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MG Motor UK ZS electric lease deals

MG MOTOR UK car leasing deals

For a new electric MG Motor UK ZS at a great price, browse our range below.

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MG Motor UK ZS Car leasing

Your deal includes
Expert electric vehicle guidance
Free driven delivery to your door
Full manufacturer warranty
Supplied by a franchised dealer
Make the right choice with our EV tools

Leasing an MG ZS in the UK

Can MG really go from being a peripheral and budget car manufacturer into being one of the UK’s leading EV producers? Well that’s exactly what happened in 2021, with the brand’s SUV option, the ZS, becoming the 10th most popular EV in the UK – nearly 5,500 were registered! So, what is the secret to MG’s success? One of the major hurdles to electric vehicle transition is cost … EVs, or the early options, have been expensive compared to combustion engine alternatives. But not with MG, as their initial ZS 51 kWh entered the UK at prices sub-£30,000 (and, at the time, benefitted from the Government’s Plug-In grant).

And where MG really seem to have listened to the UK automotive market is that they produced an SUV as part of their zero-emission product suite. The UK has become more and more 4x4 / crossover / SUV centric, as families look to operate one car which essentially does everything (while maintaining some positive aesthetics).

And MG have an incredible following from the older-generation who have, quite surprisingly, become key early-adopters. As there is no age limit (maximum) with electric car leasing, the ability to use a car for 2 – 4 years, on a set mileage and with all maintenance included has proved to be a valuable financial product for older-drivers. And the move to electric has become even more positive, with a tendency for lower-mileage and urban stop-start driving. This is where an electric MG really shines.

The concern with MG is that their battery technology would be insufficient compared to the competitors, like the Mercedes EQA, VW ID.4 or the Skoda Enyaq. And while low-mileage drivers have very little to fear, the introduction of a longer-range 73 kWh battery demonstrates just how attune to the UK market this manufacturer is fast-becoming

With a standard 51 kWh battery offering 140 miles of range in winter (on a full charge) coupled with 190 miles in summer, this car is more than capable of becoming a useful daily car. For those drivers with range-anxiety, the bigger 73 kWh option will enhance this to 195 miles in winter and 260 miles in summer on a full-charge.  And it’s not just about the range with an electric car, one of the key facets is the “charging rate” which is the car’s ability to charge on AC and DC.

Using the e-car lease “Living with …” tools, all this important information is set out to our personal and business contract hire customers. In the case of the MG ZS, the 7.4 kW AC max charging rate equates to 11 hours of charging time on the bigger battery (from 0-100%) with a 76 kWh DC maximum allowing for 43 minute 10-80% charge times. Because of the smaller battery, the 51 kWh battery will take round 8 hours on the 7.4 kW max.

With charging, one of the key considerations is your charging infrastructure – will you be installing at home or is your business putting in place a workplace scheme?  For company car drivers, especially high-mileage customers, understanding how / when / where charging sessions will be carried out is paramount.  If you have off-road parking then you should get a charge point installed for your new MG ZS. Do e-car lease recommend a particular charge point? At this time, we don’t but we can introduce you to a number of charge point providers / charge point comparison companies who can assist. And for further advice, just access some of the charging guides

But leasing a new MG ZS personally, via a salary scheme or through a business contract hire arrangement is more than just a price per month consideration. While budgets and affordability are crucial, all customers should be taking into account Whole of Life costs (servicing, maintenance, tyres, fuel, insurance and company car tax) while assessing the EV-lifestyle using our guides and tools. Leasing is very much a fixed term product, which can be ended only by a process known as Early Termination. Unlike a PCP, you cannot simply hand the vehicle back to a finance company when you have paid over half of the total amount payable.

Ready to go electric with your MG ZS? The UK’s leading electric car broker are here to assist. We ask all of our customers to take advantage of our intelligent tools which show every key facet of the EV together with our in-built deal configurator which allows you to receive an instant no-obligation quotation. For customers who need more information, just raise an enquiry with us and allow our experts to advise you on your electric journey

Frequently asked questions
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How much is an MG ZS Electric to lease?
For customers researching great value electric cars, they need to look no further than the MG ZS. This is one of the best-value manufacturers in the UK and this has translated into their selection of EVs which are priced between £27,000 - £35,000 specification and battery dependent. In the leasing market, expect this to translate to £200 - £400 per month deals. The MG ZS is the true definition of a good value EV SUV, particularly when the e-car lease team have a special offer in place. For information on any Plug-In grants, just click.

Is an MG ZS Electric a good car to lease?
Cars are subjective machines and this is no different when discussing electrification. Many of our personal and business customers have differing requirements – aesthetics, specification, speed, range or charging times. Very few EVs have all of these in place and ultimately it is down to the customer’s needs and requirements as to what constitutes the best electric car to buy or lease. To help our customers, particularly those leasing an electric car for the first-time, we suggest that they head to our review partners at GreenCarGuide or Fully Charged for an expert and independent opinion 

Is an MG ZS electric lease right for me or the business?
While the MG ZS zero-emission car is likely to meet your budget requirements, for both our personal and business contract hire customers we do highly recommend that they carry out a detailed assessment on the vehicle before buying or leasing it. This could include a test-drive or perhaps a subscription type service for a month or two. What constitutes the best deal will depend on your driving-style and behaviour, for example if you are a high-mileage company car driver, use our “Living with …” tools to understand the real-world EV range and the actual charging times. Also ensure you, or the business, understands how leasing works – this is a long-term hire product / usership product, which is not suitable if you or the company wish to buy the vehicle.

Where do I find the best MG ZS lease deals in the UK?
Many of our leading MG ZS electric car leasing offers feature on our pricing partners platforms like AutoLeaseCompare, CarWow, LeaseFetcher and LeaseLoco. However, we would always suggest that our customers head to their local MG retailer for a comprehensive test-drive plus a comparison contract hire or PCP/Hire Purchase price. Due to the volume of vehicles e-car lease supply, and the leading finance companies we work alongside, getting you the best price is something we are confident of doing.

What is the Cheapest MG ZS Electric leasing option?
At the time of writing, the MG ZS 130kW SE EV 51kWh 5dr Auto is the cheapest option within the ZS SUV offering. As a sub-£30,000 car, this is more suitable for those customers looking for a cost-effective lease option. And we understand that not all customers want the enhanced specification, or bigger battery, which some of the other models offer. With leasing, you will often find that the longer the term, the cheaper the monthly rental will be (we offer 2 – 4 year contracts). Also consider that the price you pay will be influenced by your initial rental and your annual mileage. Use our instant quote calculator to get a live price.

What is the range of an electric MG ZS?

How far an EV can travel on a full charge is often one of the first questions that all customers ask, whether they be personal, business or salary sacrifice. With more and more vehicles now offering 200 mile+ ranges, the needs of many UK drivers are met. For those low-mileage drivers, with stop/start urban driving this is perhaps less of an issue. For more moderate to high-mileage customers they do need to use the e-car lease “Living with ...” tools to completely understand the range of their new MG ZS. Weathers conditions, driver-behaviours and the types of journey are all influential on the range. At e-car lease we try to avoid using just one figure for a range as these factors massively change how your new electric car performs. In brief, please see the combined ranges below for the ZS EV:

• 51 kWh = 165 miles; and
• 73 kWh = 230 miles.

Can you tow with a MG ZS?
Yes - you can purchase a tow bar for this EV.

What is the towing capacity of the MG ZS?
This SUV option has a towing capacity of 500kg (unbraked) and 500kg (braked).

What is the MPG of the MG ZS?
The smaller battery has a vehicle fuel equivalent of 136mpg while the bigger battery has a vehicle fuel equivalent of 133mpg

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