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Seat car leasing

Seat Lease Deals UK

Seat are all about electric cars. Forming part of the Volkswagen group, and a sister-company to Skoda, the Seat manufacturers launched their first electric car in the form of the Seat Mii. One of our cheapest EV highlights, the Mii is the ideal city and urban car. With so many towns and cities putting in place Clean Air Zones, which supplement any Low Emission or Ultra-Low Emission Zones, more businesses and commuters will have to make a transition from combustion technology to complete electrification solutions.

How expensive Seat to lease

Electric cars need not be expensive, and Seat’s cost-effective £18,000 micro-machine is proof of this. With our leasing deals costing customers between £125 – £150 per month, electric equivalents are not much more than their petrol or diesel counterparts. And with an electric car generally being cheaper to operate throughout the contract, the cost-savings don’t just apply to your finance. With an electric Seat you get the benefit of cheaper fuel / energy costs, cheaper servicing and maintenance plus low BiK for our company and salary sacrifice customers. Since 2020, moving to an electric Seat over a petrol or diesel has saved our drivers thousands of pounds in tax. This is why you may hear some of your colleagues referring to an electric company car as ‘free’.

Why choose to lease a Seat

The Seat Mii is a great fleet addition for any low-mileage personal or business contract hire customer. The 32 kWh usable lithium-ion battery will allow for just over 100 miles of range in winter, with a bolstered 150 mile range in summer. Because of the smaller battery size, the 7.2 kW AC charging capability will take around 5-6 hours for the car to fully-charge and a 40 kW DC rapid charge limit translates to 50 minute 10-80% charge times. The 82hp Seat Mii will get you to 62mph in 12 seconds. Moving forwards, the recent separation between Seat and Cupra will result in customers receiving a slightly different leasing process. However, Seat have announced that further zero emission products should launch around 2024 / 2025 in the UK in the form of an “Urban EV”.

How do I lease a new Seat

Setting up a Seat lease is so simple with our e-car lease team. Unlike a dealership or car supermarket, you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home or office. Use our electric Seat deals section to choose a car which meets your budget and build an instant quotation based on your needs and requirements. With contract lengths between 2 and 4 years, annual mileages between 5,000 – 20,000 per annum (depending on product suitability) and a selection of initial rentals (including no deposit), you can build a finance package which suits you. Our e-car lease website also enables you to include a funder-maintenance package which will ensure all of your servicing, maintenance and tyres are included for the duration. This is true fixed cost EV motoring.

Is a Seat lease right for me

Choosing your next Seat EV is easy when you use the UK’s leading experts. Our integrated applications allow you, or the fleet manager, to check the key facets of your next new zero-emission vehicle. With an analysis of range (in both winter and summer), charging capabilities, plug types and charging times, we can guarantee that you will select an option which is perfect for you or the business.

Enjoying an electric Seat is so much easier when you work with one of the highest rated leasing brokers in the UK. Check out our latest Trustpilot reviews or Google reviews to see what our other happy customers think about our expert team. Alternatively, head over to our Instagram profile to see the plethora of EVs we have supplied to personal and business customers all across the UK. No one does it better.

For more information just raise an enquiry using our e-car lease website or call our team directly on 01942 608 606. Let our team electrify your Seat EV journey.

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Is Seat a good car to lease?
When Volkswagen are your parent company, it goes without saying that your cars are going to be practical, cost-effective and popular. Seat’s EV product has been just that, with this early innovation – the Seat Mii. As one of the most popular cheap cars to lease, this comparator to the VW UP! and Skoda Citigo iV has been the ideal city option. And with Clean Air Zones, and low-emission zones, now being put in place, customers need solutions. And the good news is that Seat are not resting on their laurels, with further vehicles due to market around 2023 and 2024.

Is a Seat lease right for me?
Contract hire on an EV is the most popular way of finance. But that doesn’t mean it is right for you or the business. The product is usership based, which means that you never own the vehicle (it is registered to the finance company) and it is simply retuned at contract cessation. You also have ability to include a funder-maintained scheme, which enables the costs of all servicing, maintenance and tyres to be included. True fixed cost motoring. But leasing is a credit-based product, so it isn’t suitable if you or the business have adverse credit.

Where do I find Seat lease deals in the UK?
The e-car lease website is on-hand to provide you with some of the best Seat Mii leasing offers. When you use our industry leading website, you will note that you can select personal or business, so that your experience is tailored to your circumstances. And as the UK’s leading experts on EVs, you don’t just value with the price, you also receive some of the leading help and advice on the new zero-emission EV.

What is the Cheapest Electric Seat?
With Seat only producing the affordable Seat Mii for our personal and business customers, you don’t need to be concerned about value. With rentals starting at around £125 - £150 per month, we do expect this car to meet most budget requirements. It is not true to say that green cars are unaffordable with some of the latest deals.

What is the range of an electric Seat?
How far your electric Seat can travel on a full charge will be crucially important to you regardless of you being an individual or salary sacrifice customer. The usable 32 kWh lithium-ion battery will deliver around 105 miles of combined range in cold weather compared to 150 miles in warmer climates. What we highlight to our e-car customers is that EVs operate more of less efficiently in accordance with the temperature, driving style and behaviours. It is not true to say that a car has just one range. And for charging the Seat, do note if you are looking for charging solutions outside of the home, the vehicle has a charging maximum of 40 kW DC. This equates to 50 minutes for 10-80 % charge.

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