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CUPRA car leasing deals

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Cupra Born Car leasing

Your deal includes
Expert electric vehicle guidance
Free driven delivery to your door
Full manufacturer warranty
Supplied by a franchised dealer
Make the right choice with our EV tools

Leasing a Cupra Born in the UK

Electric cars are too expensive … the rhetoric which many mainstream media are pushing across their various platforms. And while this argument was somewhat plausible until 2020 / 2021, it is now evident that many manufacturers are investing into more cost-effective and affordable solutions.

While the UK is very much an SUV-centric automotive market, the hatchback class of vehicles is equally popular. It comes as no surprise that the VW ID.3 accounted for 11,000 registrations in 2021, the Nissan Leaf at 9,000 registrations and the Mini for 6,500 registrations. All of these vehicles were top-10 EVs in 2021 (and probably will be in 2022).

Cupra, the athletic-brand of Seat, are now entering 2022 with one of the most hotly anticipated EV-hatchbacks – the Born. Cupra have announced three battery sizes – 1) 45 kWh 2) 58 kWh 3) 77 kWh which will offer anywhere between 110 kW to 170 kW of power. For electric car first-timers, just note that the “kWh”, or kilowatt hour, refers to the battery size of the vehicle In the same way that “CC” is used to denote the size of a combustion engine.

The “kW”, or Kilowatt, provides an indication of the power of the vehicle in the same way “ps” or “bhp” is used on a combustion option. For customers comparing the different Cupra Born options, this will be a useful metric for selecting the right one.

The flagship model for the UK will be the Born Electric Hatchback 150kW 58kWh 5Dr Auto. With a combined winter-range of 180 miles on a full charge and a combined summer range of 250 miles on a full charge, this will satisfy many of the UK’s customers who do want the 200+ mile battery capabilities. Charging times are reasonable with the 11 kW AC maximum providing 0-100% in 6 hours and the 128 kW DC capabilities allowing for a 30 minute 10-80% charge. And performance is anything but unimpressive with the Born EV; the 0-62 times at 7.3 seconds and 100mph top speeds are equivalent of the Cupra Leon! And who said that electric cars are boring?

While the Born will be a key personal contract hire car, the e-car lease team do expect that many of our fleet and salary sacrifice customers will enquire about leasing this car. The seismic growth of zero-emission vehicles has been pushed in part due to the favourable company car tax / Benefit in Kind position which these vehicles offer. However, with Congestion Zones and Clean Air Zones now coming in place in towns / cities across the UK, every driver needs to properly understand the changing political and economic climate towards transport, especially with a 2030 / 2035 deadline for combustion vehicle sales.

And both personal and business customers do need to consider more than just the monthly finance costs with their new Cupra Born. Running and managing an electric car should be done on a Whole of Life basis, which means that other associated costs relating to servicing, maintenance, road fund licence, fuel and charge point installation should all be considered.

A Cupra Born will generally offer you a more cost-effective position on fuel and servicing compared to a petrol / diesel equivalent but you need to balance this against the cost of the charge point installation at home or the workplace and the impact on your electricity bills. The impact of public charging also needs to form part of your analysis. This is why e-car lease have partnered with  Zap Map  to help drivers properly understand their local and national charging infrastructure. This app not only allows you to find and pay for your charging session, but this will help you understand the quality and speed of the charge point (shown as AC or DC).

To be clear, EVs have different charging capabilities and will be able to charge at different “maximums” of AC (generally between 7 and 22 kW) and DC (generally between 40 kW – 300 kW). This is where the Lythium “living with your …” tools become so important for your suitability assessment. If you, or your company car drivers, are charging their Cupra Born in the public domain then they need to comprehensively understand their obligations.

Leasing your new Cupra from the e-car team couldn’t be any easier. Simply select your preferred model on our bespoke website, which shows electric cars only, and use the deal configurator to determine the price per month based on your term, annual mileage, initial rental and vehicle options. Need more help? Just ask one of our expert team to call you or respond with further details on availability, options or just to chat about electric cars in general



Frequently asked questions
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How much is a Cupra Born Electric to lease?
The Cupra is still very new to the UK market and the e-car lease team are awaiting all of our select finance companies to price this leasing option. As a broker, not a lender or dealer, we will use the various finance companies we work alongside to provide a price per month based on your bespoke requirements. While we do default to the cheapest finance option, some finance companies may be more suitable based on your needs and requirements. Expect to pay anywhere between £250 - £400 per month on this £33,000 + EV.

Is a Cupra Born Electric a good car to lease?
The Cupra will emulate the VW ID.3, with the VW Group owning Seat (and Cupra). As a personal or business customer you have the assurance that this lease option will have the resolute quality which VW has been offering its EV customers but with the eclectic and unique styling which Cupra offer. E-car lease customers have the ability to choose between a V1 (18” alloys, LED headlights, 12” Nav system, bucket-seats, heated steering wheel, cruise control and a rear view camera), V2 (19” alloys, tinted rear windows, heated front seats and augmented head-up display) and a V3 (20” alloys, Dinamica seats, 12-way electrically adjustable seats, lumbar support and massage function). Expect a 170 kW 77 kWh performance Cupra to be added later into 2022.  Head to our review partners at GreenCarGuide or Fully Charged for an expert opinion 

Is a Cupra Born electric lease right for me or the business?
Ascertaining whether or not the Cupra EV is right for you personally, or for the business, involves an in-depth analysis using the UK’s leading electric car leasing website – e-car lease. If you are leasing an electric vehicle for the first-time, then use our guides which properly highlight the differences between Hybrid, PHEV and electric vehicle technology while our pure electric guides will assist you, or the fleet manager, to understand the elements relating to charging times, vehicle ranges, charge point installation, car insurance and energy tariffs. Unlike a petrol or diesel option, there is much more to consider when you are looking to lease your new Cupra so make sure you use the UK’s true experts.

Where do I find the best Cupra Born lease deals in the UK?
Almost all of our leading Cupra electric car leasing offers feature on our pricing partners platforms like AutoLeaseCompare, CarWow, LeaseFetcher and LeaseLoco. However, we would always suggest that our customer head to their local Cupra retailer for a comprehensive test-drive plus a comparison contract hire or PCP/Hire Purchase price. Due to the volume of vehicles e-car lease supply, we have some incredibly competitive Born discounts to offer our customers.

What is the Cheapest Cupra Electric leasing option?
At the time of writing, the Cupra Born Electric Hatchback 150kW V1 58kWh 5Dr Auto is the cheapest option to lease from e-car lease. However, it has been suggested that a smaller 45 kWh battery model will be released and this will be priced some £2,500 - £4,500 cheaper than the model above. If you are looking for a cheaper, or more cost-effective, electric car leasing solution then the Cupra Born should form part of your wish-list.

Can you tow with a Cupra Born?
No - you cannot purchase a towing attaching for this EV. .

What is the towing capacity of the Cupra Born?
N/A - you cannot tow with this vehicle.

What is the range of an electric Cupra Born?

Electric car ranges are a key topic in the EV debate, in particular the concern from some customers, and media, that the vehicles are insufficient for our daily requirements. The truth is often that the majority of EVs are suitable for all of our personal and business car lease customers, with the exception of high-mileage drivers. When you are looking into the range of your Cupra Born you need to understand that the temperature (summer and winter) impacts their efficiency along with the driving style and behaviours employed. If you are on a motorway, then the Born will perform less efficiently than in a city or urban terrain. This is why low-mileage customers benefit so much from electric car driving. In relation to the “combined” ranges of the Cupra Born please note the below which show the vehicle’s capability on a 100% charge in real-world conditions:

• 45 kWh = 170 miles;
• 58 kWh = 215 miles; and
• 77 kWh = 280 miles


What is the MPG of the Cupra Born?
This vehicle’s fuel equivalent will depend on the model chosen. For example the smaller battery 45 kWh has a vehicle fuel equivalent of 153mpg , the 58 kWh has a vehicle fuel equivalent of 150mpg     and the biggest battery option, the 77 kWh, has a vehicle fuel equivalent of 147mpg

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