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The Tesla Model Y Electric Car Lease Deal - perfect for you or the business

The Tesla Model Y Business Lease Deal

The perfect electric car for you or your business- the Tesla Model Y

Charging is fundamental to your electric car experience whether or not you are a consumer or business customer. For many years, the resounding theme circulating EV procurement has been charging infrastructure, with the common rhetoric suggesting “there are not enough charge points in the UK”.

Tesla Model Y Hatchback Long Range AWD 5dr Auto Electric Car Lease  Best Deals

The problem with this statement is that it is often made by someone who not only does not drive an EV but has not properly researched how the “Electric Lifestyle” actually operates. Nor are they aware of applications or tools which are available to us in the UK. For example, when we are talking about the charging infrastructure, it is important to take into account key partners of e-car lease, like Zap Map, who do provide clear information on your local area using Google Maps.

Indeed, many of our customers are often shocked by the volume of public charging options around their home, or work, which they can utilise. And as a useful reminder of what is happening throughout the UK, the Zap Map team do provide a monthly update on our charging investment. For example, in January 2024 a net 1,436 new EV devices were added to the Zap Map app, taking us to 55,301 devices nationally!

January 2024 - Zap Map - How many chargepoints?

January 2024 - Zap Map - How many chargepoints

The great news is that more focus and investment is coming to the UK, with today (5 February 2024) the UK Government announcing more investment into the charging community in order to expedite the rollout of charging infrastructure. In summary:

  •  additional grants will be made available for state-funded schools, nurseries and colleges;
  •  5 more local authorities are set to receive funding for local chargepoints; and
  •  New proposals to enable this to be installed quicker. 

The big news for the educational sector is that more investment is to made available to them, with an increase of the grant from £350 to £2,500 per socket (or up to 75% of the cost). As part of improving our destination charging culture, efforts like this are going to be integral. We cannot simply presume when, or where, an EV customer will want to charge.

And therefore improved accessibility at a variety of locations is now a key mandate. And more investment is being made available to Local Authorities across the UK under the LEVI Fund (Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Fund). This £381 million investment is set to help residents and businesses have access to better local charging throughout the UK’s towns and cities.

Tesla Model Y Hatchback Long Range AWD 5dr Auto Electric Car Lease Best Offers

And with the BBC  announcing that we are now at the million mark for electric cars sold in the UK  we must ensure more proactive initiatives are put in place to help new and used EV drivers enjoy the transition.

what is the cost of installing an EV charger?

But what is the cost for installing an EV charge point?

For consumers, or personal lease customers, they will be directed towards Rightcharge  to access a price comparison of the various home charge points. There are various brands available and each will offer different facets or features which you may found useful, for example solar charging or smart charging.

The units will cost you around £800 to £1200, with the installation to be added to that. What it costs to have a charge point at home will depend on your individual circumstances and you will be asked to conduct a survey before this can be carried out.

To assist with the upfront cost, some charging units are available with competitive finance packages to help buffer the impact on you. In almost every instance your home charge point will be a 7kW AC unit. This is referred to as an “Installed Home Charger” on our e-car lease website, when you are calculating the charging times.

For clarity, there is no grant available for domestic households who own their property but renters or landlords may be able to apply . Speak to your installer about any available grants.

How much is a charge point at work?

For business leasing customers, they will need more specialist advice and consultation. There are various options for you in both AC (slower) and DC (fast / rapid) format, each with a corresponding cost. This will depend on your car parking situation and volume of drivers / company users in electric (or due to go electric). 

Tesla Model Y Hatchback Long Range AWD 5dr Auto Electric Car Lease UK

For smaller businesses, you may be offered wall mounted or free-standing 7kW options, similar to domestic customers. For bigger premises, or for those customers with a bigger budget, floor standing installations with up to 22kW AC may be offered. As you would expect, there will be costs attributed to any civil groundworks or local infrastructure.

Commercial EV charging is likely to cost at least £2,000 - £3,000 per charging unit for the more robust AC options. If you are considering DC / rapid charging, then you need to vastly increase your budget as these solutions will cost well in advance of £20,000 per charging unit. As per above, a grant may be available for you and your installer should be able to advise.

Before you commit to any electric cars or vans, always conduct a basic readiness check on your residence or workplace, as these will be your foremost charging sessions.

In terms of the car shown, the Tesla MODEL Y HATCHBACK Long Range AWD 5dr Auto (Pure Electric Vehicle), this is based on the following:

  •  Midnight Silver Metallic Paint
  •  Premium engineered material - Black seat
  •  Premium open pore wood décor
  •  20" Induction alloy wheels 

Tesla Model Y Hatchback Long Range AWD 5dr Auto Electric Car Lease

And how does the new Long Range  Model Y  Tesla perform? 

Starting from £52,990, the AWD will have a 75 kWh usable battery which will offer 0 – 62 times of 5.0 seconds, 135 mph top speeds and 378 kW (or 507hp).

Expect a combined winter range of 225 miles with warmer weather allowing for 310 miles. On charging, the 11 kW AC max will allow 8 hour and 15 min 0 – 100% charging times with the 250 kW DC maximum allowing 27 minute 10 – 80% times. A cargo volume of 854L is available with this car. It has a vehicle fuel equivalent of 146mpg.

You can tow up to 750kg (unbraked) and 1600kg (braked)  with this EV. It also has no V2L or V2G capabilities (so far). The Heat Pump is standard.

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