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Fiat Lease Deals UK

The Italian manufacturer Fiat has become one of the most iconic car-makers in the UK; in particular the Fiat 500 has become one of the most popular (and cheapest) small cars to lease. Previously operating at FCA (an Italian American conglomerate), the recent merger with PSA to form the Stellantis group has provided Fiat with exceptional resources and economies of scale.

How expensive is a new Fiat to lease

As such, Fiat are now making some fantastic electric cars and these are looking to be some of the most cost-effective options to select. Many of Fiat’s EVs have affordable starting prices of around £19,000 to £25,000.

Why choose to lease a Fiat

The Fiat 500e is the brand’s flagship model and this will be the perfect low-mileage leasing solution, particularly for younger drivers: the next generation of electric car drivers are at the heart of this manufacturer’s plans. With a usable 37 kWh lithium-ion battery, you can expect around 125 miles in winter on a full charge coupled with 180 miles in summer. An ideal city and urban solution, the 500e has 9 second 0-62 times and a generous 117hp. Fiat have been forward-thinking with their EVs via the charging capabilities – the 11 kW AC provides 4 hour fully-charged times together with 85 kW DC rapid charging times of 25 minutes for getting 10-80%.

How do I lease a Fiat

The Fiat EV leasing process is straightforward with our e-car lease team. Unlike a Fiat dealership, our team can provide a virtually instant quote and ensure all of your electric car queries are answered. We understand many of you are new to world of electric vehicles and our expert team, along with our unique Lythium EV tools, can answer some of the common FAQs you are likely have – range, charging, batteries and charge points plus many more. Moving to an EV-lifestyle is not quite as complicated as many believe and our integrated tools dispel many of the myths which surround the zero-emission sector.

Is a Fiat lease right for me

And with several UK cities adopting stricter emission policies, via Clean Air Zones and low emission zones, local authorities, corporate entities and SMEs need to address their fleet as a matter of urgency. The Fiat could be that ideal cost-efficient product which enables this transition. In some cases, this could be an ideal “final mile” option to add to the list. The pretence that electric cars are too expensive is demonstrably incorrect with the Fiat EV, taking into account low BiK, lower servicing and maintenance costs and cheaper costs for fuel / energy. It’s crucial to give due consideration to the whole of life analysis for your vehicles, as it’s more than just a monthly finance rental.

What’s great about working with our team for your leasing deal is that you have the opportunity to add a funder-maintenance package. Whether you are an individual or business, having all of your servicing, maintenance, tyres and breakdown recovery included is a true fixed-cost motoring arrangement. If you speak to our team, we can include a charge point within your quote, so all you need to arrange is your car insurance and energy arrangement. No wonder Fiat are saying that their all-electric solutions are designed for the next decade. 

Should your next new car be an electric Fiat and you want to work with one of the UK’s top-rated leasing brokers on Trustpilot, just get in touch with the e-car lease team. And our amazing offers speak for themselves. For more information just call our team on 01942 608 606 or raise a quick enquiry on the website for an instant quotation. Begin your electric journey with us.

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Is Fiat a good car to lease?
Fiat are one of the leading small car manufacturers in the UK; their Fiat 500 city car is one of the most iconic cars to lease. The move to electrification has resulted in you benefiting from the uniquely classic designs but with the efficiency of zero emission driving. Forming part of the FCA group, Fiat have a great option to select now that this conglomerate has merged to form Stellantis. Economies of scale at this volume will translate to cheaper cars and better battery tech for the UK driver.

Is a Fiat lease right for me?
The Fiat 500 electric is an ideal low-mileage city solution. Many businesses looking into final-mile solutions for those cities adopting Clean Air Zones and low emission zones, may want to consider the cost-effective Fiat. However, with combined ranges of around 150 miles (driver-dependent), make sure you research the battery and charging capability of the Fiat before committing to the leasing deal. A lease is a long-term financial commitment, unlike flexi-lease or daily hire.

Where do I find Fiat lease deals in the UK?
The expert electric car team at e-car lease are here to answer all your questions on the zero-emission transition. However, our website also advertises our best deals on the Fiat and you can use this to ensure your next personal or business contract hire arrangement represents good value. Working in association with the EVA demonstrates our commitment to the EV industry and the dedication to consumer quality.

What is the Cheapest Electric Fiat?
Fiat are committed to producing the best value electric cars in the UK; their launch product, the Fiat 500 electric, is a clear indication of the manufacturer’s ambitions to create an affordable EV. Just note that the hatchback will save you money compared to the cabriolet model. From 2025 to 2030, Fiat will be become electric-only, so be prepared for some new innovations.

What is the range of an electric Fiat?
Fiat offer a modest battery range with their 500 electric hatchback and cabriolet. Choose between a 24 kWh and 42 kWh battery, which offer ranges of between 100 and 155 miles. The bigger battery offers 87 kW of power (this effectively replaces references to ps or bhp). We always suggest that you research the performance of the battery in cold and warm weathers. The Fiat will also be impacted by your driving style and behaviours i.e. highway v city. You may also see our recommendation to have your car connected to a charge point in winter when you start it, so avoid energy disruptions.

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