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SsangYong lease deals UK

Do SsangYong have electric cars – is this manufacturer even available in the UK? The growth of electric cars and vans available to buy or lease in the UK is now bringing new entrants to the market (just look at what Tesla have done in the last 5 years!). 

The South-Korean based automotive manufacturer has very much been in and out of the UK over the last 20 years with its predominantly SUV and 4x4 product suite offering cost-effective motoring solutions.

With a tale of mixed fortunes, the group are still owned by Mahindra, after it was confirmed that a takeover by Edison Motors has failed. But this group continues to trade.   
At present, customers can enjoy the Tivoli, Musso, Rexton or Korando, with the latter now being made available in a 100% electric format which the group call “e-Motion”. This new electric Korando e-Motion is soon becoming available to order in the UK.

Why choose to lease a SsangYong?

The manufacturer has a reputation for cost-effective and frugal transport solutions. With COVID and microchip shortages obliterating the global automotive landscape, many UK customers are furiously pursuing the cheapest EVs to lease and this means exciting opportunities for some of the new vehicle producers.

With existing combustion engine 4x4 products ranging from £18,000 - £40,000, there is some expectation that e-car lease customers will benefit from some market leading rentals on a family-sized SUV. And, as we are quickly finding out, the future of the UK’s zero-emission fleet seems very much in the hands of anything SUV or Crossover.

How expensive is a SsangYong to lease?

At the time of writing there is still limited pricing information on the new Korando e-Motion, with the manufacture’s website still not showing an OTR for lease or purchase. However, data the e-car lease team have received shows that the vehicle will start from around £32,000 for the base ELX model.

In terms of monthly leasing prices, expect £350 - £500 vehicle and contract dependent. But the price you pay for the finance should not be the only facet which you consider with your new SsangYong. Electric vehicles offer cost-savings on servicing, fuel, company car tax, salary sacrifice schemes and Congestion Zone / Clean Air Zone fees.

Using the e-car lease unique “At a glance” tools, you can quickly understand how much a SsangYong costs to fuel (0 - 100%), your cost per mile, the real-world range and your company car tax liabilities. Whether you are a personal, business or salary sacrifice customer, our expert tools have you covered.

Is a Ssangyong right for me?

Moving to an electric SsangYong can be intimidating for some customers, particularly if you are driving an EV for the first-time. Suitability is more than just a monthly rental or the aesthetics, and ergonomics, a vehicle offers you or the company. Much of your decision will pertain to the actual range (based on temperature and driving conditions), the charging speeds (both AC and DC), the performance and your charge point infrastructure.

Can you charge your new SUV EV at home? Or are you planning to use a public network to regularly charge? Use our integrated Zap Map tools to understand where you can take your SsangYong to charge. Just note that the Korando e-Motion can charge at 6.6 kW AC (10 hour 0 – 100% times) and 80 kW DC rapid charge (40 minute 10 – 80% charge times). As contract hire is a fixed term contract, you can’t simply hand the vehicle back if it isn’t suitable for you or the business; so ensure you utilise our advice and guidance.

How do I lease a new Ssangyong?

If you want to lease a new EV from our expert team, just head to our deals section for each model. Our website allows you to get an estimated price by selecting your preferred contract; simply identify your term, annual mileage, initial rental (including no deposit options) and maintenance provisions. With regards to maintenance, our funder-maintained packages allow you to include the cost of all servicing, tyres and breakdown recovery for the duration of the term (for an additional monthly cost).

Get in touch with the UK’s leading electric vehicle experts on 01942 910 001 or make an enquiry on the website for an instant quotation. Let our amazing team help to get your electric journey started now.


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Is a SsangYong a good car to lease?
The SsangYong is a relatively new product to the electric car market. The Korando e-Motion has recently received 5.5/10 by Electrifying, 3.5/5 by DrivingElectric and 3/5 by WhatCar? And while the review websites are providing this with a genuinely positive response, the cost-effectiveness of the SsangYong may allow personal, business and salary sacrifice schemes to access zero-emission driving on a budget.

Is a SsangYong lease right for me?
The 2022 Mahindra SsangYong Korando could be the perfect EV for those bigger families looking to enjoy a BEV on a budget (particularly if you need a rustic SUV!) However, we do ask that any customer looking into the SsangYong electric cars utilise the unique tools and products which makes the e-car lease website one of the leading resources in the UK. Our new Electric Vehicle Comparison tool allows our customers to compare the best options available based on their range, rapid charge capabilities, acceleration and towing capacity. Add to that a whole host of suitability tools covering seasonal ranges, charging speeds, cables and charge point infrastructure and you have ALL the key information for making an informed decision.

Where do I find SsangYong lease deals in the UK?
For many electric car lease customers, getting the cheapest price will often mean using a price comparison website for pure electric lease cars - AutoLeaseCompare, LeaseLoco and CarWow – to name but a few. We also expect (and encourage) customers to visit a local dealership or store to test-drive the new EV and to ask for a PCP or HP quotations. Understanding if you should lease or buy the SsangYong is a key consideration for some.

What is the Cheapest Electric SsangYong to lease?
As at today (June 2022) our e-car lease team can only offer you a Korando e-Motion. The cheapest model to select is the E-MOTION ELECTRIC ESTATE 140kW ELX 61.5kWh 5dr Auto. From £32,000, this will be the cheapest electric Korando to lease for our UK customers.

What is the range of an electric SsangYong?
As at today (June 2022) the only vehicle the e-car lease team can appraise is the Korando which has recently launched in the UK for our PCH and BCH customers. For the mid-sized SUV, the winter range should be around 125 miles on a motorway and 185 miles in city conditions. The warmer weather should improve this to 160 miles on a motorway and 270 miles for urban driving.

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