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Leasing a BMW iX3 in the UK

BMW are one of the world’s finest car manufacturers, in particular with their array of SUV options (from X1 – X7). But, unlike other car producers, BMW were slow to introduce an electric SUV to the UK automotive market, with only their i3 hatchback and i8 supercar being available. In 2021, BMW made some serious changes to their pure electric line-up with the introduction of two key models, one of which being the iX3. So, what size of vehicle is it? Is the iX3 just an X3 (petrol / diesel)? Absolutely it is. The German engineers already had the perfect platform for one of the best luxury SUVs, so it made complete sense to replicate this in the EV market.

But can an iX3 compete with a Tesla Model Y or Mercedes EQC? Many of the car review websites and independent platforms would suggest that it could. Indeed, some believe that this is a true 5/5 car and should almost certainly be high up on the wish-list of an EV enthusiast.

SUVs are generally the most-popular style of vehicle for UK drivers and with the iX3, you have a spacious family vehicle with style and substance. The iX3 was amazingly launched in 2021 and then subsequently facelifted in 2022, as BMW look set to possess one of the best-selling SUV EVs

But can the iX3 deliver a positive electric experience? Unlike many combustion engine vehicles, where the value lies with the aesthetics, performance and badge, with our e-car lease offers, we appreciate that customers need to know a little more about how the iX3 actually performs on the roads.

The good news is that the 80 kWh battery does offer a positive driver experience. With 0-62 times of 6.8 seconds and 112 mph top speeds, this is anything other than a boring EV. And with combined winter-ranges of around 200 miles together with a combined summer performance of around 270 miles (on a full charge), range anxiety is not something that even our high-mileage personal or business leasing customers should incur.

With electric cars, it’s not just range which is key; the charging speeds of your iX3 are also something which you, the business or a fleet manager should consider in-depth. For AC charging, at home or workplace, this SUV can offer up to an 11 kW maximum, which means 8 hour charging times from 0 – 100%. In terms of rapid charging in the public network, the iX3 can sustain speeds of up to 155 kW which essentially means around 30-minute charging times from 10 – 80%.

If you have a charging infrastructure at home (which e-car lease always recommend), this may be less concerning for you. But if you don’t have charging facilities at home it does not mean you cannot have an electric X3. However, it does suggest you have to be thoughtful about your charging habits and with apps like Zap Map available for finding your nearest (and quickest) charge point, this still allows for our personal and business customers to enjoy the EV-lifestyle.

At present, the iX3 will be available in two key formats with the same battery configuration:
1) M Sport – 19” alloys wheels, M Sport styling, pre-heating, climate control, panoramic roof, adaptive suspicion and automatic tailgate; and
2) M Sport Pro – in addition to the above, you can enjoy upgraded 20” alloys, Harmon Kardon music system, sun protection glass and the parking system plus.

So, the iX3 ticks the boxes in terms of EV performance and specification, but can I (or my business) lease it? With contract hire, you have the ability to use the EV for a fixed contract period of 2 – 4 years, set on annual mileage and with an initial rental which you decide. High-mileage company car driver or a low-mileage personal customer needing a no-deposit option on your iX3?

The e-car lease website, and our expert team, have you covered. While EVs offer you a considerably beneficial tax position for BiK it doesn’t just restrict our deals to businesses. Our personal customers can lease one too. And with the Whole of Life cost-savings these vehicles offer - cheaper fuel, servicing and maintenance - this could really be the cherry on top.

Obtaining your instant personal or business quote on the BMW iX3 is so straightforward with the experts at e-car lease. Our industry-leading EV websites shows only zero-emissions options (0g/km), so you or the business can compare the best leasing deals as you move into electric vehicles. Just build your car, and options, into the deal and use our configurator to select a profile which suits your needs and requirements. Need more help? Just call our team




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How much is a BMW iX3 Electric to lease?
BMW are very much a prestige and luxury car manufacturer. While there are rumours of a smaller, and cheaper, iX1 due to market, customers do need a healthy monthly budget to enjoy the iX3. Costing between £60,000 - £70,000, you need to budget around £550 - £750 for your new lease deal.

Is a BMW iX3 Electric a good car to lease?
Getting the most out of your EV is more than just how it looks and what badge appears on the bonnet. Not unlike a combustion engine it is about ride, comfort, performance and style. However, with EVs you have the added complication of lithium-ion batteries which offer different ranges and charging times. All of this is explained in-depth on using our “Living with …” tools on the e-car lease website. However, take comfort from the automotive press who are rating the iX3 as one of the best EVs to lease in 2022 / 2023

Is a BMW iX3 electric lease right for me or the business?
While our personal or business customers can be firmly assured of a great driving experience and some formidable battery technology, ensuring that contract hire and electric vehicles are suitable for you involves some in-depth reviews and analysis. Whether this be our “Living with …” tools, company car tax calculations, Zap Map integrations or electric car insurance, we do suggest a considered analysis before embarking on the EV-lifestyle.

Where do I find the best BMW iX3 lease deals in the UK?
Many of the e-car lease BMW iX3 electric car leasing offers can be seen on our pricing partners platforms like AutoLeaseCompare, CarWow, LeaseFetcher and LeaseLoco. However, we understand that many customers, especially those leasing an EV for the first-time, do need to engage more closely with the product. Head to your local BMW retailer for a comprehensive test-drive and use their PCP and HP deals to compare against our contract hire options. You simply select the best.

What is the Cheapest BMW iX3 Electric leasing option?
At the time of writing, there are only two options available, with the standard M Sport, at £60,000 being the cheapest. Unless smaller battery options, or a “Sport” option is introduced, you may need to wait for the iX1.

What is the range of an electric BMW iX3?
The range of electric vehicle is generally one of the main obstacles for any personal, business or salary sacrifice customer. For many high-mileage drivers, there is a question as to whether or not an EV could really be suitable? As we have discussed, our “Living with …” tools answer many of the key questions which drivers have about the range of their electric BMW. For the iX3 expect a colder climate to generate between 170 – 235 miles of driving on a full charge. And for warmer climates this is more 215 – 345 miles on a 100% charge. But why so different? Temperature, driving styles, speeds and charging habits dramatically affect the battery’s range. There’s no one figure / statistic you can rely on; the answer is always that ‘ it depends’

Can you tow with a BMW iX3?
Yes - tow hitch is available to purchase on the BMW iX3. BMW do have a tow bar as a manufacturers option which costs £708.33 + VAT

What is the towing capacity of the BMW iX3
The BMW iX has a towing weight (unbraked) of 750kg and a towing weight (braked) of 750kg.

What is the MPG of the BMW iX3?
The BMW iX3 electric has a combustion fuel equivalent of 131 mpg

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