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Fisker electric car deals UK

The name Henry Fisker may not mean too much to the UK just yet but mark our words when we say that he will become a household name just like Elon Musk. The Danish automotive designer has previously worked on cars like the BMW Z8 and Aston Martin DB9 but co-founded the Fisker group in 2007, originally pursuing a plug-in hybrid vehicle (the Fisker Karma) before turning attentions to the pure electric market in 2016 with his revised brand - the Fisker Inc company - which was founded with his wife.

Between 2016 and 2020, along with his wife Geeta, the Fisker brand underwent a series of fund raising and investment rounds, in order to bring about company software, electronics and vehicle production. At the heart of the project was their all-electric SUV, the Fisker Ocean, which is set to be their first mass-market EV (officially launching in 2023 to parts of Europe, the UK and the US).

But this will not be the only option set to launch in the UK, with the following two EVs also coming along, including:

  •  Fisker Pear – an “agile City EV”, this small hatchback will target young drivers in urban and city living who need compact mobility with futuristic, but minimalistic styling. Bringing sustainable technology and design, 2024 should see this £30,000 - £35,000 EV make a real impact in the UK’s leasing industry; and
  • Fisker Ronin – very little is known on Project Ronin, but this all-electric four door convertible GT Sports Car is set to be the company’s game-changer. There is not yet a release date for this product.   

Why choose to lease a Fisker electric?

Not unlike Tesla, this is an automotive company which is centred around battery technology. Some car companies are making petrol, diesel and plug-in options, with BEVs as an after-thought or add-on to their repertoire. This can lead to conflicts, poor choices and expensive product; economies of scale are crucial here. As Fisker state on their website – “All-Electric. Dynamic. Driver-Centric”. And notions like their SolarSky, a revolutionary solar powered roof to generate energy for the battery, are statements of intent … apparently some 1,500 miles of driving can be enjoyed through this SolarSky (an additional option). Not to mention a class-leading 6 year or 60,000 mile warranty, which adds complete piece of mind.              
For the customer preferring the more distanced, and technological route, like Tesla and Polestar, you will be able to organise your new EV from the comfort of your own home. Simply configure and build your ideal specification on the Fisker website (https://www.fiskerinc.com/) and place a refundable deposit. While no formal confirmation of stores or test-driving programmes has been announced, it is likely the successful Tesla style of marketing and communication will be adopted.    

How expensive is a Fisker electric to lease? 

At the time of writing (May 2023), UK customers can only elect to lease an Ocean One, the new SUV. Priced between £36,000 - £61,000, expect leasing deals at around £350 - £750 per month. One of the great aspects of the Ocean is that the Fisker brand are producing both a cost-effective and affordable solution along with more comprehensive and robust luxury options, with considerable range and power. Use our lease configurator to create your perfect contract.       

Is an electric Fisker for me?

The suitability, and affordability, of a new electric car is something of a hot topic in the UK’s media and press for 2023. Are they good enough on range and charging times? Are they affordable? Can they be built within a suitable timeframe? While it is good that we question and discuss the efficacy of this energy source, particularly with new manufacturers like Fisker, it’s also important we know what constitutes a good or a bad EV.

There are more elements to consider outside of just price and aesthetics; each personal and business lease customer needs to ascertain whether or not the obligations of all-electric driving are suitable for their needs and requirements.   

The good news for our e-car lease customers is that our leading e-car website offers more than just the best Fisker deals; it also provides crucial data on the key metrics which relate to the new vehicle. Contained within each deal is our “at a glance” and our “living with your …” tools which quickly summarise the range, charging times, charging costs, company car tax and charge point integrations for the EV.

In addition, you will be sent our EVC™ (Electric Vehicle Certificate) which enables you or the business to instantly know if this deal is THE best one for you.  As part of our Consumer Duty obligations, our role is to make sure that our consumers, or businesses, receive the right finance product and EV solution for their needs and requirements. 

How do I lease a new electric Fisker?  

As at May 2023, the only Fisker EV to lease is the Ocean One. However, with the upcoming Pear and Ronin from 2024-2025, expect new and exciting deals to launch in our Fisker section. For now, PCH and BCH customers just need to head to the Fisker website and place their £250 deposit to secure a place in line for the new Ocean One. Successful applicants will be offered an order slot which can be secured for a £5000 order fee. With units set to hit the UK around September 2023, you do need to be quick.    

Just be clear, we offer personal, business and salary sacrifice leasing options here at e-car lease. When you have a confirmed order and specification, just send this to our team for a corresponding quotation.  
Need more help or advice on the Fisker brand? Just call us on 01942 910 001 or email [email protected]

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