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Citroen C4 electric lease deals

CITROEN car leasing deals

For a new electric Citroen C4 at a great price, browse our range below.

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Citroen C4 Car leasing

Your deal includes
Expert electric vehicle guidance
Free driven delivery to your door
Full manufacturer warranty
Supplied by a franchised dealer
Make the right choice with our EV tools

Leasing a Citroen e-C4 in the UK

One of the amazing facets about electric cars, and vans, is that so many different manufacturers are now launching amazing products, and this is providing them with an opportunity to re-invent the branding / image with our UK customers.

Forming part of the Stellantis group, the French brand – Citroen – are now moving away from a reputation for cheap and basic automobiles, into a manufacturer which can be considered as structurally integral as a Volkswagen or Volvo.

The introduction of the electrified C4 a “C-segment” crossover SUV, was a true testament to Citroen’s ambitions. From mid-2020, our e-car lease customers have been able to order a brand new purely electric SUV (which is the most competitive segments within the zero-emission market).

The e-C4 is not without specification choice for personal or business customers transitioning to a BEV, with the following options below:

  • Sense – from £29,995 this car has air conditioning, smart pad support, 10” touchscreen with Bluetooth and Connect Play, 18” alloys, keyless entry and start, lane departure and lane keep assist and forward collision assist;
  • Shine Plus – from £34,995 this adds the HiFi system, wireless smartphone charging, Connect Nav, the safety plus pack, 18” alloys, 5.5” backlit instrument cluster, leather steering wheel and HUD for the driver; and
  • Shine Edition – from £31,995 this car has Connect Nav, Connect Box emergency assistance, side windows with chrome details, dark tinted rear windows, leather steering wheel, HUD for the driver and 18” alloys.

There’s a whole host of great additional options to add to your electric C4 with the 11 kW AC upgrade for £300 and the safety plus pack (video and radar assistant) for £1300. So, as Citroen suggest on their website, “you’re gonna love the electric life” with the e-C4.

But does the 100% electric Citroen C4 deliver on the battery?  With any EV, much of what you pay for is the battery technology and capability. While we all want comfort, distinctive design and ease of drive, it’s utterly key that the EV is actually suitable for your lifestyle. The car’s usable battery of 45 kWh delivers 100 kW (or 134hp) for 0 - 62 times of 9.7 seconds and 93mph top speeds.

In terms of charging times, the C4 will take just over 7 hours from 0 – 100% on the 7.4 kW AC max and 25 minutes for 10 - 80% on the 101 kW DC max. Upgrade to the 11 kW AC max for £300 and this shortens the charging times to just 5 hours. Combined cold weather ranges on the e-C4 are 140 miles on a full charge and a much more reasonable 190 miles in warmer weather.

But the electrified version of the C4 will face stiff competition from a number of great alternative brands – the Skoda Enyaq, VW Id.5 and Volvo C40 are all equally robust machines to consider as your next new car. But as a credit broker, not a lender or dealership, the expert team at e-car can not only provide you with the leading information on wide-array of cars, together with a comparison of finance products, but we can answer all your queries – “what is the range of the Citroen C4?”, “Is an e-C4 a good car?” and “how much is an e-C4?” are all covered on our website, on our FAQs or by speaking to our team on 01942 910 001 or by emailing us at [email protected]

Need an instant lease price on the fully electric C4?  Head to our dedicated deals section and review the variable specifications and options. And if you, or the business, needs to understand the cost of leasing the car just use the calculator on our website by inputting the term, annual mileage, initial rental (including no deposit), maintenance and charge point provisions.

Everything you receive is a contract hire provision which is a long-term usership product (you or the business will never own the vehicle). With contract hire you simply return the vehicle at the end of the contract and organise your new EV with our expert team

Frequently asked questions
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How much is a e-C4 Electric to lease?
With this crossover ranging between £30,000 - £35,000 expect the best leasing deals to be £275 - £400 per month depending on the contract and specification you require. This is very much a mid-range vehicle and should be considered for those families looking for a good all-rounder electric car option to lease.

Is a e-C4 Electric a good car to lease?
The Citroen has received mixed reviews across the UK automotive press and review platforms. What Car? rate this as a 3/5, Top Gear at 7/10, CarWow at 7/10 and Electrifying at 4/5. The latest model, with the 11 kW AC charging upgrade demonstrates that convenience and practicality are much on the minds of the French engineers. Interior and luggage space are a big bonus for this car, but the limited battery range could prevent high-mileage customers and company car users selecting this option.

Is a e-C4 Electric lease right for me or the business?
With the e-car lease “Living with your …” tools available for you, or the fleet manager, for free we do think that understanding the suitability of the BEV Citroen is straightforward with our website proposition. Electric cars do need additional consideration – seasonal range, charging cables, charging speeds, cost per mile and company car tax to name but a few. The economic reasoning behind electrification is explained in a cohesive and structured format on our website. Once you, or the company car team, have this information you can proceed with a long-term lease (or purchase) in the full knowledge that the product meets your need and requirements.

Where do I find the e-C4 lease deals in the UK?
Most of our e-car lease do use our leading e-C4 deals as the start, and end, point for their leasing journey. But we do understand that they will review our pricing on some of the leading price comparison websites such as AutoLeaseCompare, CarWow, LeaseFetcher and LeaseLoco for the best EV leasing prices. Newer review resources like GreenCarGuide and Fully-Charged can also provide pricing information for you. Looking to work out if it is cheaper to lease or buy the C4 EV? Head to your local Citroen dealership and ask for a PCP, PCP or Finance Lease quotation to review against our contract hire quotations.

What is the cheapest e-C4 Electric leasing option?
At the time of writing, the cheapest option to select is the ELECTRIC HATCHBACK100kW Sense 50kWh 5dr Auto. However, do check the e-car lease as we do, from time to time, discount some of the better specification models which can make them a cheaper alternative to the rudimentary models

What is the range of an Electric e-C4?
How far your new electric C4 will travel on a full charge will depend on a number of important factors for example external temperature, charging behaviour, driver speed and driving style. Colder weather and higher speeds will greatly influence the efficiency of your battery. For example, this Citroen option will offer 115 miles on a motorway and 165 miles in cities / towns in colder weather. In contrast, warmer climates will amend this to 150 miles on a motorway and 245 miles in cities / towns – all based on a full charge. Harsher acceleration and “sport modes” will also impact this.

Can you tow with a e-C4?
No - you cannot add a tow hitch and / or tow attachment for this car.

What is the towing capacity of the e-C4?
N/A - you cannot tow a trailer or caravan with this EV.

What is the MPG of the e-C4?
This 45 kWh option has a vehicle fuel equivalent of 148 mpg

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