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Mercedes-Benz EQB Car leasing

Leasing a Mercedes EQB in the UK

While slow starters in the electric car race, Mercedes have truly catapulted their EQ product around the UK throughout 2021 and 2022, with a vehicle in almost every conceivable segment. What was the catalyst for this enthusiasm? While electric transport has clearly been a consideration for some time, just look at their plug-in “e” ranges, it can only be the fear of falling behind Audi and BMW or being crushed by the Tesla powerhouse which served as a catalyst to Merc’s truly talented engineering team. The iconic brand has won the hearts of most personal and business lease customers in the UK but the need for fully electric solutions is intensifying. This is not a novelty or some short-term clean air zone / congestion zone workaround; electric cars and vans are a key part of our automotive future

Where there is a gleamingly obvious shortage in the electric car segment is with a 7-seater family option - which can you actually select? A Tesla Model X is not only delayed until 2023 (or later), the £85,000+ price tag alienates the vast majority of the UK’s demographic. And the initial Tesla Model Y will NOT include a 7-seat option yet. This has been fortuitous to Mercedes, as their 2022 introduction, the new EQB, is the perfect and only bigger family-friendly EV to lease. Available in two clear formats – a 300 4Matic 168 kW 66.5 kWh Auto and a 350 4Matic 215 kW 66.5 kWh Auto – this luxury SUV will be immensely popular with both our personal and business lease customers

Not unlike most Mercedes products, the brand is launching with two specification options to choose from:

• AMG Line – an entry level model at around £52,000 – enjoy 18” alloys, AMG body styling, easy-pack tailgate, privacy glass, active lane assist, two 10.25” screens to create a wide screen experience / digital cockpit, mirror package and a parking package with reversing camera, Mercedes sound system (with 225 W amplifier), heated front seats, multifunction steering wheel, seat comfort package, climate control; and
• AMG Line Premium – currently the top-level model at around £55,000 – this adds 19” alloys, keyless-go, panoramic sunroof, advanced sound system and wireless charging for mobile phones.

But can personal users enjoy an electric lease too? To clarify, a Mercedes EQB is an electric car which personal, business and salary sacrifice customers can equally enjoy. Because an electric car will have a 2% BiK from tax year 2022/23, it represents an incredibly tax-effective way to enjoy a new car. Indeed, the cost to a company car driver on a petrol and/or diesel vehicle is partially accounting for the significant disruption in our automotive industry. As we move towards the Government’s targets of removing combustion by 2030 / 2035, you can expect more radical changes. But personal lease customers have an incentive to enjoy the benefits of fully electric driving.

An EV is cheaper to service and maintain, the cost of fully-charging the vehicle is less than a full tank of petrol or diesel, electric car insurance is now comparable and these vehicles will not incur the upcoming charges of a Clean Air Zone and Congestion Zone which are being put in place around the UK’s towns and cities. And to dispel a rumour, EVs are not boring – they offer quicker 0-62 times and a more comfortable driving experience than their combustion alternatives (the Mercedes EQB in this case).

And moving ahead with your new electric EQB couldn’t be easier with the expert team at e-car lease. As one of the original electric car leasing companies in the UK we know how to educate and assist our customers towards the best deals. Our “Living with ...” tools are unique to e-car lease and these help show you (or the company) the range, charging speeds, charging times and charge point locations for your new Mercedes EQB.

Use our deal configurator to select a term (2-4 years), mileage (5,000 – 20,000) and initial rental / deposit (configurable) which meets your needs and requirements. From no deposit lease deals through to high-mileage company car users, our team are here to help with the new zero emission Mercedes.

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Frequently asked questions
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How much is a Mercedes EQB Electric to lease?
Mercedes did not introduce the EQB as means of saving UK customers money; this is very much a Tesla Model Y alternative or even a product to bridge the gap between the announcement and actual arrival of the upcoming Model X (which could be 2023 onwards). Starting at £50,000+ the EQB will be cost anywhere between £500 - £750 per month depending on the battery and specification required.

Is a Mercedes EQB Electric a good car to lease?
Where Mercedes are meeting customer requirements is with the style, build quality and familiarity of the vehicle. In the case of the EQB, the interior and exterior are an almost identical replica to a GLB. In contrast, some manufacturers are re-developing their electric car products, so they look much different to the combustion alternatives, especially with their unique designs and concepts. For some, this is a step too far and with the exception of replacing a combustion engine with lithium-ion batteries, they want everything to stay the same. In addition, the EQB also has the clear advantage of being one of the only 7-seater options available to UK leasing customers. It would be unsurprising if this car was named the family EV of the year for 2022

Is a Mercedes EQB electric lease right for me or the business?
With Mercedes you are guaranteed luxury, battery performance and driver comfort (not to mention that this is a great looking family EV). Notwithstanding this remains an electric car and the considerations in our “Living with …” tools still apply. For example, are you a high-mileage company car user? Do you have off-road parking for home charging? Do you live in a remote region away from public charging networks?

Where do I find the best Mercedes EQB lease deals in the UK?
The leading e-car lease Mercedes EQB electric car leasing deals feature on our pricing partners platforms like AutoLeaseCompare, CarWow, LeaseFetcher and LeaseLoco. However, we do understand that many first-time EV drivers do need to test-drive and review their EQB at a local dealership. It is likely that you will receive a comparable hire purchase or personal contract purchase deal to compare against our leasing quote. Should you lease or buy the EQB? This is a decision which ultimately depends on your needs and requirements

What is the Cheapest Mercedes EQB Electric leasing option?
At the time of writing, the cheapest EQB to lease is Estate 300 4Matic 168 kW AMG Line 66.5 kWh 5dr Auto. But with a starting price above £50,000, the e-car lease team do not believe this will feature on our “cheap deals” section in the near future. However, value for money and cost-effective the EQB certainly is, particularly if you are a business leasing or salary sacrifice customer exchanging your combustion vehicle for a new zero-emission product.

What is the range of an electric Mercedes EQB?
The range of an EQB will be a big factor for our e-car lease customers. One thing we do stress is that you do need to research the range of an electric car in more depth as factors such as weather, driver behaviours and driving style do influence how far the EQB can go on a full charge.  For example, in winter / colder climates the EQB can travel 150 miles on a motorway or around 205 miles on city-driving. In summer / warmer weather, expect 190 miles on a motorway and 300 miles of city-driving. This is without factoring into this the acceleration or breaking habits of a driver.

Can you tow with a Mercedes EQB?
No - you cannot purchase a towing attaching for this family SUV.

What is the towing capacity of the Mercedes EQB?
N/A - you cannot tow with this vehicle.

What is the MPG of the Mercedes EQB?
This has a vehicle fuel equivalent of 125mpg

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