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KIA EV6 Car leasing

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Leasing a Kia EV6 in the UK

There just isn’t a car which can compete with the success of the Tesla Model 3 or Model Y … a statement we have heard in the UK’s mainstream automotive press on a consistent basis. While Tesla are synonymous with electric cars (like Hoover to a vacuum cleaner) what UK customers do need to comprehend is that there are some brands which have been producing electric vehicles for quite some time and can offer considerably proficient options to select. Kia are one such manufacturer.

The EV6 landed for sale in the UK in 2021, with 2022 being set as a key year for establishing this Korean crossover / SUV as one of the foremost zero-emission cars on the UK roads. And with just over 12,000 Kia e-Niro being registered in 2021 (the UK’s 2nd most-popular EV), the obvious improvements this more luxurious and prestige car offers certainly demonstrates the brand’s intentions. At present, customers can choose between 2WD and AWD option, with a performance GT due to launch soon (and with 0-62 times of 3.5 seconds and top speeds of 162 mph!)

What makes the Kia EV6 so unique and special? Apart from the clearly visually stunning exterior, coupled with enhanced technology and specification, it is the EV6’s electric qualities which makes this such a comprehensive vehicle. The 77 kWh battery will offer a 166 kW and 236 kW output depending on whether you, or the company, elect for a 2WD or AWD option. In a 2WD format expect 210 miles of winter driving on a full charge and 285 miles of driving in summer on a full charge. And charging times are impressive with the 11 kW AC max paving way for 8 hour 0 - 100% times and an unbelievable 233 kW DC rapid charge maximum providing 15 minute 10 – 80% times. While charging at the time same, the 4WD EV6 will offer about 5-10 miles less of range but with a 0 – 62 time of 5.3 seconds (as opposed to 7.3 seconds in the 2WD).

The future of EV adoption will heavily rely on charging speeds a vehicle has. While range is important, the ability to charge quickly and efficiently is something that all manufacturers need to take seriously. For customers new to leasing an electric car, it’s important to note that each vehicle / brand will offer different charging speeds in both AC and DC format. In relation to an AC format, this will be relevant for many home and workplace charging solutions and will be for those customers who are charging over longer periods of times (mainly overnight).

For a driver looking into quicker and more rapid solutions, the DC charging rate on the vehicle is essential to review. With there being different rapid charge points in the public network, make sure you understand the speed of charge before connection for example if your vehicle is limited to 50 kW DC, then it would be irrelevant if you connected to a 50 / 150 / 250 kW DC charge point, as the speed would always be limited by the car. However, if a car can rapidly charge, like the EV6, then a more rapid DC solution should be utilised. Who wants to spend 45 minutes on a service station car park when you only need to be there 15 minutes?

While the EV6 is proving to be a popular salary sacrifice and company car option, we do encourage all our e-car lease customers to consider more than just the exceptional tax-savings this zero-emission car will offer. In the UK, any company car or salary sacrifice driver must pay tax (deducted at source) which is calculated on the P11d value, CO2 and income tax bracket. To encourage more 0 g/km vehicles, HMRC have set the BiK limit at 2% which translates to some incredibly low tax exposure on your new EV6.

Compared to a petrol or diesel alternative, the financial savings for employer and employee are palpable. With an electric car you also need to take into account Whole of Life costs, such as servicing, maintenance, tyres and fuel. Early evidence is showing that with the right infrastructure EVs are much cheaper to run compared to their combustion alternatives. And with the rise in solar panels in UK homes, more environmentally friendly and sustainable options are available.

And getting your quote on the EV6 is so simple with the experts at e-car lease. Choose from our EV6 range and alter the initial rental, annual mileage, term and options to get an instant price per month on personal or business contract hire arrangement. When you need more assistance, whether this relates to charge points, electric car insurance or energy tariffs, the e-car lease team can point you in the right direction on the new Kia EV6.







Frequently asked questions
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How much is a Kia EV6 Electric to lease?
Kia introduced the EV6 to supplement their existing portfolio which includes the e-Niro and Soul. The more prestige and luxury EV6 will sit between £40,000 and £55,000 depending on the car you select to lease. This translates to £400 - £650 per month rentals. The EV6 is almost certainly aimed at a customer with a “healthy’ budget but you get exceptional value for money and ability to enjoy what is a truly quality electric car. The upcoming EV6 424kW GT 77.4kWh 5dr AWD Auto will directly compete with the Tesla Model Y Performance, so set your budgets and aspirations accordingly.

Is a Kia EV6 Electric a good car to lease?
Kia are far from new to the world of electrification, with their e-Niro and Soul having been readily available for some time in the UK. Indeed, the EV6 is Kia’s next generation of electric cars, which is somewhat evident with the range and charging capabilities. This is a great EV to compare against the VW ID.5, Skoda Enyaq coupe and Tesla Model Y SUV.  To help our customers, particularly those leasing an electric car for the first-time, we suggest that they head to our review partners at GreenCarGuide or Fully Charged for an expert opinion 

Is a Kia EV6 electric lease right for me or the business?
While the EV6 is likely to be one of the best-selling zero-emission options in the UK, whether this is suitable for e-car lease personal or business leasing customers will depend on a number of factors including budget, range, charging times and the usership nature of contract hire. When you enter into a contract with our select finance companies, this is a fixed term of 2 – 4 years which can only be ended via a process known as Early Termination. And you, or the business, cannot buy the EV6 at the end of the contract. If this is not suitable for you, or the company, you need to consider alternative car finance products.

Where do I find the best Kia EV6 lease deals in the UK?
Many of the e-car lease Kia EV6 electric car leasing offers can be viewed on our pricing partners platforms like AutoLeaseCompare, CarWow, LeaseFetcher and LeaseLoco. However, we would always suggest that our customers head to their local Kia retailer for a comprehensive test-drive plus a comparison contract hire or PCP/Hire Purchase price. Because of the volume of vehicles e-car lease supply, and the leading finance companies we work alongside, getting you / the business the best deal is something we are confident of doing.

What is the Cheapest Kia EV6 Electric leasing option?
At the time of writing, the Kia EV6 166kW Air 77.4kWh 5dr Auto is the cheapest car to lease from the e-car lease team. However, with a price tag of circa £40,000 this is not what we would refer to as a cheap or budget EV. However, what the customer enjoys in terms of range, charging times and technology does suggest that you do benefit from exceptional value. And because of the way in which contract hire works, use the e-car lease instant price tool to alter the annual mileage, term and initial rental in order to create a deal which meets your needs and requirements.

What is the range of an electric Kia EV6?
While the e-car lease expert team do understand  that many of our customers need to feel comfortable with the range of their EV6, it is crucial that the “Living with …” tools on our bespoke EV website are utilised to their full effect. Electric cars do not have just one range; the influence of winter, summer, motorways, driver-behaviour and terrain will impact the vehicle’s performance. For example, the 2WD EV6 can travel around 175 miles in winter on a motorway on a full charge compared to the 360 miles of summer driving in urban / town-based driving. Make sure you understand the range of new car / company car based on how you drive day-to-day. Do not just rely on WLTP figures.

Can you tow with a Kia EV6?
Yes - you can purchase a detachable towbar for £541 (including fitting). The 13-pin wiring kit is an additional £230.

What is the towing capacity of the Kia EV6?
We expect many customers to utilise the Long Range AWD SUV. This EV has a comprehensive towing capacity of 750kg (unbraked) and 1600kg (braked).

What is the MPG of the Kia EV6?
This the Long Range AWD SUV has a vehicle fuel equivalent of 137mpg while the 2WD has a vehicle fuel equivalent of 140mpg. The GT has a vehicle fuel equivalent of 126mpg.

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