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Best electric car lease deals

With car leasing, you’ll find suitable deals on high-performing EVs for an astoundingly low monthly price. Compare our cheap electric car leasing deals to keep more money in your pocket.

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Save money with an electric car lease

Leasing an electric car is a great way to save money on a brand new vehicle for a price that is hard to find elsewhere. Our cheap car lease deals are picked from the leading electric car manufacturers to make sure you receive nothing but the best from e-car lease. We pride ourselves in providing quality EVs – nothing more, nothing less – to give you a hassle-free lease that has you smiling.

Designed with leading-edge technology and a high-calibre blueprint, electric leases enable you to experience quality performance and impeccable handling for a price you create. That’s the beauty of an electric lease deal: you build your own contract based on a rate that suits you. So when electric cars become the new norm, you will already have a head- start with your electric lease, understanding the jargon, the impeccable functions, and the high-quality innovative tech that comes with an EV.

What you’ll love about electric car leasing

There are many reasons why we decided to exclusively lease out new electric cars. But for now, here are a few benefits that may sway you toward an e-car lease EV:

  • Cheap, inexpensive monthly finance plans
  • Reduced running costs due to the low-maintenance electric motor
  • No vehicle depreciation of your EV
  • Complete tax and manufacturer warranty
  • Simplistic leasing process
  • Quality performance & range
  • Innovative technology at your fingertips

Is an electric lease the best option for me?

Electric car leasing is the perfect option for you if you are looking for a vehicle that is cheap to run and is good for the environment. They are very convincing incentives, are they not! So if you are ready to make that change and switch from fossil fuel to an all-electric motor, leasing an EV may just be the right solution for you.

How to lease an electric car in 2024 with us

With a simple leasing process, you can drive your new electric car quickly and efficiently without worrying about lengthy paperwork, policies, and procedures. We’ve cut out all the unnecessary information to give you all you need to know about your electric lease without taking up your valuable time. That means you can set off with your new automobile and benefit from all the perks of an innovative, future-thinking vehicle promptly after creating your contract hire.


The EV leasing process

Choose from the top listed electric leasing deals the UK has down for 2024


Select the contract length and mileage that fits your budget


Talk to our specialists to formalise your contract before driving off in your brand new electric ride

A few things you should know about an electric lease

Charging my electric lease car

Charging your electric car is a straightforward, cost-busting process with a few options to choose from. You can charge your EV at home using a built-in chargepoint, at work with the many government-enforced chargepoints, at public locations such as supermarkets and city parking spots, and at service stations around the UK.

An electric car lease could lower your costs

Put simply, an electric lease will always give you lower running costs than a normal, fossil-fuel car. With low running costs and low monthly payments, an electric lease comes up cheaper than buying an EV outright.

For more detailed information, see our FAQs below or to see all our special electric lease offers, click here.


Go electric with e-car lease

With e-car lease, you can lease with confidence knowing that your EV has been selected from the top offers. Our electric leasing experts will be with you on your car leasing journey to make sure all of your questions are answered and you are 100% happy with your new car. We want to make leasing an electric car as easy as pie, so we’ve come up with a multitude of guides to help you get your head around all things EV.

Electric cars are shaping the not-too-distant driving future. Now is the time to get involved and select an offer that works for you.


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Our customers say
Frequently asked questions
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What is car leasing?
Car leasing is a cost-effective way to drive a new vehicle every 2 – 4 years. You don’t need to worry about the vehicle losing value and your tax and manufacturer warranty are all included in the monthly price you create in your contract hire. With car leasing, you are able to choose from a variety of affordable deals and create your own leasing terms.

What is electric car leasing?
The same as car leasing, but with a future-shaping electric model. With electric car leasing, you can drive a brand new, inexpensive EV while benefiting from cheaper running costs. It’s much cheaper to charge an electric than to fill a tank with fuel.

Why should I lease an electric car?
Not many options can top the intelligence behind leasing an EV. With electric car leasing, you’ll drive away with one of the best new electric models that give you excellent range and performance. You’ll benefit from the latest technology and an EV’s forward-thinking design, and you’ll also be contributing to a healthier, greener environment. Only wins with an electric car lease!

What is the cheapest electric car to lease?

At e-car lease, our cheapest, most affordable electric lease is currently the SEAT MII Electric Hatchback. It’s good to be aware that the cheapest deals change like the seasons, so we always make sure you are provided with the hottest offers and latest deals each week.

See the top 6 electric lease deals now under £200 here.

What are the benefits of electric car leasing?

Electric car leasing allows you to choose a deal most suited to you – one that fits your budget and has all the specs you are after. It gives you the opportunity to drive a brand new car every 2 – 4 years without having to worry about depreciation, and road tax and manufacturer warranty are all included in the monthly lease price.

With an EV lease, you will be able to reap the benefits of low running costs, superb range, and high-quality technology all for a low monthly price.

Should I buy or lease an electric car?
Buying an electric car can be the pricier option in comparison to leasing. However, the choice largely depends on what your main focus is. If you prefer to own a car and can afford the expenses of buying, then there’s no stopping you. But if you like driving a new car for a fixed monthly price – no extra fees or hidden payments included – then leasing is the perfect option for you.

What does a cheap electric car include in the UK?
The UK has a multitude of electric models for you to choose from. And when you lease with us, you will get full manufacturer warranty and road tax included in your contract hire price. You can also choose to add extras to your electric leasing package, including breakdown cover and servicing.

Is electric car leasing a good idea?

If you are looking to go green and like the sound of an electric car, you can be assured that leasing one is a good option. Not only will you be adding to a cleaner environment, but you will also benefit from:

• Low running costs
• A quiet, smooth drive
• Fantastic range and performance
• cheap monthly lease deals
• The option to drive a brand new EV every 2 – 4 years

Is a cheap electric car worth it?
A cheap electric car will still have the benefits of a more expensive model and will help you save money each month while cutting down on fuel emissions. With a cheap electric car, you can tour cities and towns without worrying about running costs or expensive servicing.

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