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HYUNDAI car leasing deals

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Hyundai Kona Car leasing

Your deal includes
Expert electric vehicle guidance
Free driven delivery to your door
Full manufacturer warranty
Supplied by a franchised dealer
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Leasing the new Hyundai Kona Electric in the UK

Not unlike their sister company, Kia, the Hyundai group have revised their all-electric small SUV option for 2023.   Hyundai are unequivocally one of the premier electric vehicle manufacturers in the world, with their new Ioniq 5 plus the Ioniq and Kona SUV offering some of the most formidable driving experiences without breaking the bank.

Indeed, it was the “B Segment” SUV / Crossover Kona which really put Hyundai on the map for the UK’s personal and business leasing customers. While initially launched in a combustion and hybrid format, the Korean brand soon launched a fully electric model in 2018, allowing customers to enjoy the practicality of the SUV but with the joy of zero-emissions. Towards the end of 2023, UK leasing customers will be enjoying the new platform.

After the revision, the Kona will still be compared to the new Kia Niro EV, the Peugeot e-2008, the Vauxhall Mokka-e and DS3 Crossback e-Tense. But with new entrants like the Smart #1 and BYD Atto 3, it really isn’t easy to choose the perfect crossover or SUV in BEV format. But 2022 proved to be a tougher year for this segment, with only the Kia Niro EV appearing in SMMT’s top-10 list.

So, what specifications will the new Kona Electric have? For those unfamiliar with the old model, the brand utilised the below: 

  •  SE Connect (on the 39 kWh battery only) – the vehicle offers 17” alloys, body-coloured externals, leather steering wheel, lumbar support, air conditioning, automatic headlights, LED daytime running lights, halogen headlights, cruise control, rear parking sensors, rear parking sensors/camera, 10.25” widescreen navigation, Bluetooth, KRELL premium audio and Apple CarPlay;
  •  Premium (available on the 39 kWh and 64 kWh battery) – this adds a wireless charging pad, heated front seats, automatic wipers, ambient interior lighting, privacy glass, LED rear lights, solar glass and folding electric door mirrors; and
  •  Ultimate - (available on the 64 kWh battery only) – the top-spec adds electric driver’s seat, ventilated seats, heated rear seats, leather trim, high beam assist and sunroof. 

But for 2023, the model line-up will consist of: 

  •  Advance – this will include 17” alloys, driver lumbar support, air conditioning, automatic headlights, auto dimming rear view mirror, LED daytime running lights, LED interior lights, tinted glass, cruise control (smart), electric door mirrors, front and rear parking sensors, rear camera, stop/start button, 12.3” LCD display, navigation, smartphone integration, hill start assist, ISLA, lane keep and follow assist;     
  • N Line – this adds the exterior design pack (front and rear bumpers, 18” alloys, badges), body coloured wheel arches, aluminium pedals, heated fronts seats, heated rear seats, privacy glass, solar glass, heated steering wheel, wireless phone charging, power operated tailgate. You can add (for a cost) the 2-tone roof;   
  •  N Line S – this adds BOSE premium sound, BLIND spot collision avoidance, 3-zone climate control, rear cross traffic alert, safe exit warning, surround view monitor. In terms of additional options, consider electric sunroof / digital key pack; and
  • Ultimate – the top of the line model adds body coloured models, silver skid plates, black wheel arches, black leather trim, electric sunroof.

All of the new Kona options will come with a 5-year unlimited mileage warranty, roadside assistance and Bluelink connected car services for 3 years.

And what battery options will the Kona have

On the pre-current mode, UK customers could choose from two battery options including:

  •  39 kWh – this 39.2 kWh usable battery generates power of 100 kW (134 hp) for 96 mph top speeds and 9.9 second 0 – 62 times. Expect real world ranges of around 130 miles in winter and 180 miles in spring / summer (yes – temperature does impact battery ranges on a pure electric Kona). Charging times are 4 hours and 15 minutes on the 11 kW AC max for 0 – 100% and 50 minutes for 10 – 80% on the 50 kW DC rapid charge max; and
  • 64 kWh – this battery generates power of 150 kW (201 hp) for 104 mph top speeds and 7.9 second 0 – 62 times. Expect real world ranges of around 205 miles in winter and 285 miles in spring / summer. Charging times are 7 hours on the 11 kW AC max for 0 – 100% and 44 minutes for 10 – 80% on the 77 kW DC rapid charge max.

But for 2023, the model line-up on battery will be:

  • 48 kWh – this 48.4 kWh usable battery generates power of 115 kW (134 hp) for 96 mph top speeds and 10 second 0 – 62 times. This is a FWD model. Expect real world ranges of around 155 miles in winter and 215 miles in spring / summer. Charging times are 8 hours on the 7.2 kW AC max for 0 – 100% and 43 minutes for 10 – 80% on the 75 kW DC rapid charge max. This small family SUV EV has V2L capacity (3.6 kW max) and a 466L cargo volume. Expect a vehicle fuel equivalent of 155 mpg; and
  • 65 kWh – the 65.4 kWh lithium-ion battery will offer 0 – 62 times of 8.0 seconds, 104 mph top speeds and 160 kW (or 215 hp). Expect a combined winter range of 205 miles with warmer weather allowing for 285 miles. On charging, the 11 kW AC max will allow 8 hour 0 – 100% charging times with the impressive 100 kW DC maximum allowing 41 minute 10 – 80% times. This EV has V2L capacity (3.6 kW max) and a 466L cargo volume. Expect a vehicle fuel equivalent of 152 mpg.

At e-car lease we find that the Kona is a vehicle equally popular with personal, business and salary sacrifice customers. For the BCH and Sal Sac customers there are good reasons for utilising the Kona as the next company car because it offers a 2% BiK until tax year 2024/4 and so a nominal monthly car tax exposure.

There are true financial benefits for making your fleet transition to electric and not just for the employee / driver with their reduced tax exposure. For the business / fleet, not only are you contributing to decarbonisation, but you can enjoy an enhanced corporation tax position, savings on those vehicles operating in Congestion and Clean Air Zones and enhanced Whole of Life costs savings.

For example, the 48 kWh Kona will cost just £16 to fully charge (based on a £0.34 kWh unit cost) resulting in 8.9 pence per miles driving. This will be somewhat cheaper than your petrol or diesel vehicles in most circumstances. Add to that the lower servicing, maintenance and tyres costs and you can see why so many business and salary sacrifice schemes are enjoying the pure electric Kona.

Want your next electric car to be the Kona?

Moving forward with the e-car lease team is a straightforward journey. Use our Kona deals section to select your ideal battery and specification. Use the quote calculator to receive an instant price by selecting the term, initial rental (including no deposit), annual mileage and maintenance provision.

All of our prices are driver-maintained – meaning the prices presume you will service and maintain the vehicle. Ask for a funder-maintained quote to include all your servicing, tyres and breakdown recovery for a fixed price. And don’t forget our amazing EVC© 

Need more information or have bespoke requirements?

Speak to the experts on 01942 910 001 or by emailing us at [email protected]


Frequently asked questions
See our guides See our guides
How much is a Hyundai Kona to lease?
The old Kona EV was a well-priced SUV option to lease. Between £30,000 - £38,000, leasing deals were around £275 - £400 per month. But limited information on the new one is making it hard to provide this detail just yet. However, with prices likely to be around £35,000 to £40,000, expect £350 - £500 per month.

Is a Hyundai Kona a good car to lease?
The Kona is one of the best small SUVs in electric format. With a longer legacy in the world of electrification, not to mention an 8-year battery warranty and 5-year vehicle warranty, you have a robust vehicle on offer. It also gets positive feedback from the automotive press with Electrifying at 8.5/10, CarWow at 4/5 and What Car? at 4/5. This is not a car which will ever leave you with the feeling of being disappointed

Is a Hyundai Kona lease right for me or the business?
If you need a comfortable and functional small SUV in electric format, then it is likely the fully-electric Kona is a perfect solution. But before committing to the lease or purchase, make sure that you, or the fleet team, completely understand the significance of an EV-lifestyle. On the e-car website our “Living with your …” tools do provide key info relating to seasonal range, charging cable, charging infrastructure and the cost of running / fuelling the vehicle which are essential to your decision. For high-mileage leasing customers, always use our range analysis for assessing the suitability of the battery. Just download your free EVC© - Electric Vehicle Certificate – to assist you in making the best decision

Where do I find the best Hyundai Kona lease deals in the UK?
As an electric-only car leasing specialist, we hope that the best leasing deals can be found on our amazing website. But we also understand that you, or the business, may need to compare the cost of leasing v cost of buying a Kona EV. So, head to a local Hyundai dealership to get a test-drive and obtain a PCP, HP or Lease Purchase quote to understand what’s the best offer for you. And if you need more price checking, feel free to use the leading price comparison websites like AutoLeaseCompare, CarWow, LeaseFetcher and LeaseLoco.

What is the cheapest Hyundai Kona Electric leasing option?
At the time of writing (May 2023) the cheapest model to select is the ELECTRIC HATCHBACK 115kW Advance 48 kWh Auto at around £35,000.

What is the range of an Electric Hyundai Kona
The range of the Kona EV will be key to your decision in particular as to which battery choice you should utilise. Taking the 45 kWh option, this will achieve 130 miles on the motorway and 180 miles in urban driving in colder weather (on a full charge) with warmer external temperature increasing this to 170 miles and 280 miles respectively. On the bigger 65 kWh battery the cold weather should allow for 175 miles on the motorway and 240 miles in cities on a full charge. For warmer climates this increases to 225 miles and 365 miles respectively.

Can you tow with a Hyundai Kona?
N/A – no information is available yet (May 2023)

What is the towing capacity of the Hyundai Kona?
N/A – no information is available yet (May 2023)

What is the MPG of the Hyundai Kona?
This EV has a vehicle fuel equivalent of 155 mpg for the smaller battery. In contrast, the bigger battery has a vehicle fuel equivalent of 152 mpg.

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