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ROLLS-ROYCE car leasing deals

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Rolls-Royce Spectre Car leasing

Your deal includes
Expert electric vehicle guidance
Free driven delivery to your door
Full manufacturer warranty
Supplied by a franchised dealer
Make the right choice with our EV tools

Leasing a Rolls-Royce Spectre in the UK

The emergence of new manufacturers in the UK’s electric car and van market has become so frequent that it is now of little surprise or consequence to the many consumers and businesses looking to procure one. Indeed, it is perhaps more astonishing when traditionally combustion-focused producers are joining the electrification project; probably none more so than 2023’s latest entrant – Rolls Royce.

When the world’s most luxurious car maker participates in the BEV market, it certainly adds considerable attention and focus to the transition. The brand-new Spectre Coupe, which our team reported on earlier this year, was announced formally by the group towards the end of 2021.

And while teasing images and press announcements were disseminated during 2022, there was some concern that Rolls-Royce might not offer an all-electric luxury option. But in June 2023, the brand began worldwide roadshows with physical models for the press and automotive media to enjoy. This has concluded with their most recent YouTube advert  confirming that “A New Benchmark of Distinction” is ready to commence production.

So how does the Spectre “spirit electrified” perform? Does the ultra-luxury Coupe deliver a positive electric experience?

The 100 kWh usable battery will offer 0 – 62 times of 4.5 seconds, 155 mph top speeds and 430 kW (or 577hp). This model is an AWD option. Expect a combined winter range of 240 miles with warmer weather allowing for 320 miles.

On charging, the 11 kW AC max will allow 10 hour and 45 min 0 – 100% charging times with the 200 kW DC maximum allowing 35 minute 10 – 80% times. The new Rolls EV is not a small vehicle either, with a length of nearly 5.5m and a weight unladen of just under 3000 kg.

The Spectre will be the most expensive EV to lease or buy, with starting prices of around £350,000 – this is without any of the bespoke packages or “commissions” which a customer can enjoy. In all likelihood, a finished article could be as much as £500,000.

Key features include the iconic headlights (4-lamp cluster), the illuminated iconic grille, some 141,200 sender-receive via 7km of cabling, ten driver assistance systems, an in-car Eleanor system for organising your functions, the Whisper network connection, bespoke instrument dials, a ”spellbinding” 4,796 backlist perforations (or stars) for illuminated symphony, luxury seating which has been designed by true engineers and artisans plus exquisite woodwork showcasing ultimate detail and skill.

Ready to Commission your new electric Spectre?

As you would imagine, the Rolls-Royce group have created a formidable online configurator for you to create a truly unbelievable vehicle – Choose from a whole host of colours like Black Diamond, Dark Tungsten, Dark Emerald, Iguazu Blue or Tempest Grey. More individual colours include Monteverde, Imperial Jade, Wittering Blue or an iconic Hartreuyse. Even the Spirit of Ecstasy (the iconic emblem on the bonnet) can be bespoke to you! Add the silver Satin Bonnet contrast or a range of part polished and fully-polished 22” and 23” alloys.

And the interior is another task with literally thousands of choices – headliner (including the shooting star), door modules, leather detailing, treadplates and centre modules plus the Umbrella. In terms of the dashboard and functionality, you can determine the steering wheel colour / type, the fascia, bespoke audio, carpet (lambswool) and IP modules.

But not to forget the passenger, enjoy a complete control of the rear with a number of configurable seat modules, door modules, leather detailing and privacy functions. Even the inner door pockets and surround can be adjusted for you. Existing and future owners of this prestige brand can visit a local detailer for more information.

With production now commencing, UK leasing customers could be enjoying the Spectre by November / December 2023. And with the UK still employing a beneficial company car tax regime, we do envisage that some of the UK’s leading directors and senior leadership will be considering a move away from their combustion Land Rovers and Bentleys, as they look to enjoy the considerable business benefits to BEV technology. Not to mention a swathe of chauffeur and elite hotel groups likely to add this to their fleet. And with such unique luxury, and robust performance, is it really a compromise?

But how do I understand if this is the most appropriate luxury EV for myself or the business?

The key difference between the electric car lease website and other leasing or procurement websites is that our entire proposition is focused on pure electric vehicles.

Not only do we offer comprehensive leasing advice, but our infrastructure is incredibly detailed on exactly how the vehicle performs – range, charging speeds, charging times, cost per mile and company car tax – in addition to our latest initiative, the EVC™ (Electric Vehicle Certificate).

This succinct document is a fantastic tool for understanding just how your new car will operate. Whether you are a personal, business or salary sacrifice customer, our process will ensure you are treated professionally. Just get in touch with our team on 01942 910 001 or by emailing us at [email protected] to know more.

Frequently asked questions
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How much is a Rolls-Royce Spectre Electric to lease?
Starting from £350,000, and with bespoke options likely to push this into £500,000, the Spectre will be the most expensive (but luxury) EV of 2023 and 2024. Expect monthly rentals on a lease to be around £4000 - £7500 per month, contract dependent (term, mileage and initial rental).

Is a Rolls-Royce Spectre Electric a good car to lease?
There is no question that this new car will offer luxury and finesse unlike any other EV. And the actual battery performance for range and charging speeds are somewhat robust too. With reviews from Autocar, Bloomberg and Top Gear all suggesting pros like driving comfort, luxury feel and responsiveness, it is pretty clear this is a driver’s car. On cons, the main issue will be price (is this really what the EV revolution is about) and the rapid DC charging could have been more progressive like the Lotus Eletre, which has 350 kW DC capability.

Is a Rolls-Royce Spectre Electric lease right for me or the business?
The e-car lease brand is about treating our customers fairly and ensuring they review a solution which is suitable for the short, medium and long-term. This is why our EV procurement processes are so valuable to personal, business and salary sacrifice customers. Our “living with your …” tools and EVC™ guides provide everything which you NEED to know about the EV.  Charging times, speeds, costs, charge points, reviews and insurance are all included for you.

Where do I find the best Rolls-Royce Spectre Electric lease deals in the UK?
Unlike many other vehicles, don’t waste your time searching online for a deal. Procuring a Spectre is about quality, precision and accuracy. Head to your local retailer, or use the online configurator, and send our team the final build.

What is the cheapest Rolls-Royce Spectre Electric leasing option
If you are looking for cheapest, look elsewhere

What is the range of the electric Rolls-Royce Spectre?
As our detailed EV guides and leading EVC™ solution demonstrates, the range of the new Spectre will depend on how, when and where you are driving it. Or your chauffeur in many cases. For example, in colder climates expect 205 miles on a motorway and 275 miles in urban and city conditions on a full charge. In warmer weather expect 265 miles on a motorway and 395 miles in urban and city conditions on a full charge

Can you tow with a Rolls-Royce Spectre Electric?
NO – you cannot tow with this EV.

What is the towing capacity of the Rolls-Royce Spectre Electric?
N/A – you cannot tow with this EV.

What is the MPG of the Rolls-Royce Spectre Electric?
The has a vehicle fuel equivalent of 115 mpg

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