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What will the Labour Government do for Electric Vehicles

Is the UK about to experience an EV boom
What will the Labour Government do for Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles - What will the Labour government do?

As of Friday 5 July 2024, it was confirmed to the people of the UK that we are now to have a Labour Government. Under the leadership of Sir Keir Starmer, the new Government will be looking to make major changes to the way in which our political and economical direction is moving. As reported in the BBC  a number of key messages were confirmed, including environmental changes. These include:

  •  A publicly-owned Greta British Energy company to invest in more clean energy and push the country towards zero carbon by 2030;
  •  Upgrading the National Grid to deal with increased demands;
  •  Increase the speeding up of the implementation of electric vehicle charging points; and 
  • End the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030

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The  Labour Government  were very EV-specific in the build up to the election, unlike many of the other parties . Jonathan Reynolds, the Shadow Secretary of State, seemingly recognises the importance of the automotive industry for Britain.

In particular, there is a recognition of change, as the “world pivots” towards electric vehicle technology and zero-carbon transport. There is a suggestion that the Labour team will ensure that our nation has the home-grown energy to fuel our vehicles, the availability of charge points to carry this out and consumer confidence to bring this all together.

Mr Reynolds believes that 80,000 more high-skilled jobs will be created from these actions. But there are other improvements set to be introduced, with a focus on motor insurance costs and more standardisation for the 2nd hand electric car market.

Confidence is massively important for the success of the used electric car market. With companies like e-car now launching used-electric car leasing deals, we need to ensure that personal and business customers are provided with sufficient information to make a detailed and informed decision.

Labour are planning to launch an “Electric Vehicle Confident” system which will address carbon footprints, battery usage relative to an ICE alternative, real-life range and the life of the battery. As identified in their overview over 80% of cars sold in the UK are used, which is why this is so key.

A new battery health certification scheme will be implemented to standardise battery health analysis and ensure degradation and performance are more properly understood. For new cars to be offered at competitive rates for PCP or contract hire, there needs to be strong underlying residual values.

Prices at auctions are key to the leasing deals many new car customers enjoy. And if the Government do get it right then we are very much inline for a more successful electric car journey.

Vehicles like the Lexus shown here are going to be integral to the new and used electric car leasing industry. Known for their power, efficiency and luxury, the Lexus brand are aiming to bring complete refinement to the EV market. Four key specification models will be offered to the UK including:

  •  RZ Premium Pack - from £57,895, this includes the Lexus Safety System+, climate control, 18” alloys and 14” touchscreen display;   
  •  RZ Premium Plus Pack - from £61,095, this adds memory seats, radiator heating in the front seats, ventilated front seats, HUD and Digital Panoramic View Monitor;

Lexus RZ Electric Car Lease

  •  RZ Premium Plus Pack Bi-Tone - from £62,195, this adds the electric tailgate, 20” alloys and colour contrast; and
  •  RZ Takumi - from £65,595, this has front and rear damper, multi-colour ambient lighting, panoramic glass sunroof and 13-speaker Mark Levinson Sound System. 

In terms of the car shown, the Lexus RZ ELECTRIC ESTATE 450e 230kW 71.4 kWh 5dr Auto [Premium Plus Pack], this is based on the following configuration:

  •  Metallic Paint
  •  Tahara synthetic leather - Grey
  •  20" Dark finish alloy wheels
  •  3 pin to Type 2 10A charging cable
  •  Type 2 mode 3 32A charging cable

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But how does the Lexus SUV perform?

As per below, this has one battery option:

  • 450e - this has a usable battery of 64 kWh which offers 230kW (308hp), top speeds of 99 mph and 0-62 times of 5.6 seconds. Real-world ranges suggest a combined 180 miles in colder weather with warmer temperatures to allow for 245 miles (on a full charge) - a combined 215 miles. The 6.6kW AC allows for 0-100% charging times of 11 hours and 30 minutes with the 147kW DC enabling 10-80% in 28 minutes. Bidirectional charging is not present. It has a 136 mpg equivalent.

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