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BMW i4 Car leasing

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Full manufacturer warranty
Supplied by a franchised dealer
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Leasing a BMW I4 in the UK

The Tesla Model 3 is the only viable company car / high-mileage electric saloon surely? Until Mid-2021, UK customers were faced with a limited choice for their next saloon with the Tesla Model 3 clearly dominating the UK’s electric fleet – some 35,000 Tesla M3’s were registered in 2021. The next-best seller, the Kia e-Niro, only managed a 3rd of that! And while the Tesla is the superlative zero emission product, BMW are going to be the 2022 contender for electric car manufacturer of the year.

While the German manufacturer are anything but new to the world of EV’s, since launching the hatchback i3 and supercar i8 the group seemingly stepped out of the limelight and all seemed to be quiet. That was until the I4 Gran Coupe was officially launched in 2021 for the UK demographic. Very much an alternative the combustion BMW 3 series and 4 series, the i4 will feature in one battery format (an 83.9 kWh) and two outputs (250 kW and 400kW).

For clarity, the kilowatt hour (kWh) denotes the size of the battery (engine) and the kilowatt (kW) denotes the power output. So for the i4 you have a car with exactly the same size battery but it has been configured so that one option is quicker than the other – the 250 kW is equivalent of 337 hp and the 400 kW is equivalent of 536 hp. However, with the additional power, the driver will lose some of the range capabilities – make sense?

For simplicity, BMW will be launching their electric company car option in a Sport option (LED headlights, automatic tailgate, live cockpit, sports seats, air conditioning, heat pump, reversing camera and cruise control) and M Sport option (M sport bodystyling, 19” alloy upgrades, M sport steering wheel, sports seat, leather upholstery) , with the ability to add a Tech Pack (Harman/Kardon, Cockpit Professional and wireless charging) or Pro Pack (Sport brake calipers, variable sport steering, adaptive suspension, sun protection glass, high-gloss shadow line) or both. Looking for an electric alternative to an M3 or M4? Go for the M Model – an EV based on dynamics, power and agility with all of the M design enhancements.

Living with your BWM i4 is all explained clearly on our e-car lease website. For example, the eDrive 40 model will offer combined cold weather ranges of around 245 miles and 340-mile summer performance. Compare this to the M50 option which offers combined cold weather ranges of around 235 miles and 320-mile summer performance. And think that electric BMWs are boring? The eDrive 40 still has 0-62 times of 5.7 seconds with the M50 doing the same in just 4! Charging at 11 kW AC means 0-100% will take circa 9 hours with the 200 kW DC rapid charging max enabling 30 minute 10 – 80% charging times.

The charging rate on the BMW makes this one of most practical EVs to select amongst the other leasing options. At e-car lease we like to re-enforce that it isn’t just about range; the charging rate for your electric vehicle is equally crucial, particularly when you are using Zap Map to find DC options throughout the UK’s public charging destinations.

So whether you are a personal, business or salary sacrifice customer, our e-car lease team are able to assist you with your EV enquiry. First time with electric vehicles? Don’t panic, as you are working with one of the longest running electric-only businesses in the UK! This means you are provided with key advice and guidance before, during and after the delivery of your new I4. And as a credit broker, not a lender, we have an array of finance solutions which will hopefully meet your needs and requirements together with competitive discounts. Getting the best deal on your I4 is a given with the e-car lease team.

If you want to know more about leasing you pure electric BMW, simply raise an enquiry on our website using our instant quote generator. Just select your term, annual mileage, initial rental and submit your details and one of the sales team will get in touch with you


Frequently asked questions
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How much is a BMW I4 Electric to lease?
BMW have been incredibly thoughtful to the UK customers by offering a wide-range of specifications / options for them to choose from – especially when you compare this to the Tesla Model 3. Also note that the price you pay as a business customer will exclude Vat and as a personal customer this will include Vat. Using our deal configurator, amend the annual mileage, term and initial rental to get your instant price. Expect to pay anywhere between £450 - £700 per month depending on the option you select.

Is a BMW I4 Electric a good car to lease?
BMW are one of the world’s leading manufacturers for quality and driver experience. This has very much translated into the electric car segment, with many independent review websites now rating this Sedan as anywhere between 8 – 9/10 or 4-4.5/5. There is very much an opinion that for UK customers wanting a true alternative to the Tesla Model 3; we envisage the BMW I4 will be a top priority car. And for those customers who want a more familiar European interior / aesthetics, then the BMW EV should be your choice for leasing. Head to our review partners, the  GreenCarGuide,  for more information on their BMW I4 test-drive and review.

Is a BMW I4 electric lease right for me or the business?
With a BMW you are almost guaranteed a positive driving experience in terms of comfort, performance and styling. However, with an electric car your decision-making process isn’t just about the beauty of the car, or it’s 0-62 times. Whether you are leasing personally, via a business or on a salary sacrifice scheme you should be considering range (in relation to your regular commute), charging speeds / times, charge point locations and your home or workplace charging infrastructure. Also take into account the Whole of Life costs, so that servicing, maintenance, insurance and “fuel” form part of the decision. Contract hire is a fixed term agreement.

Where do I find the best BMW I4 lease deals in the UK?
Almost all of our best BMW electric car leasing offers feature on our pricing partners platforms like AutoLeaseCompare, CarWow, LeaseFetcher and LeaseLoco. We also realise our customers will visit their local BMW retailer for a comparison contract hire or PCP/Hire Purchase price. However, the e-car lease team are not only the UK’s expert on EVs, but we have access to a number of finance company partners who can usually offer you or the business the best price. We regularly update our deals to ensure you get the deal you deserve.

What is the Cheapest BMW I4 Electric leasing option?
At the time of writing, the Gran Coupe 250kW eDrive40 Sport 83.9kWh 5dr Auto is the cheapest I4 to lease within the BMW range. With an OTR of circa £55,000 compared to the £70,000+ M, this not what we would refer to as a “cheap” car but will almost certainly be a good alternative to the Tesla Model 3 RWD and Polestar Standard Range Single Motor

What is the range of an electric BMW I4?
As discussed in our BMW i4 review, all the current models will have a usable 80.7 kWh lithium-ion battery. This will offer eDrive 40 leasing customers a range of around 295 miles on a full charge and 280 miles for those customers looking at the M50. Just consider that driving style, behaviours and weather all impact in EV, so e-the car lease team are keen to demonstrate to our customers, via our “Living with ...” tools, exactly what variances you will experience in your new I4. High-mileage motorway company car users may see less efficiency compared to some of the low-mileage urban drivers.

Can you tow with a BMW i4?
Yes- a tow hitch is available to purchase on the BMW i4. BMW do have  an electric Towbar as a manufacturer option which costs about £833.33 + VAT

What is the towing capacity of the BMW i4?
The BMW i4 has a towing weight (unbraked) of 750kg and a towing weight (braked) of 1600kg 

What is the MPG of the BMW i4?
The BMW iX electric has a combustion fuel equivalent of 145 mpg

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