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Mercedes EQS SUV Car leasing

Mercedes EQS SUV Car leasing

Leasing a Mercedes EQS SUV Electric in the UK

The world of luxury electric cars just got a little more exciting, say hello to one of the most luxurious pure electric SUVs going into production – the EQS SUV. Much like the EQS Saloon, which emulates the S-Class in the combustion world, this new 4x4 will take on the mantle of the GLE and GLS, which are large family vehicles capable of carrying passengers, pets, luggage and anything in-between.

Indeed, this lease option will have up to 800 litres of compartment volume and a maximum cargo volume of 2100 litres. But the EQS will not be without competition, as many  personal and business lease customers will be comparing this against the amazing BMW iX and the Tesla Model X.

leasing a mercedes eqs suv in the uk

What motor options are being included in the new EQS SUV?

So far Mercedes have confirmed the following 3 options:

  • The 450+ (RWD)-– from around £110,000, the usable 107.8 kWh battery will offer 265 kW (or 355hp), 0 – 62mph performance of 7 seconds and top speeds of 130mph;
  • The 450 4Matic (AWD) – from around £120,000, the usable 107.8 kWh battery will offer 265 kW (or 355hp), 0 – 62mph performance of 7 seconds and top speeds of 130mph; and
  • The 580 4Matic (AWD) – from around £140,000, the usable 107.8 kWh battery will offer 400 kW (or 536hp), 0 - 62mph performance of 5 seconds and top speeds of 130mph.

In terms of specification, the e-car lease team have limited information but from what we have seen reported this SUV will emulate the Saloon and so we expect to see an AMG Line (plus a Premium and Premium+ option) alongside the Luxury and Night Editions. Mercedes are promising for this to be true prestige EV with curved 3D helix rear lights, exclusive open-pore wood, the MBUX Hyperscreen for augmented reality / zero layer interface / Electric Intelligence navigation.

But is the EQS a 7 seater?  What’s great for families is that the EQS SUV will be designed for up to seven occupants in the vehicle, building upon the success of the EQB.

But what range does the EQS have and how quickly can it charge?  If a leasing customer elects to go for one of the 450 configurations, they can expect a combined range (on 100%) of 275 miles in colder weather with the warmer climates improving this to 365 miles.

The 11 kW AC maximum charging capacity translates to near 12-hour charging times (from 0 – 100%) with the 207 kW DC rapid charge allowing for 30 minute 10-80% capability. The 4x4 EQS will offer some of the longest ranges for the UK customers. Looking for performance and something sportier? The 580 configurations will offer enhanced speed and acceleration. On the EV-lifestyle side of things, this will result in similar range results to the 450.

While this is not a cheap EV to lease, for many business contract hire and salary sacrifice customers, the 2% Benefit-In-Kind (BiK) is offsetting some of the £100,000+ cost, by minimising the company car tax payable. For a limited company, leasing is a tax efficient way in which to operate business vehicles / a fleet but in doing so this presents a taxable quandary for the driver. Using a vehicle on a BCH or Sal Sac basis will incur tax based on the value of the vehicle, the income tax threshold of the driver and the CO2 of the vehicle.

The more polluting a vehicle is, the more expensive the monthly taxable deduction is for a driver. Because the EQS SUV is a zero-emission vehicle, this does benefit from an incredibly supportive tax regime in the UK. Company car drivers can save hundreds if not thousands of pounds per month in making the transition to an electric alternative. So while the EQS SUV will have a higher monthly price compared to other vehicles, the reduced tax exposure may bridge any gap.

Ready to order your new EQS SUV lease?  Progressing a contract hire deal with our expert team couldn’t be any easier. To receive an instant price just build your ideal specification on our dedicated electric website. Choose your term (2/3/4 years), annual mileage (5000 – 20,000 per annum), initial rental / deposit (including no deposit options) and your maintenance provision to see exactly how much this high-calibre EV will cost per month.

Remember that contract hire is a usership based product and the EQS SUV will be returned to one of our select finance companies at contract cessation. And if you do need help or advice just get in touch with our team on 01942 910 001 or email us at [email protected]



Frequently asked questions
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How much is a Mercedes EQS SUV Electric to lease?
There is limited information on the exact price of the EQS 4x4 but early indications are that this will cost around £110,000 - £140,000 model and specification dependent. In terms of leasing prices, expect to pay around £900 - £1500 per month. But with this being one of the most luxury and capable EVs to lease, you are guaranteed a great electric experience.

Is a Mercedes EQS SUV Electric a good car to lease?
There have been limited reviews and feedback on the new EQS from the automotive press. CarWow have provided the title “Goodbye Model X!” with Auto Express and TopGear recognising that this will one of the most desirable EVs on the roads. We expect many PCH and BCH customers to head to their local Mercedes dealership when it launches. If it is anything like the Saloon, then Audi, BMW and Tesla will have some elite competition

Is a Mercedes EQS SUV Electric lease right for me or the business?
The suitability of an electric car needs some considered thought. Asides from the comfort, style and performance of the EQS SUV, there are factors like charging infrastructure, range, cost of charging and cost per mile which factor into the debate – electric vs combustion. The e-car lease team are not here to compel you, or the fleet, to move into electric. We are on hand with expert advice and information so that you can carry out your own suitability asessment. Our “Living with your …” tools are integral to the UK’s electric car industry; with all the essential information you need to know before buying or leasing car made available for you.

Where do I find the best Mercedes EQS SUV lease deals in the UK?

Many customers, business or personal, will head to their local Mercedes dealership for an overview and test-drive at official launch. If you, or the company, want to compare leasing v buying  this 4x4 then get a PCP or HP quotation to sit alongside our contract hire proposition.

For a best price comparison, you might want to head to AutoLeaseCompare, CarWow, LeaseFetcher and LeaseLoco, who are UK’s leading aggregators.

What is the cheapest Mercedes EQS SUV Electric leasing option?
At the time of writing (June 2022) there are limited specification options being made available for our UK leasing customers. It is likely that the Mercedes EQS SUV 450+ 245kW AMG Line 108kWh 4dr Auto will be one of the best value models with a price tag of around £110,000.

What is the range of an Electric Mercedes EQS SUV?
Range is always a key question for many electric car lease customers. There is really no nervousness or concern required with this option, as it will have some of the longest ranges available. On both the 450 and 580 battery configs, expect 245 miles on a motorway and 330 miles of city-driving during colder seasons. In warmer times, this will increase to 315 miles on a motorway and 480 miles for city-driving. All based on a full charge.

Can you tow with a Mercedes EQS SUV?
Yes – you can purchase a towing attachment for this SUV.

What is the towing capacity of the Mercedes EQS SUV?
This EV can tow 750kg unbraked and 1800 kg braked.

What is the MPG of the Mercedes EQS SUV
This EV has a vehicle fuel equivalent of 120 mpg

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