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Mazda MX-30 electric lease deals

MAZDA car leasing deals

For a new electric Mazda MX-30 at a great price, browse our range below.

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Mazda MX-30 Car leasing

Your deal includes
Expert electric vehicle guidance
Free driven delivery to your door
Full manufacturer warranty
Supplied by a franchised dealer
Make the right choice with our EV tools

Leasing a Mazda MX-30 in the UK

Can you lease a cheap electric SUV?  A question which many customers were left asking in the UK, as the last few years have been dominated by luxury SUVs, along with mid-range company cars like the Tesla Model 3 and BMW i4.

Achieving the Government’s ambitious 2030 / 2035 aim for a nation of new cars in electric-only format will take tremendous work and investment from all involved. Most importantly, the personal and business contract hire market needs manufacturers like Mazda to bring cost-effective and cheaper models in a zero-emission format.

Since 2020, this Japanese manufacturer have been supplying their electrified version of the CX-30 to Europe. And what makes the MX-30 truly distinctive is the “freestyle” doors which are somewhat impressive. But the product faces tough competition from the Hyundai Kona, Vauxhall Mokka-e and Lexus UX.

Since launching the MX-30 in 2020, the brand has since amended the specification on the model moving away from the familiar SE-L Lux, Sport Lux and GT Sport into the following derivatives below:

  • Prime-Line – from £28,500 this model has 18” alloys, integrate navigation with Apple CarPlay, front and rear parking aids, reversing camera, active driving display (HUD), LED headlights, air conditioning, automatic wipers, privacy glass, stop/start button, traffic sign recognition and hill start launch;
  •  Exclusive-Line – from £30,500 this option adds upgraded 18” alloys, 8-way electric driver’s seat with memory and lumbar support and smart keyless entry; and
  • Makoto – from nearly £34,500 this top-spec model includes Bose surround sound, power tilt and slide sunroof, heated steering wheel and front wipers with built-in de-icer.

All of the models above will be powered by the same battery – a 30 kWh lithium-ion configuration. This produces 105 kW of power (or 141hp) for 0 - 62 times of 9.7 seconds and top speeds of 87 mph. The combined range on a full charge will be around 90 miles in colder climates with around 120 miles in warmer climates.

In terms of charging speeds / times, expect the 6.6 kW AC to allow for 0 – 100% times of 5 hours and 30 mins with the 37 kW DC rapid charge making way for 40 minute 10 – 80%. Unfortunately, this makes the MX-30 one of the slowest charging EVs to lease in the UK.

But can you have a no deposit leasing deal on the Mazda SUV?  Many customers, particularly those looking to create or join a salary sacrifice scheme, will ask about the no deposit leasing schemes for an electric vehicle. As a credit broker, not a lender or dealership, we work alongside a number of key finance partners who can offer a flexible number of products and arrangements for your needs and requirements. With contract hire, the initial rental is flexible (so long as you or the business have a positive credit history) and you can elect to use a no-deposit option on our website by selecting “1” on our instant quote calculator.

What this means is that the amount you pay in month 1 will be the same throughout the contract; you do not pay a large initial rental or deposit as part of this. Contract hire is not interest bearing in the same way as PCP or Hire Purchase, so there is little incentive to make big initial rentals other than for situations of using up funds as part of a corporation tax reduction.

Will the Mazda MX-30 be your preferred choice?  To lease this small SUV, head across to our MX-30 leasing deals on the e-car website and select from the different options the manufacturer offers. Use our “Configure Vehicle” to create your perfect car and, to receive an instant price, configure your contract with our calculator. You can even ask the team to help you with a charge point or maintenance solution by selecting the right box.

As one of the first electric car leasing brokers in the UK you, or the company, can have complete assurance that you are working with the experts. Need more information on the Mazda EV? Speak to our expert team on 01942 910 001 or by emailing us at [email protected]

Frequently asked questions
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How much is a Mazda MX-30 to lease?
With a price between £28,000 - £35,000, specification and options dependent, the MX-30 should be available to lease at around £275 - £375 per month for our PCH, BCH and Sal Sac customers. We sometimes do get enhanced offers or deals from the manufacturer or finance company, so do keep an eye on our dedicated Mazda page or sign up to our newsletter.

Is a Mazda MX-30 a good car to lease?
Rated 7/10 by Top Gear, 6.5/10 with Electrifying and with What Car? at 3 /5, this small SUV gets mixed feedback from the automotive press. The specification and comfort is clearly palpable with this motor, not to mention the sharp stylings and reasonable monthly costs. Where this EV does need thought is with those customers who have higher mileages; the limited range of the car needs taking into consideration. Also note the limited charging speeds – many competitors are now set at 11 kW AC and at least 75 kW DC. Unfortunately, the Mazda lets you down here

Is a Mazda MX-30 lease right for me or the business?
The e-car team cannot say if you, or the company, should / should not lease a car. Our main aim is to set out the key information on every vehicle and the finance product so you can make a decision based on your need and requirements. Every Mazda will have our “Living with your ...” tools available to make that assessment. For example, we show seasonal ranges, charging speeds, charging cables, company car tax (for BCH and Salary Sacrifice only) and the cost to charge a car plus its cost per mile. Using our tools helps you or the fleet team to understand the cost of EV motoring.

Where do I find the best Mazda MX-30 lease deals in the UK?
Some customers will find e-car via our price comparison partners like AutoLeaseCompare, CarWow, LeaseFetcher and LeaseLoco. Or even review partners like GreenCarGuide and Discover EV. Others will start off at their local dealer for a PCP, HP or Lease Purchase quote to compare if buying or leasing the Mx-30 is best. While we only offer electric cars on our website, we do try to ensure a cost-competitive quotation each and every time for our customers coupled with the best information. Just see our Trustpilot to see how we really perform for our customers.

What is the cheapest Mazda MX-30 Electric leasing option?
At the time of writing (May 2022) the cheapest model to select is the HATCHBACK107kW Prime Line 35.5kWh 5dr Auto at £28,500. However, we sometimes do have offers on the better specification models, so check our website for the latest deals.

What is the range of an Electric Mazda MX-30
The Mazda is a small battery EV and offers only a limited range. This is a suitable car for our low-mileage customers or for those with city / urban driving conditions. In colder climates the MX-30 will offer 75 miles on a motorway with 105 miles in city-driving on a full charge. In warmer weather expect 95 miles on a motorway with 155 miles in city-driving on a full charge. Remember, that driving style, external temperatures and driver-behaviour influence the range of your EV.

Can you tow with a Mazda MX-30?
No - you cannot add a tow hitch and / or tow attachment for this car.

What is the towing capacity of the Mazda MX-30?
N/A - you cannot tow a trailer or caravan with this EV.

What is the MPG of the Mazda MX-30?
This EV has a vehicle fuel equivalent of 142 mpg.

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