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Peugeot Lease Deals UK

Driving an electric car was something Peugeot were quick to offer their UK customers. Being owned by Stellantis, one of world’s largest automotive manufacturers, has resulted in some of the most cost-effective and aesthetically admirable vehicles available to lease. With a Peugeot lease, you have one of the best, and cheapest, small hatchback and SUV car makers around. Their approach to fully electric vehicles is no different.

How expensive is a Peugeot electric lease

Starting at around £30,000 for the e-208 and £33,000 for the e-2008, these affordable EVs have been helping customers to enjoy sub £250 per month finance deals. Not every electric car is expensive and, unlike franchised dealerships, our usership-style leasing deals help our customers avoid large deposits and high monthly payments with their electric cars. With the finance company owning the vehicle, a mixture of strong residual values and our enhanced discounts, this translates into some of the most cost-effective vehicle finance solutions for a new Peugeot. Why would you buy a new or used Peugeot, when the e-car lease team can help you save so much?

Why choose a Peugeot to lease

Peugeots are some of the most desirable electric cars to enjoy. Striking designs, enhanced specification and a modern approach, makes certain that your next EV is an enjoyable one. And it’s not just how the Peugeot looks which makes them so special for our customers. The e-208 is a 45 kWh lithium-ion battery vehicle which offers you 0-62 mph times of just 8 seconds! And with convenience in mind, the automatic e-208 offers 150 miles of winter driving and summer ranges of 200 miles. It’s no wonder our expert team recommends many of the city-driving and low mileage customers to add this to their list.

Charging your new electric Peugeot should also be something to consider. While the standard 7.4 kW AC onboard charger allows a full-charge in just over 7 hours, a small 11 kW AC upgrade makes this just 5 hours. Alternatively, you can rapid charge your Peugeot e-208 or e-2008 at nearly 100 kW DC. This allows for a 10-80% capacity in around 30 minutes. One of the biggest obstacles to EVs is the time it takes to charge your vehicle. However, Peugeot are clearly making this just one less thing for their customers to be concerned about. With many UK service stations and dedicated charging destinations offering 100 kW charging facilities, by the time you have connected your car and grabbed a coffee, your Peugeot will be well underway to being fully-charged.

Is a Peugeot lease right for me

Leasing a Peugeot is a cost-effective simple process and a great reason to go electric. Running your electric Peugeot can be a complete EV-lifestyle change, resulting in cheaper fuel bills, better servicing costs and sometimes better insurance premiums. The whole of life costs are simply better with a zero emission vehicle. For company car and salary sacrifice customers, moving to an electric Peugeot is a simple decision. Because of the low BiK, the vehicles cost you, as the company car driver, almost nothing. Compare this to the hundreds of pounds you have been wasting in tax with your petrol and diesel vehicles and you quickly understand just why these vehicles are so popular.

How do I lease a Peugeot

Moving electric with your next Peugeot means working with a team that not only understand EVs and provide consistently great service, but it means working with a company that makes their eco leasing offers a priority. Why not join thousands of other customers by making the decision to work with our e-car lease team and start your Peugeot electric journey today. Raise a quick enquiry on our e-car lease website or call our team directly on 01942 608 606.

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Is Peugeot a good car to lease?
Peugeot are making some of the most attractive electric cars in the UK, with the e-208 and e-2008 leading the way for the French manufacturer. Forming part of Stellantis, one of the world’s largest car manufacturers, the economies of scale available will only translate to better battery technology and competitive pricing. For those customers not looking at prestige / luxury vehicles, the zero-emission range for Peugeot will be a suitable fit.

Is a Peugeot lease right for me?
With a Peugeot, we understand our personal and business lease customers will be happy with the vehicle’s aesthetics. With Ford offering no equivalent and the brand being viewed as more premium than Vauxhall or Citroen, we have no doubts that Peugeot have produced some quality green cars. But making sure the lease is right for you, or the business, needs further analysis – is the battery range sufficient? Are the charging capabilities enough? Is contract hire the right finance product for us? The deal is more than just the price you pay.

Where do I find Peugeot lease deals in the UK?
Finding the cheapest Peugeot EV lease begins with our e-car lease website. As one of the UK’s leading electric-only websites, our entire resources are dedicated to electrification. In addition to some of the best prices, you also benefit from our expert advice free of charge. And our Lythium EV tools provide all the crucial information for making sue the electric Peugeot is the right one for you or the company.

What is the Cheapest Electric Peugeot?
If you’re looking for the cheapest Peugeot EV, then you should concentrate on the 100kW 50 kWh Allure or Active Premium. The same applies for the SUV e-2008 but at a higher price. While you should expect higher prices compared to the Vauxhall and Citroen alternatives, the Peugeot should still be affordable to both personal and company car drivers in the UK.

What is the range of an electric Peugeot
The usable 45 kWh lithium-ion battery in the 208 hatchback will offer drivers around 145 miles of zero-emission driving in winter and around 200 miles in summer. And with the Peugeot able to charge at 11 kW AC (upgrade may be required) and 99 kW DC, the Peugeot brand have truly considered your convenience. The e-2008 is slightly less efficient on range, with a combined 15-20 miles less than the hatchback. While range is a key part to review, much of the vehicle’s performance relies on the weather and driving style. Additionally, with a number of charge points available, using the Zap Map via our website is simple process.

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