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Mini Hatchback Car leasing

Your deal includes
Expert electric vehicle guidance
Free driven delivery to your door
Full manufacturer warranty
Supplied by a franchised dealer
Make the right choice with our EV tools

Leasing a Mini Electric in the UK

Consistently one of the UK’s best-selling cars (it was 3rd overall in the UK in 2021), the Mini is a truly iconic motor – so who can blame BMW for making a pure electric version of the already popular petrol, diesel and plug-in formats. The German manufacturer almost certainly made a correct decision, with the electric Mini being the 7th most popular EV in the UK in 2021 - just over 6,500 were registered!

Where the Mini has really excelled is that it has simply followed the format of the existing Mini Cooper “S” platform in terms of external and internal aesthetics The only key difference is that the Mini has a 33 kWh lithium-ion battery set-up in replacement of the combustion engine.

So what does kWh and kW actually mean for a Mini customer? Personal, business and salary sacrifice customers across the UK are asking these questions as we become an electrified nation. The “kWh” on a zero-emission vehicle refers to the battery size (like CC on a combustion vehicle) and this is something which features on all our vehicle descriptions. The battery size will help a Mini customer in two ways – 1) it provides an understanding of how far a car may travel on a full charge (the bigger the kWh, the bigger the range - generally); and 2) it helps the customer understand the cost of “fuelling” the vehicle from 0-100%.

The “kW” is a reference to a vehicle’s power, in the same way as bhp or ps would be on a combustion option. Using these metrics will assist our customers to select the right car for their needs and requirements. At the time of writing this, the Mini only has a 33kWh battery and 135kW output, so it’s straightforward

Where Mini are really simple for our customers is that you only have to select from the £27,000 Level 1 (with navigation, digital cockpit, cruise control, air conditioning), the £29,000 Level 2 (with a driving assistant pack, rear view camera, comfort access, heated seats, leatherette upgrades) and a £34,500 Level 3 (with navigation plus, front/rear parking sensors, adaptive LED headlights, panoramic sunroof, full leather) plus a £35,000 Special Edition model. While this is an electric car with 0g/km of CO2, for business users and salary sacrifice customers the price of the car, or P11d, is very important for calculating company car tax / Benefit in Kind. Use the e-car lease company car tax calculator for further information.

Using the electric Mini day-to-day is simple for our e-car customers. The 28.9 kWh usable battery delivers a combined winter range of 98 miles and a summer range of circa 135 miles. For further information on charge / range, don’t forget to use the  Zap Map route planner which helps prepare you for the charging aspects of you new EV. Because the Mini has only a moderate battery size, charging times are efficient. The hatchback can charge up to 11 kW AC (for 3 hour 0-100% times) and rapid charge at 49 kW DC (for 30 minute 10-80% times). Don’t EV’s take too long to fully-charge? Well clearly not quite as much as you would think. Don’t forget to use our “Living with ..” analysis of the Mini to get a full charge time analysis. This is a free resource for all our electric car leasing customers.

Ready to lease your new Mini EV? Simply raise an enquiry directly with our expert team. One of great benefits of our e-car website is that not only does it show you the real world range, battery and plug type, charge times and charge point locations, but it also allows you to generate an instant personal or business lease quote. Simply select your term, mileage, initial rental and any additional options to receive your quotation. And if you want to check that you are working with the UK’s leading EV leasing company, just head over to our Trustpilot reviews
Frequently asked questions
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How much is a Mini Electric to lease?
As noted within our Mini EV guide, you can select from 3 different Levels of Mini plus some Special Edition models. Therefore, expect to pay between £250 - £400 per month with this car. Just consider that your contract term, annual mileage and initial rental will also influence your price. Using our quote generator, you can get an instant price on the Mini electric. Our updated lythium system should even allow you to take the enquiry thought to credit proposal and order

Is Mini Electric a good car to lease?
The Mini is a real favourite for our low-mileage customers, especially those who need a perfect urban/city-car solution. Because of the combined real-world range of around 115 miles, this probably isn’t a suitable option for high-mileage customers who utilise motorway driving on a regular basis. And one of the main positives of the Mini is that it really is one of the best-looking small hatchbacks in the EV-world, with the Level 2 and 3 offering some amazing specification

Is a Mini Electric lease right for me or the business?
The phenomenal growth of electric vehicles in the UK has brought about more customer inquiries into the suitability of an electric car. The price per month or the low company car tax exposure are not the only relevant observations with your new Mini. You, or the fleet, must consider charge times, ranges (based on your usual driving routes), energy tariffs and electric car insurance. We call this – “Whole of Life” cost analysis. And if you do want more independent reviews, websites like the GreenCarGuide and Fully-Charged, will give you an in-depth analysis of the EV lifestyle and the Mini.

Where do I find the best Mini Electric lease deals in the UK?
Many of the best electric car leasing deals, like ours, can be view on the UK’s best comparison websites like AutoLeaseCompare, CarWow, LeaseFetcher and LeaseLoco. And we also are aware that many customers will visit their local Mini retailer for a comparison contract hire or PCP/Hire Purchase quotation. However, the e-car lease team are not only true experts on EVs but we have access to a number of finance company partners who can usually offer you or the business best value. This is why you use a broker for your next electric lease.

What is the Cheapest Electric Mini Electric leasing option?
For any customers on a budget, the cheapest Mini electric option to select is the – Cooper S Level 1 33 kWh 3dr Auto. It is unsurprising that this is one of the most-popular options to select for customers looking at the VW ID.3, Cupra Born, Nissan Leaf and Mercedes EQA. The Mini really does offer exceptional value for you or the driver

What is the range of an electric Mini Electric?
As noted above, the 33 kWh battery is a quite a small setup compared to some other electric vehicles. And remember that it isn’t just about the range on an EV; you should also take into energy consumption. For example, the Mini Electric is about 251 Wh per mile which translates to around 161 mpg on a traditional car. Also, when taking into account the range of your new EV, you have to take a balanced view on winter v summer ranges and motorway v urban style driving. There is never just ONE range on an electric car. Use our “Living with ..” tools for all of the information on the EV lifestyle

Can you tow with a Mini electric?
No - you cannot purchase a towing attachment for this vehicle.

What is the towing capacity of the Mini electric?
N/A - you cannot tow with this vehicle.

What is the MPG of the Mini electric?
This EV hatch has a vehicle fuel equivalent of 161mpg

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