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Your Definitive Guide to the VW ID Buzz Cargo Electric Van Lease

Are all-electric vans any good?
Your Definitive Guide to the VW ID Buzz Cargo Electric Van Lease

The VW ID Buzz Cargo electric Van Lease - Your Definitive Guide

The shift towards electrification is well underway for  cars and passenger vehicles. The deadline for 2035 is still very much in place notwithstanding naysayers, like Sir Jim Ratcliffe, who have been somewhat vocal about our electric transitions and ambitions.

While an experienced business person, his failed attempts to produce a Land Rover Defender alternative via the pricey INEOS Grenadier 4x4, could be behind some of these statements. Indeed, lack of EV driving experience for Sir Jim may be the rationale behind his comments on range, charging facilities and demand. While everyone should be welcome to an opinion on our move to electric, it’s important that there is some fact or truth in what is being stated.

Volkswagen ID.Buzz Cargo 150kW Commerce Electric Van Lease

For commercial vehicles, LCVs and HGVs the arguments are perhaps even greater against moving into lithium-ion tech. And there is a growing conjecture about moving to alternative fuel options when it comes to these types of vehicles.

The data for LCVs is somewhat telling from the SMMT group, In April 2024, only 824 BEV vans were registered, which is significantly less than the 1,494 registered in 2023. As at May 2024, only around 6000 electric vans have been registered compared to the 110,000 diesel ones, which is telling of the UK’s appetites (EVs are just 5% of the demographic).

But commercial vehicles are a little behind compared to cars, where there have been more tax benefits and also greater choice / value. Many small businesses, particularly limited companies, have been enjoying the Corporation Tax and Benefit-In-kind position which an electric car offers compared to a petrol or diesel one.

From a financial and tax perspective, moving to pure electric car is a no-brainer. But commercial vehicles are accounted for in a different format to cars in the UK. With contract hire, a van can be offset 100% against Corporation Tax on any rentals / paid, with all VAT on this able to be recovered (so long as there is no personal use).

The super-deduction in Capital Allowances allows 100% write-off for any vans procured on purchase style agreements like a Hire Purchase or Contract Purchase. And for any van fleet drivers, there is a fixed taxable benefit which is set at a moderate amount; circa £800 per year for a 20% income tax threshold and £1,600 for a 40% income tax threshold.

But with this in mind there are still reasons behind the electric van movement and customers should not be put off or dissuaded by the media or press.

Many fleets are becoming aware of the practicality, and cost-effectiveness, of battery technology. Early this year, the Mitie group confirmed one of the biggest electric van deals, when they announced their tie-up with Volkswagen and the intention to purchase some 650 new vans.

Indeed, in 2024 the facilities maintenance group added their 4000th electric van to the fleet. So if intelligent and conservative businesses are moving their fleets towards EV, there much be some advantages in doing so?

There is the obvious pro that the UK government are still supporting electric vans with the grant - the low-emission plug-in grant. For small vans they will receive up to £2500 and for large vans up to £5000 towards the invoice price.

Using an electric van also presents some cost-saving opportunities for the company / the driver. With overnight domestic charging tariffs and renewable technology, like solar panels, now readily available the cost of electricity is becoming far cheaper than the cost of diesel.

With a litre of diesel costing an average of around £1.57 - £1.78 compared to the 10 pence per kWh for an EV (on an overnight tariff) and you see some big differences. A diesel van covering 10,000 miles per annum with a 40mpg would likely cost you or the business around £1700 - £1800 per year. In the case of an EV van this would be around £400-£500 per year (based on 10p/kWh and a 210 real world range).

Servicing and maintenance of an all-electric is cheaper, with longer service intervals and reduced parts to maintain, especially when comparing with an ageing diesel vehicle. And this is without taking into consideration the fact that many electric vans will be compliant for the impending Congestion Zones and Clean Air Zones which are being put in place across towns and cities in the UK. Substantial daily charges for non-compliant vehicles will make many small businesses reconsider their vehicle choices.

And let’s not avoid the fact that electric vans offer a beneficial driving experience for many fleet operators and SMEs. The vehicles are all auto and will offer the instant torque / smooth experience which zero-emission transportation is delivering.

For small journeys and urban driving, not only are they far cleaner and greener for our environment they are more suitable for this type of driving. One of the perfect examples of this is the VW ID Buzz Cargo, which is the vehicle that the Mitie group are now enjoying. Available as a passenger vehicle and a commercial vehicle, this is a credible van for the UK’s trade professionals to enjoy. Two vans can be used to lease / purchase including:

  •  Commerce - from around £45,000 the entry vehicle offers an alarm, autonomous emergency braking, LED headlights, multifunction camera, driver and 2 passenger bench seat, internal floor coverings, 10” digital screen, climate control, keyless-go, driver alert system, front/rear parking sensors, heated front seats, navigation, towing protection and cruise control; and

Volkswagen ID.Buzz Cargo 150kW Commerce Electric Van Lease Best Deals UK


  •  Commerce Plus - from around £53,000 the top spec model offers adaptive cruise control, Discover Pro navigation, heated windscreen, intelligent park assist, rear view camera, 

Colours include the Bay Leaf Green, Deep Black Pearl, Energetic Orange, Lime Yellow and Mono Silver. For the more stylish among you, the 20” Solna and Stockton alloys can be added. Other functional options can be added like - retractable tow bar, heated washer nozzles, Buzz Box, electric sliding doors, IQ light package, seat armrest and proactive passenger protection.

But how does the electric VW ID Buzz Cargo perform?

This RWD van will have a 77 kWh usable battery which will offer 0 – 62 times of 10.2 seconds, 90 mph top speeds and 150 kW (or 201hp). Expect a combined winter range of 180 miles with warmer weather allowing for 240 miles BUT this is subject to load and carrying. 

On charging, the 11 kW AC max will allow 8 hour  0 – 100% charging times with the 170 kW DC maximum allowing 28 minute 10 – 80% times. The van is 4,712mm long and 1,985mm wide with a gross vehicle weight of 3,000kg. Load volume for the internal rear is around 3.9 cubic metres. The ID Buzz can tow 750kg (Unbraked) or 1000kg (Braked). 

Volkswagen ID.Buzz Cargo 150kW Commerce Electric Van Lease UK

In terms of the van shown., the Volkswagen ID.Buzz Cargo 150kW Commerce 77kWh Auto Pure Electric Vehicle, this is based on the following configuration:

  •  Metallic Paint - Mono Silver 
  •  Fabric - Basket seat covers/Titanium Black – Soul
  •  18" Black steel wheels with full hubcaps in silver
  •  Charging cable mode 3 type 2, 32 A (6 metres length)  

For more information on the ID Buzz Van just build your perfect configuration on the VW manufacturer website -  Then simply get in touch with the UK’s leading electric vehicle experts on 01942 910 001 or make an enquiry on the website for an instant quotation. Let our amazing team help to get your electric van journey started now!

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