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Renault Lease Deals UK

Like their alliance counterparts Nissan, the international Renault group were one of the earliest and most important manufacturers in the electric vehicle world, supplying some of the earliest zero emission cars and vans to customers worldwide. Recognisably one of France’s best vehicle producers, Renault have used international allegiances, and motorsport, to demonstrate just how effective they are in the world of electric cars and e-performance. And the great news for UK leasing customers is that they have consistently been one of the best value options.

How expensive is a Renault to lease

Renault’s initial EV range consists of the Zoe, a small city car, coupled with the Kangoo van. The Zoe is one of the best-selling EVs to date and with a price tag of around £27,000 - £30,000, many of our personal and business contract hire customers have been benefiting from the £175 – £250 per month rentals. Unlike some of the competition, Renault have managed to create some of the most practical and affordable zero emission options to select.

How do I lease a Renault

And the process for arranging an EV Renault couldn’t be any easier with our e-car lease team. You just need to head over to our deals section and use our bespoke filters to quickly narrow your search based on budget, specification and even EV range. Once you select a car which meets your monthly budget, use our Lythium tools to get all of the information you should review before committing to a new EV. Explore the real-world range, charge port information, charging capabilities and a full charging analysis on every conceivable charge point. From 3-pin plugs to rapid chargers, we show you just how quickly you can expect the Renault range to charge.

Is a Renault lease right for me

Our team are not only experts in electric cars, they can also provide all of the leasing information on contract hire solutions for private individuals, small businesses and bigger fleets. The future of EV is for everyone, so we understand the information has to be just right. Whether this be whole of life costs for understanding how much an electric Renault could save you on fuel, insurance and servicing or bespoke company car tax and salary sacrifice calculators, which highlight the extent to which low BiK saves you and the business hundreds of pounds per month, the e-car lease team are here to set the standard. The advantages of going green go beyond the positive environmental impact.

Why choose a Renault to lease

And for fans of Renault, it’s worth noting that the group are continuing to invest in newer technology and vehicle options. You can enjoy the new Megane E-tech EV, which will be available in two battery sizes. The flagship 60 kWh usable lithium-ion battery will offer some 220-miles of zero emission driving coupled with 7.4 kW AC and 130 kW DC charging capabilities. This equates to a near 10-hour charging time on AC and just under 30 minutes to get 10-80% charging on a rapid charge point. Even a cost-effective Zoe can offer nearly 200 miles of real driving across summer and winter, while enabling near 50 kW DC of rapid charge. To ensure the charging isn’t too complicated, Renault utilise Type 2 and CCS charge ports on all their new cars. According to Renault a battery-powered Renault 5 will be available and will focus on delivering a car with complete retro appeal.  

Whether you are new to electric cars or leasing, or both, our friendly team of experts are readily available to make the Renault leasing experience a positive one. Ring our e-car lease team on 01942 608 606 or drop us a quick enquiry via our website. We look forward to electrifying your EV journey.

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Is Renault a good car to lease?
With Renault as an early adopter to electric cars, our personal and business customers can be assured that this French manufacturer is producing quality options. Like their alliance counterparts Nissan, the team at Renault have been at forefront of vehicle electrification for retail consumers and e-performance advocates. The battery element of their vehicles is not an afterthought. With the flagship Zoe, a cheap city car, and the Kangoo electric van, Renault have their bases covered.

Is a Renault lease right for me?
For individuals or company car drivers looking for a cheap EV to lease (car or van), the Renault product could present an ideal solution. Not all electric cars are too expensive and the product from Renault is clear evidence of this. And the cars are practical too, with sufficient electric range to cover many commutes. Additionally, Renault are investing further, as their new Meganne E-Tech is set to launch in the UK circa 2022. However, we do encourage our customers to consider more than a price or the style of the car; understanding if leasing an electric car is right for you or the business is about taking into account the finance product and the EV-lifestyle. All this information is set out on our website.

Where do I find Renault lease deals in the UK?
You can find some of the best contract hire deals for zero-emission Renaults on the e-car lease website. Personal, business or salary sacrifice, we have you covered for procuring the right offer. With the e-car lease team it’s more than just a price, our expert team have some of the leading experience with green cars. There really isn’t a query we cannot resolve.

What is the Cheapest Electric Renault?
Renault are producing some of the cheapest electric cars to lease or buy with their city / urban solution – the Zoe. While this is a cost-effective vehicle, the 50 kWh R110 Play or Iconic will be the leading choice. With the group’s new innovative Megane set to be priced at £35,000 and upwards, this will not be the most cost-effective option to select.

What is the range of an electric Renault?
The range of your new Renault will be essential to your EV experience. In particular, company car schemes which are moving away from combustion engines need to properly educate their fleet on how these vehicles operate. For example, a rapid charge Renault Zoe R135 offers an electric range of anywhere between 135 and 290 miles. Why such a discrepancy? EVs will operate different according to climate, driving style and driver behaviours. A cold weather motorway route on the Zoe allows for 135 miles of range compared to 290 miles of warm-weather city driving. In the same way, the eco-friendly Megane offers between 185 – 255 miles of electric driving. Use our Lythium tools for further information.

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