combustion engine, the kWh will note your capacity. The bigger the kWh, the bigger the batteries – which in general suggests a longer range and quicker vehicle (offset somewhat by battery weight).

The kWh, or kilowatt hour, is not the output of the vehicle. When looking to understand the power, which UK customers would commonly associate with ps or bhp on a combustion option, they will need to look at kW. The kW, or kilowatt, will provide an indication on the power.

To be clear, BEVs are not boring vehicles and many produce blistering 0 – 62 times; many are substantially quicker than combustion vehicles due to the instant torque. Taking the MG4 EV 64 kWh option, you can see this has an impressive 8 second 0 – 62 time. While electrification can be a cost saving measure, there is a still a positive driving experience too.

Looking to lease an all-new MG MG4?

Order books should open for the leasing market around September time. While live data and pricing is not yet available on the e-car lease website, as soon as data is received this will go straight into our best deals section. And for any PCH, BCH or Sal Sac needing an instant quote, just use our calculator to build a finance arrangement which meets your needs and requirements.

Choose a term (2/3/4 years), annual mileage (5,000 – 20,000 per annum), initial rental / deposit (including no deposit options) and input your driver or funder-maintained requirements, then let our industry-leading website do the rest. And for those customers leasing an electric car for the first time, just use our “living with your …” tools to understand real-world range, charging times, charging cost and your company car tax calculations. For any help and advice just speak to our expert team directly -  01942 910 001 or email us at [email protected].

Frequently asked questions
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How much is an MG4 EV to lease?
With all three options (the SE SR, the SE LR and the Trophy LR) effectively being priced around £26,000 - £32,000, we expect leasing deals to be around £275 - £375 per month contract dependent. With contract hire, the price you pay is based on your term (2 - 4 years), annual mileage (5,000 - 20,000 per annum) and your initial rental (the deposit or 1st payment). The MG4 will be one of the cheapest EVs to lease in 2022 / 2023.

Is an MG4 EV a good car to lease?
The MG4 has wowed the automotive media and press in the UK with some sterling reviews; Top Gear at 9/10, What Car? at 4/5, Auto Express at 4.5/5 and Carwow at 9/10. The MG4 is being referred to as value for money, a great family car and seriously fun to drive. Unlike other manufacturers, MG have included a high level of specification as standard on their vehicles and an integrated heat pump system demonstrates just how committed MG are to the electric driving experience.

Is an MG4 EV lease right for me or the business?
Affordability, and desirability, are key facets of any new EV. But in making the most out of your new MG4 EV, it is of the utmost importance that you understand suitability before your buy or lease it. Facts like where to charge the car, range on different terrains, charging times / speeds and Whole of Life costs all need to be considered. Use our “living your …” tools to understand this in more detail.

Where do I find the best MG4 EV lease deals in the UK?
Some customers will begin their journey at leasing comparison websites like AutoLeaseCompare, CarWow, LeaseFetcher or LeaseLoco. You may even see some of our top e-car lease MG electric deals here. Some customers do want to test-drive the MG beforehand and will instead visit their local retailer. For a leave v buy scenario on the MG4, you will need to request a Hire Purchase, Personal Contract Purchase or Contacts Purchase quote from the dealership.

What is the cheapest MG4 EV leasing option?
At the time of writing (October 2022) the MG4 HATCHBACK 125kW SE EV 51kWh 5dr Auto will be the cheapest model to lease.

What is the range of an MG4 EV?
Because there are two different battery sizes, we will produce details for each option accordingly. The standard range will 130 miles on a motorway and 180 miles on city roads in colder temperatures with warmer weather allowing for 275 miles and 170 miles respectively. The Long Range MG4 will cover 160 miles on a motorway and 225 miles on city roads in colder temperatures with warmer weather allowing for 335 miles and 210 miles respectively. Factors like external temperatures, acceleration and driver behaviour will greatly influence your EV range.

Can you tow with an MG4 EV?
Yes – MG have now confirmed that you can tow with this hatchback.

What is the towing capacity of the MG4 EV?
The MG4 has a towing capacity of 500 kg (braked and unbraked).

What is the MPG of the MG4 EV?
This EV has a vehicle fuel equivalent of between 147 and 148 mpg.

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